I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 375

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 375

Chapter 375

“That Yura…” Ethan hesitated a little, and stopped for two steps.

Yura was about to get in the car. Seeing Ethan stopped, she couldn’t help but was stunned: “What’s wrong? Get in the car, Ethan? When it’s time to get off work, the evening rush hour in the city center is very congested. Let’s hurry. Let’s go.”

Yura looked at Ethan’s outfit and couldn’t help scratching his head.

Although Ethan’s outfit is much better than when he first met him, but today they are going to a party for the upper class of Buckeye.

Perhaps Ethan’s clothes are the best for him, but in the eyes of those celebrities, it is probably ridiculous.

The banquet is a formal place. Ethan is still wearing slacks and sneakers. If he is passed on to the banquet, he will be joke for sure.

Thinking of this, Yura hurriedly said to Ethan: “It just so happens that when we pass the mall for a while, let’s go buy clothes.”

Being interrupted by Yura’s washing, Ethan quickly forgot what he was trying to explain. Instead, he asked curiously, “Buy clothes? Why, isn’t your clothes good? I don’t think it looks pretty. Well?”

Yura couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughed: “Fool, I’m going to buy you some clothes!”

“Give it to me?” Ethan felt even more incredible when he heard Yura’s words. “Why? But it’s not a new year. Why are you buying me clothes?”

Yura eagerly glanced at the time and sighed: “Oh, why are you so much nonsense? We are going to the banquet. You can see for yourself, how do you go here, it’s not formal at all.”

Yuras was afraid of Ethan’s misunderstanding, and was afraid that Ethan would feel that he disliked him, and hurriedly explained: “You must know that this kind of banquet is sure to be a person with a face and a face, and everyone who participates must be dressed in formal clothes. If you dress casually, you will not only be ridiculed by others, but also make others feel that you are disrespecting others, and respect is for each other. If you disrespect others, they will naturally give you a face, so…”

After Yura’s explanation, Ethan immediately understood, and he felt that what Yura said was very reasonable.

Indeed, respect is mutual. If he intends to wear this suit, he will indeed make a big joke.

And Ethan also knew that since he has been put in this position by his father, this kind of party entertainment will be indispensable in the future, so he still has to adapt to these things in advance.

Ethan nodded heavily, and smiled: “Yes, you are right, then let’s go to the mall.”

After speaking, Ethan quickly got into the car.

The two of them drove away from the Haisheng Yipin Villa area and ran directly to the mall where Ethan bought Tears of the Sky.

Soon, Yura parked the car in the parking lot of the mall, and the two walked directly into the mall.

It was already in the afternoon, and the shopping mall was full of customers. Yura took Ethan around for a long time, and finally chose a suitable suit for Ethan and bought a pair of leather shoes.

Ethan originally wanted to pay for it herself, but Yura’s attitude was very firm and she must buy Ethan.

In the end, Ethan couldn’t help her, so he had to agree.

A suit and a pair of leather shoes cost Yura more than 3,000 yuan.

Of course Yura didn’t care about the money. Although it was already a month’s living expenses, it was spent on Ethan after all. Yura didn’t even hesitate to hesitate.

“So handsome!”

Looking at the fitting mirror, Ethan in a suit and leather shoes, Yura yelled involuntarily.

Indeed, although Ethan’s temperament is a little weak, his body is a little thin.

But fortunately, Ethan’s skeleton is large enough to be a natural “hanger”. After wearing such a decent self-cultivation suit, Ethan’s temperament immediately emerged.

It can even be said that Ethan, who is not wearing a suit, and Ethan who is wearing a suit, are totally different.

So much so that when looking at Ethan, Yura couldn’t help but become more obsessed.

Don’t say it was Yura, even Ethan himself, looking at himself in the mirror, couldn’t help feeling a little surprised.

Ethan didn’t wear a suit in the past, and naturally didn’t know that he could be so handsome in a suit.

There are almost two people before and after, Ethan thought: Sure enough, the old saying is true. People rely on clothes and saddles. It seems that as long as you wear the right clothes, your temperament will change drastically.

Ethan looked back at Yura, his eyes full of gratitude.

Of course he doesn’t care about three or four thousand yuan now, but Ethan is simply touched that Yura can have such a heart.

Sure enough, there was no intertwined friends, Ethan thought of this, his heart warm.

He thought to himself, it seemed that even if it was only for Yura’s sake, he had to help Yura’s father.

“Thank you.” Ethan said gratefully to Yura, “It cost you money today.”

Yura was thanked by Ethan, and she directly called her back to Shen’er, but she just smiled indifferently: “What are you polite with me? It’s okay, it’s more than three thousand. If you let me give If you buy those tens of thousands of suits, I don’t have that ability yet, am I!”

Yura then looked at Ethan with that kind of almost aesthetic gaze, and sighed: “But really Ethan, you are really handsome in this formal suit, haha, I think if you wear it Going back to our school in this body, maybe how many girls will be charmed!”

Yura’s words made Ethan’s face flushed slightly. When Ethan was about to say something, he suddenly heard a conversation coming from his side.

“Hey? Is this the person?”

“Really? Isn’t it? that person looks like a stubborn guy, how can this handsome guy be so handsome, his temperament is so bad…”

“Hey, you are in charge of people’s ** or **, even if they are ugly, but didn’t they pay 1.88 million to buy that sapphire pendant when they raised their hands? No, the gap is too big…”

Hearing those few comments, Ethan quickly cast his gaze over, and saw three young women walking in at the gate at this time.

These three women are beautifully dressed, with heavy makeup, and they all look a little bit charming.

As soon as a few women walked in, they talked about what they had seen in the nearby jewelry store.

And by coincidence, they were talking, one of the women walked into the suit shop and looked up, and saw Ethan impartially.

The woman couldn’t help but stunned, because she was so impressed by the person who bought the Sky Tears Sapphire Pendant before, so at the first sight of Ethan, the woman seemed to recognize Ethan.


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