I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 373

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 373

Chapter 373

As soon as he saw that Luca was leaving, Ross became a panic.

He hurriedly wanted to step forward to stop the other party, yelling beggingly: “Luca, President…Don’t go, please stay, let’s talk, don’t…”

But Yura’s father hurriedly hurried, and when he reached the door, Luca got into his car and left.

Looking at Porsche’s whistling away back, Yura’s father’s heart is almost broken!

“This…what the hell is this! Hey…” Yura’s father slapped his chest fiercely, utterly extremely angry.

What should I do now?

It’s over, what I have worked so hard for so long, I used to see the duck that was about to reach its mouth, but now it just flew away.

Yura’s father almost wanted to cry without tears, and now he wanted to hit him to death.

In fact, he was not afraid of offending Luca or the Chu family, but he had lost such a good opportunity to squeeze into the Buckeye project, which made Yura’s father unable to let go anyway.

For him, it was a tortuous failure when it was small, and when it was large, it might be millions and tens of millions of them.

With such a big loss, how can I not be angry, not sad.

“Dad, don’t be angry!” At this moment, Yura hurriedly walked over and comforted, “That kind of person, I think even if the cooperation is completed, he will be the lord who rides on our heads and shit in the future. This kind of person, don’t cooperate!”

Although the matter of cooperation is sloppy, Yura doesn’t seem to care much.

Of course she knew that this would cause her family to suffer a great loss, but Yura felt that dignity was more important than the loss.

Yura wouldn’t feel comfortable if it was to make money by being a bull and a horse for others.

But this is Yura’s opinion after all. At this time, Yura’s father, who was full of grief and anger, was mad when he heard that his daughter was still talking cold words here.

He glared at Yura and shouted: “What are you talking about? Listen to yourself, what kind of bullshit is you? What do you know? We lost money, a lot of money, and now we can’t squeeze into the Buckeye project, then In the future in Buckeye, our Ross family really won’t have a chance to stand up! Now fools can see that if anyone can squeeze into the Buckeye project, even if it is a pig, they can fly with this shareholder wind when they turn their heads!”

Yura was scolded in blood, and it was obvious that she was a little unconvinced.

But when Yura was about to refute her father, Ethan grabbed her arm.

Yura turned her head and saw Ethan shook her head slightly at her.

Then Ethan said to Ross: “Uncle Ross, maybe you are right. For many people, this Buckeye project is indeed a tuyere, but I think what Yura said is not wrong. You have made a lot of money, but you are willing to be stepped under your feet forever by that kind of person? I think, based on your experience, what kind of person is Luca, should you know better than me?”

Ethan went on to say: “And I just said that if you want to intervene in the Buckeye project, it’s actually not that difficult. Maybe you think I was all big talk before, but I still want to say that I can really help. your.”

Even now, Ethan is still saying this.

Yura’s father was so angry that he stared at Ethan fiercely, and said angrily, “Shut up to me! Humph, in the present situation, isn’t it all because of you? You? Do you know how much of your big words have ruined my effort? Even now you are still bragging about it, if you are so capable, what are you still standing here for? You will still talk to people of our level Make friends? Huh, that’s ridiculous, do you treat us all as fools?”

Yura’s father pushed Ethan away angrily and walked towards the villa. Finally, he said coldly, “Go, our house does not welcome you. Please stay away from my daughter in the future. You have broken our house. Such a big thing, I don’t want you to ruin my daughter again!”

After speaking, Yura’s father no matter how Ethan reacted, he went upstairs angrily, leaving Ethan and Yura at the door.

“This…” Ethan scratched his head. He knew that because of his appearance, it seemed that Yura had already appeared between Yura and her father.

“I’m sorry.” Ethan sighed, shaking his head.

Yura also sighed, looking a little bit disappointed at the stairs.

But when she turned her head, when she looked at Ethan, Yura changed her expression again, and said indifferently, “I’m sorry, the main fault is not with you, you just… hey…”

Yura wanted to say that Ethan was just saying two big words, but due to Ethan’s face, she finally didn’t say it, and swallowed back.

Yura glanced at Ethan. In fact, deep in her heart, she didn’t believe that Ethan was a whisperer.

After all, after spending such a period of time together, Yura knew that Ethan was a humble and introverted person, so what he just said…

Yura couldn’t help being a little curious, and asked, “Ethan, what you just said is true or false?”


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