I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 381

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 381

Chapter 381

This is certainly true, but you always face yourself insincerely, this is a big problem.

Yura glanced at Ethan disappointedly, and lowered her head helplessly: “Ethan, do you really need to go? Can you change the result if you go? Or…”

Yura hesitated. After waiting for a while, she raised her head and said to Ethan, “Ethan, shall we go? I… I invite you to dinner, let’s not go in, okay?”

Yura’s tone was full of pleading, she really wanted to take Ethan away.

In Yura’s view, Ethan’s continued stay here is not good for anyone, whether it is herself or Ethan.

Because he continues to do that kind of indifferent, even ridiculous persistence, not only has no effect at all, but will become the laughing stock of everyone.

Even now, most of the people present, as long as they noticed here, when no one looked at Ethan, it was not full of sarcasm and arrogance.

And some people who seemed to sympathize with Ethan couldn’t help shaking their heads and whispering to persuade.

“Yeah, boy, hurry up, why bother? What’s the point?”

“Yes, people have to be self-aware. You are not good for your friends and yourself.”

“Why is this kid like this? It’s just shameless, so do you want to put the face of this little girl in? I can see that people really treat you as a friend. If you do this, you will let others Chilling!”

Listening to the noise in his ears, Ethan’s expression became increasingly helpless.

He looked at Yura and whispered: “Yura, do you really think that everything I said before is false? Don’t you believe me so?”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Yura hesitated and shook her head slightly, but then raised her head again, her eyes suddenly more determined, “Ethan, isn’t it?”

Obviously, Yura meant that he had already had a showdown with Ethan.

Ethan sighed heavily and was misunderstood by his good friends, which was really uncomfortable for him.

Only Yura’s words made Jennifer on the side happy.

She hurriedly jumped out and said proudly: how about it, you hear it, Yura’s words can’t be understood anymore, do you really think everyone is a fool?”

After speaking, Jennifer hurriedly took Yura’s arm again, and smiled happily: “Yura, I know, you definitely don’t believe this stinky lie, but you now repent of it. It’s not too late!”

Immediately afterwards, Jennifer’s eyes became sharp, she looked at Ethan, and said in a negative test: “Huh, now Yura doesn’t believe it anymore, I see if you have anything to say, I want to use Yura’s light to get in. In this kind of situation, Yura doesn’t believe you anymore, and won’t let you go in with you. You can leave as soon as you see it!”

While talking, Jennifer pulled Yura to go inside, but she used her strength slightly, but did not pull Yura.

Yura didn’t mean to leave, but looked at Ethan silently.

“Oh, what are you looking at, let’s go, this kind of person is not the same as us at all, let’s go in!” Jennifer pulled Yura again and continued, “Let him fend for himself!”

But this time, Yura broke free of Jennifer’s hand, sighed, and said to Jennifer: “You go in, I want to be quiet.”

After speaking, Yura pushed Jennifer away and walked straight to the other side.

In the end, she couldn’t help but glance at Ethan, but in the end she just shook her head helplessly.

Seeing Yura leaving, Jennifer stomped her feet angrily, and muttered, “I really don’t know what to do!”

After speaking, she handed the invitation card in her hand to the welcome guest at the door, and walked in on her own.

In fact, for some time, especially after Ethan appeared, Jennifer has been full of opinions about Yura.

Even the attitude towards Yura has long lost her former enthusiasm, and now, she feels that Yura, a friend, is no longer necessary.

She can become friends with people like Ethan. Obviously, if she reconnects with Yura, she will only invisibly lower her net worth. If this kind of thing spreads to her small circles, it will be a human being. Contemptible.

But now that Yura and Ethan are having such an unpleasant relationship because of this incident today, and they might even part ways, Jennifer is still very happy.

As for what will happen to Yura in the end, that is not something she needs to consider.

Who made her choose to be friends with Ethan, what fate would be the result of what he deserved.

Soon, the crowd around the door gradually dispersed, and everyone entered the Buckeye Pavilion one after another.

Only Ethan, looking at Yura’s back, froze for a while.

Yura didn’t leave too far, but walked not far away, holding his shoulders with both hands, his back looked very lonely.

Ethan sighed. He did not choose to walk directly to Yura, but to the parking lot not far away.


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