I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 382

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 382

Chapter 382

The smoke of the Buckeye was vast. At this time, the setting sun had only a trace of afterglow on the skyline, the sky gradually dimmed, and the entire river surface was infested with red afterglow.

Yura held her shoulders in her arms and stood lonely by the river. She didn’t know what she was looking at. In short, she stared straight ahead, as if she was thinking about something, but her mind was blank.

In the evening, the river breeze slowly blew Yura’s slender hair, and she felt a hint of coldness.

After calming down for a while, she was no longer as irritable and restless as before.

Suddenly, Yura was patted from behind. Yura turned her head subconsciously, and saw Ethan smiling at herself, frowning slightly again.

The appearance of Ethan made Yura’s mood that had gradually calmed down, and a wave of microwaves swayed again.

She didn’t say a word, just glanced at Ethan, then turned her head again and looked at the vast river behind.

“Are you still angry?” Ethan smiled, walked to a position parallel to Yura, and also looked at the vast river in front of him, and asked, “You…really don’t believe me? Have you thought about it? Well, what if what I said is true?”

Ethan looked at Yura with a serious expression on his face and said, “In case I really have a gold card invitation for this banquet, what if I can really help your father fix the Buckeye project? What if…”

Ethan hesitated for a moment, and continued: “What if I am the opposite of the me you know, a very rich person?”

Yura listened to Ethan’s words without turning her head, but she still kept sighing in her heart.

So far, have you still not woken up yet?

Yura sighed heavily, then suddenly turned to look at Ethan, and said with a look of disappointment: “Ethan, we are all grown-ups. I hope you can mature a little bit. You really think what you said is credible. Is it? If you treat me as a friend, then I beg you, don’t do this again, okay? Let’s go, don’t want to be here anymore today, let’s go for a walk by the river.”

Hearing what Yura said, Ethan was still a little disappointed.

But in a moment he smiled, stretched out a hand, and handed a golden card to Yura’s eyes.

“Forget it, it’s too cold outside, let’s go in. Coincidentally, I have an invitation card here, and I can bring someone in. Are you interested?”

When Ethan spoke, his face was full of laughter, as if to surprise Yura.

It’s just that Yura didn’t take Ethan’s words to heart at all, instead she gave a sneer, and she didn’t know what to say in her mouth.

She didn’t think Ethan would have any invitations at all. She thought that Ethan was just looking for a card to amuse herself, so she didn’t look at the card Ethan handed over, just glanced casually.

It was just this subconscious glance that Yura was stunned.

She looked at the card in Ethan’s hand with a shocked expression on her face, and then the shock and astonishment on her face suddenly became stronger again.

“This…” Yura looked at Ethan in surprise, somewhat at a loss.

Ethan just smiled and shook the golden invitation card in his hand: “Miss Yura, how is it, do you believe me now?”

Ethan didn’t feel exasperated at this time, but he couldn’t be happy.

After all, he finally proved himself in front of Yura.

In fact, in Ethan’s heart, compared to proving himself to those onlookers, compared to slapping Jennifer, he cares more about whether he can prove himself to Yura.

And now that he proved himself, Ethan was naturally extremely happy.

“How could you have…” Yura’s fingers trembled, and pointed to the golden invitation card. “This is a golden invitation card. As far as I know, only Buckeye Xu’s family got a golden invitation card for this banquet. But you… …”

Ethan looked at Yura’s extremely surprised expression, he hehe smiled: “You don’t need to worry about it, let’s go, the banquet will start for a while, and we can’t get in even if we have invitations.”

While talking, Ethan pulled Yura and prepared to walk towards Buckeye Pavilion.

Yura passively followed Ethan. It was obvious that at this time she was still in the aftermath of being shocked, and she hadn’t recovered for a long time.

And just during this period of Yura’s stunned effort, she was already pulled to the gate of Buckeye Pavilion by Ethan.

The welcoming guest smiled as usual and prompted: “Hello, please show me the invitation.”

Ethan let out a cry, and then he stretched out his hand to pass the invitation card he was holding.

But at this moment, Ethan was violently pulled by someone, and then, a hand quickly skipped Ethan’s hand and directly snatched the invitation card from Ethan’s hand.

All this happened so suddenly that Ethan didn’t react at all. The whole person was stunned, and quickly turned his head to look around. Then he saw that Yura was holding the invitation card, looking suspiciously at Ethan. There was also a trace of tension.

Ethan was too puzzled, and hurriedly asked, “Yura, you…what are you doing? Give me the invitation quickly so we can go in?”


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