I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 391

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 391

Chapter 391

Yura’s impact was not necessarily so crowded.

That kind of feeling is indescribable. Until the staff member said the final result, her heart was always up and down. Ethan had a few catties, and no one knew better than her.

“It’s over, I must die here today.” This was the strongest thought in her heart.

But how could she bear to watch Ethan get into trouble like this, Yura gritted her teeth, she couldn’t help but go to her dad for help, she was not a person who couldn’t help but die.

Although she had made an agreement with her dad before leaving home, she naturally couldn’t just sit back and watch at this time!

But all of a sudden, everything suddenly became better, everything was beyond my imagination.

Ethan actually took out ten million.

The most embarrassing thing is that he still has a calm look on his face, as if he has done a trivial thing casually, and Yura really can’t understand Ethan more and more now.

After a long while, Xu Tianlin finally took a sigh of relief, his face gloomy, he had never been as embarrassed as he is today since he was a child, and all this is thanks to Ethan in front of him.

“Ethan, you really belonged to you. Xu Tianlin hasn’t remembered anything about this today. Don’t think that ten million will be able to show off in Buckeye. Compared with me, you are far behind. Let’s take a look. !”

After finishing talking about Ethan, he took a group of his little brothers and left.

Ethan knew that Xu Tianlin was completely offended today, but he didn’t care at all. He hadn’t paid attention to the Xu family, besides, he was always a proactive person, but if others wanted to find him If it’s troublesome, or hit Ethan’s bottom line, he won’t let others bully him obediently.

If the old man is Eric Norman and he is still so persuaded, then I am really sorry for the hidden rich second-generation identity.

“Ethan, are you really not going to explain it to me?” Yura’s faint voice sounded in Ethan’s ears.

Ethan smiled bitterly, “I haven’t lied to you from start to finish, you just didn’t believe me.”

Yura thought about it, it seemed that this was really the case, including Ethan took out the golden invitation card, and he subconsciously thought that Ethan could not have a golden invitation card, but he hadn’t said anything.

Is it because he has always misunderstood Ethan?

At this time, the priceless imperial green jade necklace was packed, and Zack took it in person and came to Ethan.

“Mr. Ethan, the jade necklace has been installed for you. It is a blessing for it to meet a master like you.” Zack expressed sincere compliment.

Ethan took it, then changed hands and said to Yura, “Didn’t you say you like this? No, now it belongs to you.”

Yura was taken aback, and put her hand on her mouth, obviously not expecting Ethan to act like this.

“What are you kidding? How can you give it to me for such an expensive item, which you bought for ten million.”

“Didn’t you just say you like it?” Ethan asked again.

“Nonsense, which girl doesn’t like such good jewelry? Oh, don’t tell me so much. No matter what you say, I won’t want it. Hurry up and install it.” Yura’s attitude is very firm.

She can’t help but be determined, this gift is too expensive, ten million! It was enough to buy a mansion in Buckeye, but now it has become a necklace in Ethan’s hands. The world of the rich is really more exciting than imagined.


Seeing Yura’s insistence on not wanting it, Ethan was no longer reluctant. He himself didn’t have much thoughts about this emperor green jade necklace. Although ten million was valuable, it was not unacceptable.

Since Yura is determined not to want it, it can be left to Linda. This is what Ethan planned from the beginning. Now it is not in vain, and Ethan is quite happy to get what he wants.

Watching Ethan turn around and hand over this top jewel worth tens of millions to others, Zack is so knowledgeable, he can’t help but widen his eyes at this time. He has never seen this scene.

“In the morning, I spent 1.88 million without blinking my eyes. I bought a sapphire necklace. Now I am spending tens of millions of dollars. I bought this jade necklace. What is this Ethan? The background is so mysterious and the shot is so generous. I must not offend him.”

Zack said secretly in his heart, and at the same time remembered the resentful look in Xu Tianlin’s eyes just before he left. It seems that Xu Tianlin even hated himself.

As long as the thread of Ethan can be pulled, all this is worthwhile.

Zack has already made up his mind in his heart and must win Ethan!

“Mr. Ethan I am so happy that you can get the emperor green jade necklace this time. If Mr. Ethan doesn’t dislike it, I personally invite Mr. Ethan to have a meal. I don’t know what Mr. Ethan likes?”

Zack’s words are very polite.

Zack’s words are up to this point, Ethan seems to have no excuses, and he has a good impression of Zack, and his words are quite polite, which can be regarded as a face to him.

Seeing Ethan nodded in agreement, Zack’s heart was ecstatic, his face was fairly stable, and he quickly said, “Well, at noon tomorrow, Hotel. This hotel happens to be an industry under my name. The cuisine is quite distinctive. It will definitely be tomorrow. Let Mr. Ethan drink to the fullest.”

Kunlun Hotel is a very distinctive five-star hotel in Buckeye. Ethan has heard of it many times before. The completely Chinese decoration style is full of classical and traditional elements. Although it is not accepted by the majority of foreign business people, With its unique style, it has established a firm foothold in Buckeye, and has broken a bloody road in the competition of five-star hotels from major international brands.

Unexpectedly, the boss behind the Kunlun Hotel turned out to be Zack, and Ethan took another look at him.

“I didn’t expect Boss Zack to dabble in it. Okay, I will be there on time at 12 o’clock tomorrow.” Ethan noted it down.

Zack waved his hand very humbly, “All these years have been just a little trouble, and it is completely incomparable with Mr. Ethan . I must wait for a big fight tomorrow!”

What Zack said was true. Originally, he thought that his assets could be regarded as a top-notch figure in Buckeye. Although he was better than the Xu family, who had no big business, it was enough to watch. Ethan’s birth suddenly made him There was a feeling of powerlessness, and he waved more than ten million in his hand, just like buying a few yuan in green vegetables at the vegetable market. This kind of demeanor, he thought he couldn’t keep up.


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