I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 378

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 378

Chapter 378

“Jani, if there is anything, if you have any dissatisfaction with Ethan, I hope you can say privately, there are so many people here, and everyone is here for the banquet today, so I don’t want everyone to do it very much. Not happy!” Yura said sincerely.

It’s just that Jennifer didn’t seem to care about this, she finally caught the opportunity and smashed Ethan, how could she let this opportunity pass.

And what Yura said just now really made her very upset.

At this moment, in Jennifer’s heart, even Yura hated her.

She angrily said: “Yura, do you know what is good or bad? You don’t know what kind of stuff this Ethan is. I kindly remind you, but you treat me like this? You treat him as a friend, then What do you think of me? Ho ho, you really make me feel ridiculous!”

Jennifer continued: “I’m telling you, I am reminding you kindly now, if you suffer from this bastard in the future, don’t blame me for not reminding you, do you know what kind of person he is? This person Very hypocritical, jealous of love for money, disgusting to death, so you are still a treasure!”

Yura was out of anger when she heard Jennifer’s words.

Why doesn’t she understand Ethan, why doesn’t she understand Ethan?

She even said that Ethan is hypocritical. If Ethan is hypocritical, then there may be no good people in this world. You, Jennifer, have eye problems.

It’s just that after all, Yura still considers Jennifer as a friend, these words can’t be said anyway.

Regarding Jennifer’s accusation, she could only sigh and persuade her not to say it.

Besides, what is the occasion here?

This is the Buckeye Pavilion, the property of the Xu family, the first family of the Buckeye. You yelled at the gate of others, and turned around to provoke the Xu family. The Jennifer family and the small fish and shrimps of your own family are not enough for others to step on. dead.

Jennifer can’t see these, but Yura can see clearly.

“Okay, okay, just shut up, don’t say it, okay? You don’t think it is embarrassing?” Yura looked at Jennifer reproachfully and said, “You are very happy to spread rumors, aren’t you?”

“What? I’m making a rumor?” Jennifer smiled when she heard the words, and pointed to Yura. “You stupid woman, you should commit two. Believe it or not, you deserve to be fooled by this gangster, he There is a girlfriend, that is Linda from our music club. Both of them are poor women… Find yourself and he will hook you up again. You are really on the hook, Yura, Yura, you say you let me say you What can I order?”

Seeing Jennifer refused to listen to her advice and still yelled indiscriminately, Yura had had enough.

She suddenly grabbed Ethan and said, “Ethan, don’t be familiar with him. Let’s go in for the banquet and ignore her!”

While talking, the two were about to walk into Buckeye Pavilion.

But before they could even take a step forward, they heard the strange voice of 2 coming from Jennifer’s side again.

it’s ridiculous, he deserves to go to the banquet too? He doesn’t take a pee to reflect his own virtues, what is he? Poor one, why should he go in?” Jennifer looked contemptuously Ethan, his eyes were full of contempt, I think it’s only your Yura’s light to get in. A big man, taking advantage of women, shameless? Isn’t it disgusting?”

As soon as Jennifer’s words were spoken, Yura suddenly felt uncomfortable. After all, her words were too ugly. Unless Ethan was not a man, she would definitely get angry.

Yura didn’t guess wrong, because as soon as Jennifer finished her words, she felt her hand light, Ethan pulled her arm back, turned around, and looked at Jennifer coldly.

“Have you said enough?” Ethan suddenly said.

Jennifer ignored Ethan at all, and said proudly: “I didn’t say enough, what can you do to me? am I wrong? You are a thing that likes to take advantage of women, what’s the matter? Refute me? Hoh. Hey, have nothing to say?”

Ethan was still restrained. He just looked at Jennifer coldly, and said lightly: “I don’t want to talk nonsense with people like you, because there is no meaning at all. I just want to tell you one thing. I am here today. I was invited by the organizer, and I didn’t even take advantage of Yura!”

After Ethan explained, Jennifer still didn’t believe it, and sneered: do you really think anyone is a fool? If you just say anything, I will believe it? The organizer asked you to come, you think you are Who is it? I’m not afraid to flash my tongue when talking big words. since you said you were invited by the organizer, do you always have invitations? Dare to show it to the big guy?”

At this time, the dispute between the two directly blocked the entrance of the restaurant, and the people behind were not in a hurry. They seemed to be interested and wanted to see what kind of good show the two would perform next.

Jennifer was even more proud. After speaking those words, before Ethan had any action, she immediately said, “Ho, what’s the matter, take out the invitation card for everyone to see? Why don’t you move the place?afraid Isn’t it?”


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