I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 390

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 390

Chapter 390

At this time, everyone’s eyes focused on Ethan.

Most people have never heard of this name before, and there are surprises and surprises in their eyes, and more are scrutiny and questioning.

Can this guy take out 10 million?

At first, many people were dissatisfied with Xu Tianlin, but after seeing Ethan, they couldn’t help but believe Xu Tianlin a little more.

No wonder Xu Tianlin would not believe him. If I didn’t believe him either, let alone ten million, even one million would not be available.

“Take it out? How could you take it out? At this time, you still pretend to be with me, Ethan, how old do you think you are? You are so arrogant in front of me!”

Xu Tianlin tore his face directly, pointing at Ethan and cursing.

“I’ll ask you again, if I took out 10 million today, would you apologize?” Ethan didn’t rush, with a smile on his face.

Xu Tianlin’s hair was straightened by Ethan’s smile. How could this guy be different from the original people? There was no panic at all, and even now he had a faint illusion that Ethan could really take out 10 million…

“Master, don’t talk nonsense with him, let me just throw this kind of liar out and beat him up, he will understand everything.” said a vicious follower beside Xu Tianlin.

Zack stopped in front of Xu Tianlin with a smile on his face, but he was cold, ” Harry Xu, since Ethan said, maybe he can really take it out. If he can’t take it out, he won’t be able to settle the account. late.”

Ethan showed a card and said, “If it’s true or false, you can swipe the card to know.”

Yura admires Ethan a bit now.

The wind is calm, the understatement, pretending to be true, but if it is anyone else, I am afraid that Ethan is not as realistic as Ethan.

Zack took the card in Ethan’s hand, and soon professionals came over, and everyone was looking forward to it, waiting for the final result.

“If it’s fake, this guy must die miserably.”

“Dare to play with Young Master Xu in this place of Buckeye, this guy is really too long to live, and the scene must be very bloody for a while.”

“This kind of deceitful liar must teach him a bitter lesson, and let him know that the liar will definitely not end well. What a bad thing to do at a young age, if you have to deceive people, you just hit Xu Harry, really deserves it.”

When handing Ethan’s bank card to the staff, Zack also deliberately explained: “No matter what the result is, you must report it truthfully, or I can’t spare you!”

The staff nodded again and again, and went down in fear.

Xu Tianlin sank back into the huge and soft seat, and the gloomy bird on his face flashed by. Ethan in front of him was nothing but his own pocket. The next step was to let him hold it.

After a few minutes of silence, everyone looked at Ethan with complicated eyes, with a touch of pity and sympathy.

“Mr. Zack, the result came out.”

The staff just now went and returned in a few minutes.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was energetic. The reason why they were waiting here was to wait for the result. Specifically, they waited for a while to read Ethan’s joke.

, you are dead, I see what else you have to say this time.” Xu Tianlin exclaimed in excitement.

“That’s right, you said you’re a poor woman. If you don’t have money, what can you pretend to be? If you have money, pretend to be awesome. If you have no money, pretend to be stupid. This kid probably looks stupid when he reads a book. Killing me.”

“I don’t even look at objects when I touch porcelain. Is Young Master Xu something you can provoke? That is the existence you need to look up to. This guy really thinks he is a human being. I have not seen such a stupid person in so many years. , I really opened my eyes today.”

Xu Tianlin also sneered and stood up, his eyes full of pride, fight with me? This is the end of the fight with me! Buckeye, after all, it is still mine!

Zack’s eyes sank, unaffected by these outside sounds, and he asked in a deep voice, “How was the result?”

The staff felt the eagerness in their gazes, and they also felt the gazes shot at him. Without hesitation, the facial muscles tremble slightly, and they are very excited: “We have tried it just now. As a result, Mr. Ethan card has a Ten million, the money has been transferred now!”

After speaking, he became amused himself, as if the ten million had been transferred to his own account.

Zack’s expression did not change much, but the deep breath that he took out still exposed his nervousness.

“What? How is it possible!”

Xu Tianlin suspected that he had heard it wrong!

“What did you say? Tell me again, you said he did have 10 million on his card?”

Xu Tianlin rushed directly, holding the collar of the staff member with both hands.

“What I said is true, even if you killed me.” The staff didn’t know where the courage came from, and the hard steel waved inexplicably.

Xu Tianlin threw the staff directly on the ground, still muttering to himself, “Impossible, it is impossible, how could this poor silk have 10 million, even my account does not have 10 million, he How could it happen, I don’t believe it!”

Not to mention that Xu Tianlin was stupid. Everyone onlookers was petrified in place, and he couldn’t believe this result.

That’s a full ten million in cash!

Many people have tens of millions of net worth, but tens of millions of net worth and tens of millions of cash are two completely different concepts. Many rich men with net worth of tens of millions don’t even have hundreds of thousands of cash on their bank cards. Ethan calmly took out ten million, and everyone felt a panic.

“So the jade necklace should be mine now, right?”

Ethan asked indifferently when everyone hadn’t slowed down.

Zack nodded blankly. Ethan’s impact on him was too great, and it would take him a long time to digest it.

“Xu Tianlin, there are people outside the sky, there are people outside the sky, let’s keep a low profile in the future, but it’s just a young master of the Xu family, ” Ethan said coldly.

On the other hand, Ethan could never say such a thing, but now he can’t help but say it, and his mentality is also changing unconsciously.

Suddenly Xu Tianlin seemed to be drained. He sat in his seat blankly, his eyes blank. He wanted to teach Ethan, but Ethan gave him a severe education.

“Ethan, would you please give me a personal treat to treat you to dinner? It’s an expression of my gratitude.”

Zack hesitated for a moment, and stretched out his olive branch. There was an excellent opportunity in front of him. He must not miss it. Even if he offended the Xu family, he would not hesitate.


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