I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 389

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 389

Chapter 389

“Ethan, are you crazy?”

Yura quickly pulled Ethan with an unbelievable expression.

She couldn’t believe what she heard with her own ears, ten million?

It still came from Ethan next to him.

Yura’s mind went round and round, and the thing she didn’t want to see finally happened. Ethan had never let herself down when it came to creating surprises for herself.

“Who gave you the courage,?”

Yura’s head is almost big.

On the contrary, it was Ethan, with a calm expression on his face, as if it was not him who had just spoken.

“It’s only ten million, just play around, don’t worry.”

“My God, I really doubt if you took the wrong medicine today.” Yura was about to cry in a hurry, but she and Ethan came out together and naturally knew that everything was normal for Ethan.

What kind of medicine does he sell in the gourd?

“Ten million and one piece, I can’t see it, this pretence is actually a little bit strong.”

With a sneer, Xu Tianlin had already begun to scold his mother in his heart.

Ten million is already his limit.

Regardless of whether he is the youngest of the Xu family, he does not have much money at his disposal. Ten million is more than enough. This is still in the case of a lot of overdraft. If you continue to increase it, I am afraid that you will not have good fruit when you go back. Up.

Everyone else looked at Xu Tianlin and Ethan with great interest, and anyone with a discerning eye could see it. Ethan added a dollar. This clearly shows that Xu Tianlin was on the bar with Xu Tianlin, and then it depends on whether Xu Tianlin dared to accept the move. .

“10 million and one piece, the next problem came back to Harry Xu. Harry Xu is a celebrity in Buckeye. I don’t know if Harry Xu will continue following this time.” With a smile.

These words were tantamount to setting Xu Tianlin on the fire. If he didn’t say anything, it would mean he was counseled. Anyone who knew him knew that he could never do such a thing.

“Fight with me, Ethan, I will let you know what is true strength today!”

Xu Tianlin said viciously.

My heart began to drip a little bit of blood, I still pretended to say, “It’s only ten million, this young master has money, hey, I’m afraid you can’t bear it, I will slowly increase it, ten million and 500,000!” “

Anyone who is familiar with Xu Tianlin knows that he can’t stand it anymore.

If according to his urinary sex in the past, he started calling at least one million at a time, but now he only called 500,000, he still looks a little guilty in his heart.

Yura was ecstatic in his heart. Is this all Ethan’s plan? Let the Harry Xu shed a little more blood. If this is the case, now it is as Ethan thought that his goal has been achieved!

It seems that I blamed Ethan just now.

Yura looked at Ethan apologetically. The words of apology had just reached her lips, and she was about to say it. He heard Ethan say faintly: “Eleven million!”

The tone is flat, like buying a few cents of greens at the vegetable market, there is nothing to be surprised about.

Yura opened her mouth wide. He hadn’t had time to say something just now, and now he swallowed it back into his stomach, and there was no need to say it again.

All the people present took a breath.

This person seems to be a ruthless character.

The astronomical figure of 11 million came out of his mouth without any emotional fluctuations. Who this guy is and where he came from has become the top priority in everyone’s hearts.

Zack’s face twitched slightly. The situation in front of him was completely beyond his imagination. Although he had thought Ethan was mysterious enough, he still didn’t expect that in his eyes, 11 million was like he could just throw away. The toilet paper is not worth mentioning.

Seeing the hostess who was used to the big scene, she licked her lips excitedly. She felt a little tight in her throat. She had never seen this scene before her.

“Eleven million!” The hostess’s voice was full of excitement, and everyone present could hear it.

Of course she has enough excitement. She can participate in the commission for the final number of the auction. The hostess naturally hopes that the higher the number, the better.

“Damn it!”

Xu Tianlin’s face turned gloomy, he grabbed the water glass in front of him and almost fell directly to the ground, but finally held back it, his whitish knuckles wanted to crush the glass.

He felt that everyone’s eyes were shooting at him. If he didn’t pick up this time, he would become a laughing stock in Buckeye in the future!

But if you continue to add it, it will be more than ten million. Xu Tianlin can’t imagine what his father will look like after returning. His father’s anger is absolutely unbearable.

A man next to Xu Tianlin said, “What Ethan, I have never seen him in Buckeye. There is no such person in Buckeye’s upper class. How could he just give out ten million? I see, he is simply bluffing, in fact he didn’t have any money!”

“That’s right, this kind of s*x wants to be famous. I really want to be crazy. This time, it must be our young master, young and old, you ignore him and let him pay. Then he can’t get the money. We have a way to make him die. !”

The two people around Xu Tianlin laughed.

At the end, even Xu Tianlin’s own eyes lit up, and the gloom on his face was swept away, and he turned into a sneer on his face, “Yes, I didn’t expect it just now, how could this sex It takes more than ten million out, even if it is me, it will take a few days to raise ten million. He must be pretending to be a force with me!”

Xu Tianlin, who consciously grasped Ethan’s details, stood up suddenly, pointed at Ethan and said, “Ethan, you can’t take out ten million. What are you pretending to me here? No one cares about you at all, want to brush up on your presence here?”

“Today I will satisfy you. I don’t want this necklace, but you have to give me ten million now. If you can’t take it out, hum.”

Xu Tianlin smiled threateningly, “Then don’t blame me for not telling you in advance, no one who dared to provoke me to Young Master Xu in the Buckeye will end well.”

As the saying goes, watching the excitement is not too big a problem. When Xu Tianlin is pressed into urgency, he is starting to lift the table. Many people are unhappy, but they are frightened by the terrorist forces of the Xu family and no one dares to show it. That’s it.

Whether other auctioneers can come up with the money is a matter for the auction house. Xu Tianlin couldn’t play Ethan, so he turned the table off the table in anger. This is what everyone resents.

Ethan looked as expected, and said calmly, “If I put out 10 million today, what are you going to do?”


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