I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 388

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 388

Chapter 388

The sky-high price of 5 million, although it discouraged many people, it still couldn’t stop the real rich.

This superb emperor green is worthy of such a price.

I didn’t expect you to be interested in Emperor Green.”

Some people recognized the middle-aged man who had just quoted and joked.

“This man ? Just the few steel scallops in his pocket, he dare to jump here, I really don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick.”

Xu Tianlin knew that this man had cooperated with the Xu family. It was not a hierarchical existence. In Xu Tianlin’s mind, the man was nothing but a dog who relied on Xu family for food.

When that man saw that he was recognized, his expression was very triumphant. What he wanted was this feeling. If no one knew about it, it would have the same effect as no flower.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of imperial green. Everyone, I’m sorry.” man looked around, his expression full of jealousy.

“Six million!”

Although the price of five million is very high, all the rich and powerful people with a net worth of over one hundred million were present. After the five million figure was reported, someone immediately increased to six million.

Thats man’s face was pale, he seemed too happy just now.

“6.5 million!”

“Seven million!”

Quotations keep coming and no one wants to give up.

Reflective Ethan and Xu Tianlin have been silent just now.

“Let them jump for a while, and at the end I will give them the ultimate blow, let them see what is true strength.”

Xu Tianlin’s eyes flashed with confidence. As long as it was what he wanted, he had never failed, and this time was no exception.

Ethan slapped his head, with some hindsight.

“Just now, why did you forget the most important thing!”

The reason why he attended this banquet was to find some suitable jewelry for Linda!

“Almost delayed a major event, but just now, when my mind was hot, I had already promised to go out. This emperor green jade must be taken, but what should Yura do here.”

Ethan took a careful look at Yura. There was no reaction on Yura’s face, he just wanted to leave here quickly.

Seeing Ethan looking at herself, Yura said with concern, “Ethan, let’s leave here quietly. This kind of place is not what we should come to, so why suffer here?”

Yura is thinking about Ethan. She knows that Ethan was very tough, but his family, Yura, naturally knows, let alone compare with Xu Tianlin, the son of the Xu family, any rich man present can easily crush him.

Isn’t Ethan doing all this for himself? Yura was slightly moved and made up his mind that Ethan must not continue to do stupid things for himself.

“Why are you still leaving? Didn’t I say that everything listens to me now?”

Yura said sternly: “Ethan, I know you are for my good. I understand your kindness, but can you stop doing stupid things? He is the young master of the Xu family. How can you fight him? I I know I’m going too far, but this is real life!”

Seeing Yura’s righteous words, Ethan wanted to laugh a little, but he forced it back.

Yura feels that what she said is correct, but she doesn’t know. The real fact in the real world is that I am the son of Eric Norman, the richest man in overseas Chinese, and now there is 2 billion RMB lying quietly in my bank account. .

“Don’t worry, I know it’s appropriate. Then let’s watch it quietly. Let’s go after the end, how about?” Ethan still said calmly.

Yura could only nod her head in agreement.

On the other side, the auction of the Emperor Green Jade Necklace has also come to a fever pitch. Almost all the capable people in the field end up personally, and the fight is quite tragic.

The auction price has also risen all the way, reaching an astronomical figure of 10 million!

Ten million is like a feng shui ridge, and the sounds that sounded sparsely just now disappeared suddenly.

It takes ten million to buy a piece of jewelry, it takes a lot of trenches to do this kind of thing.

Many people in the field can spend 10 million, but if you spend 10 million to buy a piece of jewelry, those who go back to the board of directors will probably have to slash themselves with a knife.

“Ten million, now it has reached ten million, so is there any higher number than ten million?” The hostess’s voice was full of excitement.

Because if you can really sell for 10 million, your own auction commission will naturally increase by a lot.

Xu Tianlin had a calm smile on his face, as if everything was under his control, because he shouted the last ten million.

Ten million is not a small number, even if it is a lot of pressure for him, but he has already said everything, then he must get it.

I thought I had any real ability, but it was just a pompous arrogance, it was simply vulnerable.” Xu Tianlin showed a disdainful smile.

“Surely Harry Xu is still Harry Xu, it is really extraordinary, if no one continues to bid, then, ten million, the first time!”

The voice of the hostess trembling slightly, obviously very excited. If the deal is really done, it will create a new record of its own hammer drop!

“Ten million, the second time!”

The silence in the audience was extremely silent, and everyone held their breath, waiting for the hammer to sound.

“Ten million and one piece!”

A faint voice suddenly sounded, suddenly breaking the quiet atmosphere in the venue.

Everyone was in an uproar, and they couldn’t imagine that it was this moment, and someone jumped out and quoted a price higher than ten million!

It stunned everyone!

Everyone’s eyes converged on the place where the sound was made.

Ethan greeted everyone’s gaze calmly, just as he shouted.

Only a dollar more than ten million.

“Who is this kid? How come I have never seen him before, so young?”

“I’ve seen the heirs of Buckeye’s first-class family. I have never seen this guy. Isn’t he a Buckeye native? Check his information for me immediately.”

“Maybe it’s the elder brother of a big family in Haidu, who dares to fight with Harry Xu in Buckeye. I think he is a lot of good fortune this time.”

The little hammer in the hostess’s hand was almost knocked down because of her inertia. The scene suddenly changed dramatically, but her first-class professionalism made her speak immediately: “10 million and one piece, a gentleman is here. Higher prices, it seems that this auction is getting more and more interesting now.”

While speaking, the hostess’s watery eyes kept watching Ethan, such a young son, if he could be admired by him, he would be so furious.


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