I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 380

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 380

Chapter 380

After Jennifer said this, she covered her mouth and laughed.

She went on to say, “Hahaha… You laughed at me to death, are you really going to say this? Then I advise you to think carefully before saying it, otherwise you will really become a laughingstock in everyone’s eyes!”

As soon as Jennifer said this, the faces of several people around her couldn’t help showing a faint sneer.

After all, for people who often participate in such occasions, it is really clear that the color of the invitation represents the degree of dignity.

And even most of them, and even some of them, have assets worth more than 100 million yuan. In the end, isn’t the silver invitation card that can be obtained?

But these people didn’t dare to complain, because they knew very well that the person who got the golden invitation in the end was definitely not comparable to them.

In Buckeye, those people are like gods, and their net worth is at least billions.

And because of this, they will feel more and more that Ethan’s words just now are a bit ridiculous. After all, the implication of what he said just now is not just saying that what he got is a golden invitation?

But no one here is a fool. The golden invitations can only be obtained by real bosses. Which of those people is not the existence of Megatron Buckeye, and it is absolutely a household name.

But Ethan, they hadn’t even seen this person before.

Moreover, Ethan looks too ordinary, even if a suit is decent, but anyone who knows a little bit of the market can tell that his suit cost thousands of dollars.

In this outfit, even most of them are not as good as most of them, not to mention those Buckeye’s top existence.

Obviously, Ethan and them are not comparable at all!

Jennifer couldn’t help feeling even more proud when she saw people around her laughing at Ethan along with her.

you see, just your nonsense, I don’t believe it, what’s the matter, but take it out?” Jennifer said provocatively.

Jennifer was so provocative. It stands to reason that Ethan should have taken out the invitation long ago and threw it on Jennifer’s face.

But after such a while, Ethan just maintained such a digging movement, but there was no change.

Moreover, everyone can tell that Ethan’s expression has also changed a lot subtly.

Ethan looked confident before, but now, his entire face is livid, and the muscles on his cheeks twitch involuntarily, as if he has encountered some embarrassment.

“This…” Ethan gritted his teeth and suddenly patted his forehead, looking unwilling.

The reason Ethan was like this was because the moment he was digging his pocket, he immediately thought of something!

I put the invitation card in the clothes I wore before!

When he was changing his clothes, Ethan was so anxious that he simply forgot about the invitation, so now the invitation is still in the clothes he wore before, and it is a coincidence that the clothes are right now. Yura’s car.

Ethan blushed, turned his head and glanced at Yura, as if he seemed to be asking for help.

“Well… where did your car stop?” Ethan asked Yura in a low voice, feeling that he was extremely embarrassed at this time.

Yura was surprised by Ethan’s question, and hurriedly said, “Parking lot? What’s wrong?”


Ethan was about to say something, but was interrupted abruptly by a voice.

“Hey, what’s the matter? I ask you for an invitation? Take it out?”

It was Jennifer who shouted. At this moment, she saw Ethan’s embarrassed expression, and she knew that she had won again!

shouldn’t you be a bad excuse before, saying that you forgot to bring it? You are so funny, you really think everyone believes this nonsense of you? Hahaha…I am really laughing at me! You said no That strength, I just like to pretend, how embarrassing now? I think what else you can say?”

Jennifer was already a winner at this time, and she started to mock Ethan with all her strength.

“I…I just fell in the car!” Ethan explained in a somewhat awkward manner, “I’ll go over and get it!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he hurried to Yura’s side and asked Yura for the car key in a low voice.

Yura was also embarrassed at this time. Of course she knew that Ethan was embarrassed this time.

But she also knew that even if Ethan went to pick it up in the car, wouldn’t it be the same if he couldn’t pick it up later? Because he has no invitations at all.

Ethan’s so much trouble will only make people laugh more intensely in the end, and he will be even more ugly!

“Ethan, don’t do this anymore…” Yura looked at Ethan distressedly. Seeing Ethan’s urgent and embarrassed expression, Yura felt uncomfortable.

She couldn’t understand why Ethan did this. Wouldn’t it be good to admit that she is an ordinary person? Why does he have to pretend to be a great person?

Ethan Ethan, are you really tired like this?

“I…what’s wrong with me?” Ethan looked at Yura with a look of surprise, “I just want to prove that I didn’t lie, nor did I take advantage of you? Why, is this also wrong?”


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