I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 374

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 374

Chapter 374

Ethan smiled, “Then do you think my words are true or false?”

“I…” Yura hesitated for a moment, “I don’t know, to be honest Ethan, now I feel that you seem to have changed, or do I really know you now?”

“Then what have I become?” Ethan asked curiously, “Actually I am quite curious, what kind of person I am in your mind.”

Yura hesitated again, and just as she said, she found that Ethan had changed, and she became a little unclear.

Yura reluctantly smiled and shook her head: “Oh, well, let’s not mention this. That Ethan…just don’t take it to heart. My dad is such a bad temper. I will talk to him when I look back. Explain clearly. Oh, yes, are you free this afternoon? If you are free, go to a banquet with me. There will be a lot of delicious food.”

Yura giggled, her smile was not good.


Ethan was stunned, because he was going to a banquet in the afternoon, the one that Zack invited himself to.

Ethan frowned and asked Yura, “Is the banquet you mentioned in Buckeye Pavilion?”

When Yura heard Ethan’s words, she couldn’t help but was taken aback, and hurriedly asked, “How do you know? It’s in Buckeye Pavilion. Why, have you heard of it?”

Yura seemed to have thought of something and couldn’t help but nodded: “Oh, yes, the banquet was all celebrities. Maybe many people know it now. How about it, do you want to go?”

Yura looked at Ethan seriously. Of course she hoped that Ethan would go with her. She didn’t know why. With Ethan by her side, she seemed to feel a little more secure.

Ethan chuckled and said, “Actually, I wanted to go. Since you are also going, then let’s go together.”

Originally, Ethan was a little bit reluctant to go to such an unfamiliar occasion. After all, the people there were not at the same level as him, so entering by himself would only seem out of place.

And if it wasn’t for hearing that there was a small auction inside, Ethan wouldn’t even want to go.

But now that Yura said that he would go too, Ethan was naturally very happy. If two of them go together, they can still have a companion.

But Ethan’s words made Yura frowned: “You want to go too? You… You mean, are you going to Buckeye Pavilion to participate in the banquet?”

Obviously Yura was full of doubts about Ethan’s words.

After all, she knew very well what the banquet meant. It was an event attended by the upper class of Buckeye. How could Ethan, a student, be eligible to participate?

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Ethan frowned and asked, “Is there any…problem?”

Obviously Ethan also noticed that something was wrong with Yura.

“Oh no…” Yura hurriedly said, “Of course it’s okay, but…it’s just that there is an invitation letter for the party, you…”

Yura didn’t finish her words, because she felt that Ethan probably didn’t have any invitation letters. As for what he just said, he would also go to the banquet, just to save himself some face.

In that case, Yura certainly didn’t want to refute Ethan’s face.

Yura thought for a while, and hurriedly said again: “Oh okay, that invitation letter can actually let the guest take another person. Then we two will go together.”

Yura finished speaking, smiled at Ethan, and said, “Wait for me, I’ll change my clothes, and then let’s set off!”

After speaking, Yura turned to the second floor of the villa without waiting for Ethan’s answer.

“Eh…” Ethan looked at Yura’s back, he was hesitant to speak, his brows furrowed, and he didn’t understand what Yura said just now.

What is the invitation letter, can I bring another person in? What does Yura mean? Doesn’t she believe that he also has an invitation letter?

Thinking of this, Ethan couldn’t help sighing, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart.

He didn’t blame Yura for not believing in him, but he felt that his good friends questioned him, and he couldn’t blame others. This was regarded as his own failure.

Ethan sighed, thinking that after Yura comes down, he must explain clearly to her, after all, he also has an invitation letter.

Ethan was thinking this way, and Yura had changed clothes and walked down.

Yura changed into a light blue slender dress this time, and spread out the tied ponytails. She also put on a light makeup on her face. The whole person looks beautiful, and her temperament is much higher than before. Steps.

The beauty of Yura made Ethan a little dazed.

And Ethan’s daze also made Yura a little embarrassed. She blushed and smiled: “Hey, what are you looking at?”

Ethan came back to his senses only now. He knew that he had just lost his mind, so he scratched his head awkwardly: “Nothing, your clothes are so beautiful…”

Ethan smirked.

Ethan’s words made Yura, who was a little bit shy, even more embarrassed.

Yura’s face turned redder, and she whispered, “Then you mean, my clothes are beautiful, but I’m not beautiful?”

Hearing this, Ethan hurriedly explained: “No, no, how could it? I mean, you are beautiful…hehe, your clothes are also beautiful. Hehe…”

Ethan laughed stupidly, and Yura also laughed, and said shyly: “Huh, glib tongue!”

“I don’t, I’m telling the truth, you are really beautiful!” Ethan said with a serious face, you are already beautiful, and with this outfit, it is simply beautiful.

Ethan’s words, Yura said with joy in her heart.

It is true that the boys who usually praise Yura for being beautiful are gone, but Yura doesn’t even care about the so-called praise of those people.

Because she knew very well that in the eyes of those people, she just saw her beautiful appearance.

But it is undeniable that Ethan’s praise to himself is the most comfortable one Yura has heard in history.

This is not just because Yura knows that Ethan is sincere and rarely lies.

It’s even more because Yura likes to listen to Ethan complimenting herself. Every time she hears Ethan complimenting herself, Yura feels very comfortable in her heart. There is a feeling of throbbing and a little nervous.

She herself didn’t know why she felt this way.

But Yura liked this feeling very much, and even more liked the relaxed feeling of being with Ethan.

Yura smiled at Ethan and said, “Okay, let’s go!”

While talking, Yura walked towards an Audi /A5 parked at the gate of the villa.

Seeing that Yura was about to get in the car, Ethan suddenly remembered, didn’t he just want to explain to Yura about the dinner party?


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