I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 377

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 377

Chapter 377

Soon, the two left the mall and ran directly to Buckeye Pavilion.

Buckeye Pavilion is very famous in Buckeye, and it can be regarded as one of the best restaurants in Buckeye.

The restaurant is built by the river and adopts the style of classical architecture, so people in it suddenly have a feeling of traveling back to ancient times.

It’s just that Ethan came here for the first time, and Yura went to the car, while he was now in front of the five-story classical building alone, blankly looking up.

Indeed, this building is so beautiful, especially when the sunset has already halfway into the vast Buckeye, the afterglow and sunset glow, reflecting the vast river surface extremely brightly.

And on both sides, the Buckeye Pavilion stood facing the afterglow, and when the lanterns were on, the whole Buckeye Pavilion’s 108 windows showed bright lights, making this building dazzling like a lighthouse.

“What are you looking at?” Yura suddenly slapped Ethan and asked with a smile.

Ethan returned to his senses, smiled at Yura, pointed at the Buckeye Pavilion, and said, “This is so beautiful.”

Yura also smiled: “That’s natural. The Buckeye Pavilion is the property of the Big family, the largest family in Buckeye. It is said that when the Buckeye Pavilion was built, the Big family took a lot of thought. Several dozens of ancient architects were invited from various places to carry out design research. In the end, the Buckeye Pavilion came out and almost covered the limelight of all other buildings on the Buckeye River. It became a landmark of the Buckeye River for a time!”

“The largest family?” Ethan hesitated for a while, and suddenly remembered that he had heard of this Xu family before. Rumor has it that the Xu family is the top wealthy family in Buckeye and even the province, controlled by the family. Nearly tens of billions of assets.

But Ethan used to be a poor woman. For this Xu family, he didn’t ask too deeply.

But everyone was in Buckeye, and Ethan felt that he might have something to do with this Xu family in the future.

But this is all for later.

Ethan and Yura walked to the gate of Buckeye Pavilion.

At this time, the gate of Buckeye Pavilion was already full of people. The men and women, all glamorous, were walking inside and chatting with each other enthusiastically.

This kind of banquet, as the name suggests, is to provide these famous families with opportunities to get to know each other.

After all, everyone is on the same level. Even if the business involves different fields, when there is an opportunity, everyone will have a project cooperation.

And in situations in the mind, the record of sincerity is often greater.

In front of Ethan and Yura, several people jokingly handed the invitation cards in their hands to the waiter at the door, and then walked in.

When they arrived at Ethan and Yura’s side, the two approached the door, the waiter stopped them, and smiled respectfully and politely: “Hello, please show me the invitation!”

Ethan didn’t think much about it, just oh, he was about to take out the invitation card from his pocket.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind the two: “Yura? Are you here too?”

He was about to put his hand in his pocket. Ethan was stunned when he heard the sound, and then he put his hand back again, his expression on his face also changed slightly.

Because just by hearing this voice, Ethan already knew who the person was who just shouted.

“Jani?” Yura turned her head and saw Jennifer hurriedly running towards her. She couldn’t help but be a little surprised, “Why, you…are you coming to the banquet too?”

When Jennifer heard the words, she couldn’t help but smiled, “Hey, look at what you are saying, what’s the matter, if you can come, I can’t come?”

Yura smiled awkwardly when he heard the words, and hurriedly explained: “No, no, of course not, you have misunderstood, where did I mean that? I just meant to say…”

“Oh, it’s okay, I’m joking with you, can you be so serious?” Jennifer smiled, glanced at Yura’s side, and was stunned for a moment, “You… why are you here?”

Then Jennifer hurriedly looked at Yura again, her face full of disgruntled expression: “Yura, he came with you? Why did you bring him here? Did I tell you before, let you leave this Stay away? Why don’t you listen? What kind of person do you really think he is? You don’t know how disgusting this person is, last time…”

Jennifer had originally thought to shake out all the “old diaries” of Ethan’s past, in front of so many people, to bury Ethan, and let Yura see Ethan’s true face.

But as soon as she spoke, she was interrupted by Yura: “Oh, what’s the matter with you? Don’t say it, let me be angry!”

Yura looked at Jennifer dissatisfiedly, her expression on her face becoming gloomy.

She really didn’t understand how Ethan offended Jennifer so she didn’t wait to see Ethan.

But no matter what, Ethan is my friend. Even if you Jennifer have big opinions on Ethan, you still have to show yourself some face, right?

What’s more, there are so many people here, you’re talking nonsense, is Ethan shameless?


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