I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 383

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 383

Chapter 383

Yura seemed to turn a deaf ear to Ethan’s words, but instead asked solemnly, “Ethan, tell me honestly, is this invitation fake?”

fake? When Ethan heard Yura’s words, he was almost speechless.

“Yura, what are you talking about? What is fake? How could I fake it…”

Before Ethan’s words were finished, Yura was abruptly interrupted by Yura. The latter seemed to be even more nervous. He didn’t listen to Ethan’s words at all, but instead asked, “Is this true or not? Ethan? , Do you know, if your fake invitation is discovered by others, what will it end up? This is the Xu family’s site. If something really happens, don’t say me, even if my dad is here, they may not be able to Give him face, you will definitely be miserable then!”

Seeing Yura’s serious look, Ethan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh a few times.

He wondered if Yura didn’t believe in herself so much? When she didn’t take out the invitation, she questioned herself.

But now she took out the invitation card, and finally she still suspected that her invitation card was fake?

Ethan was really speechless.

He sighed, looked down at Yura, and said, “Yura, I only ask you, would you like to believe me once?”

Ethan paused, then solemnly said: “If you really regard me as a good friend, then I beg you to believe me once. My invitation is real, I promise. And…”

Ethan sighed, “And even if you doubt the authenticity of the invitation, then you should give me a chance to prove myself? You always doubt me, but you don’t even give me the chance to prove myself, don’t you? Don’t you think this is too unfair to me?”

While talking, Ethan reached out to grab the invitation card in Yura’s hand.

But Ethan’s remarks seemed to wake Yura.

Yura looked at Ethan with complicated eyes, hesitated and at a loss.

And when she hesitated, Ethan snatched the invitation card from her hand.

Holding the invitation card, Ethan seriously said to Yura, “Yura, give me a chance to prove myself, okay? I’m not a fool, I don’t know that the opposite is a knife and I hit him!”

While talking, Ethan took Yura and walked to the welcoming guest at the door again.

“Yes…” Yura seemed to have something to say, but when she was about to speak, she was interrupted by Ethan.

“Hush!” Ethan made a silent gesture, “Trust me.”

“Hello, please show your invitation card.” said with a mechanical smile.

Ethan nodded and handed over the invitation again.

At that moment, Ethan clearly felt Yura tugged at the corner of his clothes again, as if he had something to say, he swallowed again.

But Yura grasped Ethan’s hand, but she clenched it tightly, feeling nervous.

Obviously she didn’t know what kind of end she was about to face, but at this time she was already faintly prepared in her heart.

But when Yura’s nervous hands were full of sweat, she suddenly saw that the welcome smile politely bowed towards Ethan, and said in a respectful tone: “Sir, you are welcome.” Buckeye Pavilion, please come in. Today’s banquet will be held in the ” Hall” on the second floor. Please go straight along the stairs…”

he was very polite to Ethan and had a lot of talk with Ethan.

But Yura did not hear the words behind the other party clearly. At this moment, Yura was completely shocked, as if he was struck by thunder and lightning. Those two words he said to Ethan.

“Really…really?” Yura muttered to herself in shock, her eyes sluggish for a long time without returning to her senses.

“Yura? What’s wrong with you?” Ethan patted Yura lightly and said softly, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Yura came back to her senses all of a sudden, shook her head, and said, “No…no, I just…I just think it’s weird.”

At this time, Yura’s heart is definitely not just as simple as a big stone falling to the ground.

She seemed to feel that all this today was simply a great surprise Ethan gave herself.

The invitation is real, I’m worried.

But how could this invitation be real?

Because not to mention it is a golden invitation, even if Ethan can come up with an ordinary invitation, this is already incredible for Yura.

For golden invitations, you must know that in the entire Buckeye, anyone who can get this kind of invitation for this kind of banquet is nothing more than the Xu family and a few other top big families.

And who is Ethan? How could he also have a golden invitation card? Is it possible that he really has an incredible identity?

Yura thought for a while, but she always felt like a mass of paste in her mind, and couldn’t think of a reason.

At this moment, her thoughts were interrupted by Ethan again.

Ethan pushed her and smiled: “Yura, let’s go upstairs.”

Yura nodded stupidly, and when she looked at Ethan, her eyes suddenly apologized.


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