I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 376

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 376

Chapter 376

Because of this, that’s why there was the conversation between the few people just now.

Several women pointed at them and talked about the pendant. Of course Ethan understood that what they were talking about was buying the tears of the sky.

But I didn’t know these people, and didn’t want to pay attention to them, so I didn’t even look at the women, and turned to Yura’s side.

It’s just that a few women still seem to be a little curious, and still look at Ethan’s side from time to time.

“Who are they…? Do you know it!” Yura had seen these three people a long time ago, and when Ethan came over, he asked in a low voice with curiosity.

Hearing this, Ethan shook his head, but said indifferently: “Maybe you have admitted the wrong person.”

Yura nodded, and after a while, she asked curiously: “But what sapphire pendant I heard they were talking about? It’s more than one million, what’s the matter? Why can’t I understand what they are talking about? “

As soon as Yura finished speaking, he hurriedly joined the shopping guide of the suit shop and said with a look of surprise, “Why, don’t you know? This just caused a sensation in the whole mall, I guess it won’t take long. That is, tomorrow, it is estimated that the entire Buckeye will be known to everyone, and it will become the talk of the streets…”

Yura became even more curious when she heard the shopping guide said.

She shook her head slightly, and interrogated: “I don’t know, what’s the matter? Is there something big?”

After all, this incident has just happened not too long, and now the entire mall knows it, and it seems to have spread very quickly.

The shopping guide seemed to like gossip, too. He immediately became excited when Yura interrogated him and began to talk endlessly.

“That’s it. Zack, the famous jewellery king in Buckeye, didn’t he open a large jewellery store next to our shopping mall? The jewellery store just opened in the past two days. In order to attract people, the boss of The sapphire pendant was taken out, oops, that’s a tall sapphire pendant!”

“Guess what, at first, many people thought that this thing was not worth much, but a local boss even asked tens of thousands of dollars to sell it, but when the big boss of the game showed the price, the group of people were instantly dumbfounded!”

Yura frowned upon hearing this, and hurriedly asked, “How much is the price of the pendant?”

The shopping guide smiled, stretched out a hand, and said, “80% of you are unexpected. The pendant costs 1.88 million! Haha, guess what, the few local bosses who were still eager to buy pendants? , I immediately collapsed, and I was so scared that I didn’t dare to breathe, haha, how embarrassing the scene was!”

“What happened later?” Yura asked again hurriedly.

“Later, ha, it was even more dramatic!” The shopping guide said with an exaggerated expression, “At this time, a young man suddenly stood up and said that he was going to buy this pendant. You don’t know, I was not there anyway. I heard that the man looked ugly, and his clothes were shabby and earthy. At first glance, he was not a rich man. When the big guys saw this man, they thought, Even if this guy is exhausted, he can’t afford this pendant! After all, it’s 1.8 million yuan, even the big bosses who want to buy it, they have to hesitate, let alone him!”

“Hey, but guess what, the final result is simply beyond everyone’s expectations! That person actually bought the pendant, and he still paid the full amount all at once!”

After the shopping guide said this, he couldn’t help but sighed, and said to himself: “Hey, the old saying is really true. People shouldn’t look at themselves, ho ho, you see those people look down on others, but the result? They really have That strength, you say this…”

Listening to the shopping guide, Yura was also surprised.

Of course she didn’t know that the amazing person this shopping guide said was actually Ethan next to her.

Yura was even a little curious, guessing in her heart who that person was.

After all, in his twenties, he doesn’t look very good, and he can get more than 1.8 million at once. The image of this kind of person is too bright. If Buckeye had this number, Yura would have thought of this right away. people.

But she thought for a while, but she couldn’t remember who this shopping guide was talking about.

On the side, Ethan almost laughed out of Yura’s expression.

He didn’t even expect that he was buying a pendant for Linda, and the final thing would be such a sensation.

And what makes him most ridiculous is Yura’s performance. She probably wants to know who the person who bought the pendant is, but maybe even if Yura wants to buy the pendant for a lifetime, she would never think that the person who bought the pendant is Yourself?

Yura also saw Ethan’s snicker on the side, frowned and asked, “Hey, what are you laughing at?”

Ethan shook his head, “It’s nothing, were you thinking just now, who bought the pendant?”

Yura nodded without thinking: “Yes, that’s more than one million. I wonder who has such great strength?”

Ethan smiled upon hearing this, and asked, “Then you said, could this person be me?”

Yura heard this and looked at Ethan. She knew very clearly that this person would definitely not be Ethan.

Although the shopping guide just said, this person is very young, and also very much like a hardcore.

But even so, this person would definitely not be Ethan.

Because how could Ethan have so much money?

Yura curled her lips and smiled and said, “It’s you, you, okay? But it doesn’t matter who it is. After all, even if the person spent more than one million to buy a pendant, it has nothing to do with me. He won’t wear it to me, I’m just curious about who that person is.”

Yura shook her head and said in relief: “Okay, let’s go, time is almost up. Oh, yes, today’s banquet was organized by the big boss of Zack, I think even now I don’t know who that person is. Who, but I will definitely see that person at the banquet in a while. After all, after spending more than one million on shopping, how can the boss invite that person to the banquet?”

When Ethan heard this, he didn’t say a word, he just smiled in his heart. At this moment, he felt that Yura’s appearance was quite funny.

But since she reminded her, she didn’t think about herself, then she couldn’t help it.

Turn around and wait until the banquet, let Yura reveal her identity by herself.

Ethan couldn’t help thinking, if Yura really knew that the 1.88 million pendant was bought by herself, how would she react?


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