I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 387

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 387

Chapter 387

Xu Tianlin became interested: “Is it as good as you said?”

Zack said with a smile: “How dare I tell lies in front of Young Master Xu, it is naturally true.”

“If it is as good as what you said, then this thing will naturally belong to me. It will naturally be a beautiful thing to give to beauties at that time.”

Xu Tianlin’s eyes kept drifting away from Yura, expressing his great interest in Yura.

Ethan snorted coldly, “I just said that if she wants it, I will buy it for her naturally. I can still afford this little money, Ethan.”

“Then look at it then, I hope you can still laugh at that time, there are many people who have competed with me for financial resources, but they all disappeared later.”

“Why all disappeared?” Someone around him asked in time.

“Naturally, there are no more pants left, so I have no face to come out to see people.”

The people around laughed.

Zack smiled but didn’t smile, his eyes kept moving on Ethan and Xu Tianlin.

“Ethan, just say a few words, that’s Young Master Xu. You are not his opponent. Let’s sit here for a while and then go back. You must not cause trouble anymore.” Yura was worried. Said.

She did it all for Ethan’s sake. The Xu family had unimaginable energy in Buckeye. Offending them, it can be said that it is difficult to move in Buckeye.

Everyone in the venue was quiet, the lights gradually dimmed, and a tall woman in a black suit appeared on the auction stage.

The hostess’s figure is quite hot, with blazing red lips, and big waves randomly scattered behind her, giving her a coquettish and wild beauty.

“Welcome everyone to participate in this auction. I now announce that the auction has officially started!”

At the beginning of the auction, there are always some insignificant lots on the scene. At the beginning, the atmosphere is relatively relaxed, and everyone still talks and laughs.

Ethan had never dared to be interested in this kind of auction. He had no money before, and he had no chance to get in touch with auctions. Now that he has money, he has no habit of spending money in this area.

Xu Tianlin’s interest is quite high. The first few collections have been shot frequently, perhaps to show their strength in front of Ethan and Yura, without considering the price factor.

“Ethan, let’s go. It doesn’t make sense to stay here.”

Yura pulled Ethan to leave, and she was not used to the atmosphere here, and wanted to leave.

Ethan nodded and agreed, he was indeed bored.

“Don’t go, the main event is coming soon, you will regret it forever if you missed this.”

When Zack saw that Ethan was about to leave, he said immediately.

“Why, I can’t hold it anymore and want to escape? Without my consent, you can’t go anywhere today! Unless you admit that you are my defeated man, I can let you go today!” Xu Tianlin smiled. Said without smiling.

Ethan said calmly, “I admit, I am your subordinate, right? Can we go now?”

Now Xu Tianlin was choked. He had never seen such a person before. He changed his mind and said with a smile: “You go, yes, she wants to stay.”

He stretched his hand to Yura.

Yura shrank back subconsciously and couldn’t help but leaned to Ethan.

“Impossible. If we want to go, we will go together. I will not let Yura stay here.” Ethan said categorically.

“When did the defeated generals talk so much that I can’t run away even if I annoy them.”

Ethan smiled slightly and pulled Yura back to his seat again.

“Let’s not go anymore. Today I will give you a gift. Don’t talk. I will listen to you at other times, but this time, you will listen to me.”

Ethan was very firm, but Yura felt a sense of protected security in her heart.

“Fight with me? I made you die without knowing how to die!” A brutal touch flashed across Xu Tianlin’s face.

“It’s finally the most exciting moment. I think everyone has been waiting for a long time!”

The hostess who had just appeared returned to the stage, with an extremely excited tone, and immediately mobilized the atmosphere of the audience to the most extreme.

“The next auction item can be said to be quite impressive. Even if you look at the whole world, it is also a top auction item. Okay, I won’t be too verbose. Let’s take a look.”

Several workers in black suits put a tightly wrapped box in the very center of the auction table very seriously.

The hostess reached out and lifted the red cloth covering it!

A dazzling light burst out in the middle, and slowly Lushan’s true face was exposed to everyone.

An emperor green jade necklace with emerald green light!

“The most excellent emperor green jade in the world is now in front of everyone. As we all know, the most excellent emperor green jade, nails and urine are worth ten thousand taels of gold, and this piece in front of everyone is the largest existing emperor green in the world. Jade, this one is unique!”

The hostess used a very provocative voice to push the atmosphere of the scene to the top.

“Emperor Green Emerald! It’s still such a big piece. I haven’t seen such a big one in so long since I’ve lived. I really opened my eyes today!”

“It’s so big and good in appearance, without the slightest flaw, it’s a supernatural craftsmanship, a gift from God! It’s worth a glance in this life!”

Xu Tianlin’s eyes straightened. He had seen so many babies, and he couldn’t compare to the emperor green jade necklace in front of him.

“I want this necklace!”

He made a sound that he was sure to win.

“Yura, have you seen it, the one on stage is the gift I gave you today!” Ethan said calmly.

“Okay, Ethan, you are going crazy again. I definitely like this kind of baby, but it’s too expensive, and it’s not destined to be something we can afford. With your words, I’m already very happy. “

“You don’t have to think about other issues, I will just ask you, do you like this?”

Yura pondered for a moment, and said slowly, “If you like it, you like it. Who wouldn’t like it.”

“It’s enough to like it, don’t need to say more about the others, leave the rest to me.”

The hostess’s voice rang again, “Presumably everyone is already gearing up and eager to try, so I won’t say much nonsense. The last sentence.”

“Emperor Green Jade Necklace, the reserve price is 5 million yuan, each time the price increase is not less than 500,000 yuan, bidding!”

“Start now!”

“five million!”

As soon as the voice fell, a powerful voice immediately sounded.


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