I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 379

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 379

Chapter 379

Hearing Jennifer’s words, before Ethan became nervous, Yura on the side became a little panicked.

Because she knew that Ethan didn’t have an invitation at all. What he said he had an invitation was nothing more than to save himself a little bit of face.

Yura knew that if this continued, Ethan would only suffer a greater loss, and he couldn’t help but watch that his good friend tightly became everyone’s laughing stock because of a lie.

“Oh, good, good!” Yura hurriedly walked over, crossing herself between Ethan and Jennifer, and said to Jennifer, “OK, Jiani, good jenni, please stop being so aggressive, okay? If you have anything, I will invite everyone to dinner, okay? What kind of occasion is this? Let’s not be self-willed here, okay? If something happens, I’m afraid it’s not good for us. !”

Yura winked at Jennifer madly while talking.

She hoped that her former good friend could repent in time.

You know, this is the site of Buckeye Xu’s family. If the Xu family is really disturbed because of their dispute, then they really don’t know how to die when they look back!

After Yura finished talking about Jennifer, she turned her head and looked at Ethan again, and whispered to persuade him: “Forget it Ethan, don’t worry about her, listen to me, give me face, let’s go in, okay?”

Of course Yura hoped that the two of them could hear her words, and when they turned around, they took a step back, and the incident passed.

But what Yura did not expect was that what she thought seemed too naive.

Because don’t say that Jennifer didn’t put her words in his eyes at all, shook her head slightly at her, and said in a low voice: “Don’t worry, Yura, there will be nothing wrong. I just want to talk about things today. It’s clear!”

And Jennifer over there sneered at Yura’s words, and even blamed Yura.

“Come on, Yura, don’t pretend to be a good person!” Jennifer sneered, “Do you still consider me a good friend? In your eyes, it is estimated that this is the only one friend? Huh, don’t you believe it? What about me? Then I will peel off the skin of this stinky silk today, so that you can see exactly what kind of person he is. I will see if you have anything to say then, hum, when the time comes Don’t kneel and cry under my feet!”

“You…” Yura’s heart was almost broken upon hearing this!

I didn’t think about Jennifer. After all, if she continued to be so public, she would definitely attract the Xu family. When people really have to deal with her, it is estimated that Jennifer will have nowhere to cry.

Now she put the blame on herself, which is too unreasonable!

Yura looked at these two people with disappointment and couldn’t help gritting his teeth and whispering in a low voice: “Huh, no one will listen to you, don’t care about you, so be it yourself!”

After speaking, Yura turned her head aside. For these two people, she is really disappointed and disappointed now.

They are aggressive, do not speak any truth, and are arrogant and ignorant.

And the other is a tendon, and now it adds a bragging problem!

Hey, what kind of friends do you make?

Yura gritted her teeth, feeling that she and these two good friends were simply exhausted.

“Now that’s all right, Yura won’t intercede for you, should I bring out the invitation this time?” Jennifer smiled weirdly at Ethan and said, I can’t get it out then, can Don’t say anything about forgetting it yourself, or making up some other evil reasons. If you don’t have it, you don’t have any. What use is it for you to make more excuses? Huh, ridiculous…”

Ethan didn’t say much, he had already become disliked nonsense, and now he only likes to slap his face with practical actions.

The expression on Ethan’s face didn’t fluctuate at all, and his hand reached into his trouser pocket, while digging out the invitation card, while saying: “I want to see this time, what else do you have to say! Oh, yes, I want to ask. , What color is your invitation?”

Ethan remembered that similar to this kind of banquet, the honor of the guests was determined by the level of the invitation.

Some big figures in the local area often receive special invitations.

And Ethan knew very well that he spent 1.88 million to buy Tears of the Sky. In order to thank him, the invitation that Zack gave to himself was a special gold card, which should be the most high-end kind of this banquet. Far from being comparable to the silver-white invitations of Jennifer and others.

When Jennifer heard Ethan’s words, she couldn’t help but froze for a while, and glanced around at the invitation cards in other people’s hands, as well as dozens of invitation cards placed on the reception desk at the door.

Now almost 98% of the invitations are silvery white, and Jennifer’s is no exception, and the whole scene is only a golden invitation on the reception desk.

Presumably, the person with that golden invitation must be today’s heavyweight guest?

But this has nothing to do with herself, Jennifer felt that Ethan’s words were a bit ridiculous.

She couldn’t help but smiled and asked, “Of course my invitation is silvery white. What’s the matter, don’t tell me, your invitation is golden!”


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