I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 384

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 384

Chapter 384

You know, just now, she was still questioning Ethan.

But Yura didn’t seem to think of the slapped face so quickly.

She didn’t say much along the way, just blushing and lowering her head, some of them didn’t know what to say.

But fortunately, it seemed that Ethan didn’t care about what she said before. He didn’t mention those things from beginning to end. Instead, his face was full of smiles, as if nothing had happened.

Ethan’s move not only didn’t reduce Yura’s guilt by half, he blamed himself even more.

Ethan is his friend, so he questioned and denied him so much, he really did a little too much.

“Ethan…” Yura whispered as they went up the stairs, “Just…I’m sorry, I really…”

“Ahem…” As soon as Yura was about to speak, Ethan coughed twice and interrupted her, “Hey, it’s okay, everything is over, let’s go, the banquet will begin for a while.

Before Yura could react, Ethan had already taken him to the second floor.

The second floor of Buckeye Pavilion.

When the two went upstairs, they realized that the space on the second floor was much larger than they thought, or even much larger.

The interior decoration of Buckeye Pavilion is not luxurious, it can even be called simple, but the simplicity reveals a magnificent atmosphere.

In particular, facing the direction of Buckeye, the gate was wide open, and outside the gate was a viewing platform that could accommodate dozens of people.

And looking into the distance from that platform, the magnificent waves of the Buckeye, and the colorful sunset clouds, the panoramic view is simply beautiful.

At this time, many people were standing there, sighing while looking at the beautiful scenery.

Among so many people, there is a figure that stands out.

That person is not someone else, but Jennifer.

Obviously, to Jennifer, who was new to Buckeye Pavilion, everything in front of her seemed so new and even very excited.

She was squeezed in the crowd and kept taking pictures with her mobile phone, completely ignoring the people next to her, with a look of disgust.

“Hey, let’s show everyone, this is Buckeye Pavilion. Have you ever been here? This is the top restaurant in Buckeye…”

While taking pictures, Jennifer was showing off to some of her good friends.

In fact, in her capacity, she couldn’t come to this kind of occasion.

But recently, since Jennifer’s family took on the top-notch villa decoration project of Haisheng Yipin, the company’s reputation has skyrocketed in Buckeye.

And Jennifer’s status in Buckeye naturally increased because of this. Only then did he enter Zack’s Dharma Eye, and finally obtained this invitation card in Jennifer’s hand.

It’s just that she has been busy with the decoration of Haisheng Yipin Villa in person recently, and has no time to care about any banquets, so she gave the invitation card to Jennifer and let her come by herself.

If Pierre knew that his daughter would not only pay attention to her image but also show off like this, she would probably vomit blood.

But Jennifer didn’t care about that much. She took a long shot, but still didn’t mean to stop.

Just when Jennifer was about to take a photo in one direction, she was taken aback when the lens focused.

She looked at the two figures that appeared on the screen of her mobile phone, her face suddenly gloomy, and her mouth grumbled angrily: “Damn, why did he come in? Isn’t he not coming in? It’s disgusting!”

While talking, Jennifer walked towards Ethan.

In her opinion, Ethan’s involvement in this kind of occasion is simply an insult to this occasion, and she cannot agree to it anyway.

What’s more, didn’t Ethan just boasted that he had a golden invitation card? But when he was at the door, he couldn’t get it out in embarrassment.

It’s better to look back, but to come in with Yura again, this kind of person is really faceless and disgusting.

She originally hated Ethan, which she hated nothing more. This time she had such a chance, she would naturally not give up the opportunity, and she must humiliate Ethan.

While thinking like this, Jennifer walked towards Ethan.

Ethan, who had just gone upstairs at this time, was standing in the dessert area on the side, preparing to have something to eat with Yura.

But just as he picked up a piece of butter cake, he was suddenly knocked off by a hand extending from the side.

The cake bar fell to the ground and fell into a lump. Ethan looked a little bit distressed, and hurriedly looked up, but saw Jennifer looking at her angrily beside her.

“What are you going to do?” Ethan looked at the other person displeasedly, and said angrily, “I just want to know, you are the end of this person? You have to worry about if I eat a cake? What do you want to do?”

Yura also looked at Jennifer in surprise at this time. At this time, when she saw her former friend, she couldn’t help but become nervous.

Because Yura knew that as long as his friend appeared, nothing good would happen.

Sure enough, when Jennifer opened her mouth, she just yelled.

“Eating cake? I’m ah, are you worthy?” Jennifer said to Ethan contemptuously, “What are you, you are worthy of such a good thing?”


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