I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 371

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 371

Chapter 371


Seeing Yura’s unrepentant appearance, Yura’s father was almost out of madness. He pointed at Yura, his hands trembled.

“Hey, blame me. I’m used to you. Now you are lawless, right?” Yura’s father cursed with a bit of hatred for iron and steel, “Don’t talk nonsense anymore, just shut up and wait for me. Now, after waiting for today, you see how I settle accounts with you!”

When Yura heard his father’s words, Yura didn’t mean to be afraid. Instead, she turned her head aside stubbornly, and stopped talking angrily.

She didn’t want to deliberately be angry with her father, she just felt angry, she just felt that both her father and the arrogant Luca had problems with Ethan’s attitude.

Why do you want me to apologize for treating my friend like this?

Yura really couldn’t figure it out.

And after telling Yura, Yura’s father now feels that he is a little difficult, because the words Yura just said are simply putting himself on the fire!

It was estimated that it took a lot of effort to invite Luca to his home, ready to talk about cooperation.

But now it’s all right, my daughter even looks at others, how can this be acceptable.

Yura’s father looked embarrassed and hurriedly laughed at Luca.

“Uh…Luca, don’t take it to heart. Yura is a dead girl who is spoiled by me. It is this bad temper. Don’t worry, I will teach her a good lesson when I look back!” Yura’s father laughed He laughed and said quickly, “Alright, let’s ignore them, let’s continue talking about ours, after all, cooperation is important…”

While speaking, Yura’s father even bowed his body and took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Luca.

It’s just that Yura’s father’s gesture of showing favor and weakness, Luca didn’t even think about it.

Originally, he felt arrogantly that he came here today because you, Yura’s father, wanted to ask me to do something, and you asked me to come over.

But now your daughter dares to treat me with this attitude and brings back a friend who dares to brag casually.

What is this for? Do you want me to get rid of it? what is this else?

If Luca had a hint of respect for Yura’s father before, then now he has a complete showdown with Yura’s father.

Luca nonchalantly picked up the tea on the table, took a sip of tea with Erlang’s legs tilted, and sneered.

, Mr. Ross, your tutor is really okay!” Luca said in a weird manner, and he called Uncle Ross somehow before, but at this time he called Mr. Ross directly. Although it is a word difference, Attitude is a world of difference.

But even so, even though he was wronged, Yura’s father could only suffer. After all, he wanted to ask others and his daughter had offended them.

“Um… Yura is still young and ignorant, don’t care, I’ll look back…”

Before Yura’s father finished speaking, he was interrupted by Luca. He sneered and asked, it seems that your daughter is not a few years younger than me? Is it possible that Ross always educates her daughter when she was young? of?”

Luca looked at Ethan again, his eyes suddenly filled with contempt, and continued: “Originally, I thought that the daughter of a smart person like President Ross must be extremely smart, but now it seems that I think That’s too much, everyone believes it, anyone can believe any nonsense, this is not a fool, so what is it? It laughs me to death…”

Luca’s tone was very ridiculing, and he didn’t mean that it was a little bit of scorn because this was the Ross family, and the surroundings were all the Ross family.

Immediately afterwards, he aimed directly at Ethan, and said: “Tsk, tusk, I didn’t expect it, I seem to have encountered another awesome character today, hahaha, to be honest, I think about it now You want to laugh at those words, and give back opportunities that others can’t give. You dare to say it! I think you are really awesome, so please give me a few opportunities? That is a big cake. Are you interested in helping me get this project?”

While talking, Luca got up and walked to Ethan’s side, sneered while looking at Ethan.

But Ethan didn’t seem to take him too seriously.

From start to finish, Ethan never even looked at Luca, but when he got to his own, Ethan turned his head slightly and looked at him.

“Yes!” Ethan opened his mouth suddenly, smiled faintly, and said, “To be honest, I can really hand over the project to you, but I am not worried about whether the project will be approved. I am worried. Yes, do you have the ability to do it!”

“Hahaha…” When Luca heard Ethan talking, he laughed up to the sky again, “What is it? Hahaha, I will give you a ladder. Do you really dare to climb? What else can you really do? Give it to me? you really dare to brag, why don’t you say that this entire Buckeye project was developed by your family? Why don’t you say that the investment of billions of dollars is Did you take it out of your pocket?”


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