I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 393

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 393

Chapter 393

“What a coincidence, Mr. Ethan!” Reina looked at Ethan with a smile, and hurriedly walked to Ethan.

But soon, Reina’s gaze was attracted by Yura next to Ethan.

This should be Ethan’s girlfriend?

Yura is definitely a beauty, and Reina sighs inferiorly when she sees it.

No wonder he was entangled with Ethan just now, he didn’t even bother to look at himself, and Reina finally knew the reason.

She couldn’t help but feel a headache. It seemed that she would still have some difficulty in taking Ethan down next.

“Hey, Mr. Ethan’s girlfriend is really beautiful, ” Reina smiled sinisterly, and said, “Haha, Mr. Ethan, you are really okay. With such a beautiful girlfriend, you even treated me just now. This old, pearly old woman moves her hands and feet, you are really a violent thing!”

Reina’s words were too sudden. When she said these words, not only Yura, but even Ethan couldn’t help being taken aback.

“Move… move your hands and feet?” Ethan exclaimed in surprise, staring at Reina in amazement, wondering where is this going on? Why are you talking nonsense when a woman opens her mouth?

“What do you mean? Please be careful when you speak!” Ethan hurriedly warned with a serious face.

Reina didn’t care about Ethan’s warning at all. Instead, he smiled, frowned, and put on an innocent expression, saying, “Why, Mr. Ethan, you’ve done such a thing and don’t want to admit it. what, is it possible that you acted like a gentleman in front of your girlfriend, but you acted on me behind your back?”

“I…” Ethan really doesn’t know what Reina is going to do, but if she keeps talking nonsense, how will Yura think of herself later?

But at this moment, listening to the conversation between Ethan and Reina, I felt Yura in the mist opening her mouth.

She frowned deeply, staring at Ethan and said, “Girlfriend? Ethan, what girlfriend? She…what does she mean?”

Yura didn’t mind what Reina said about Ethan’s actions to her.

After all, with Yura’s understanding of Ethan, he definitely couldn’t do such a thing.

Instead, she cared more about why Reina recognized herself as Ethan’s girlfriend.

And listening to Reina’s tone, Ethan obviously said this to her. What is going on? What does Ethan mean?

Yura was at a loss, but when she heard that Reina recognized herself as Ethan’s girlfriend, there was such a little excitement deep in her heart.

Yura didn’t know why she felt this way, but she only felt that when she questioned Ethan, her face was hot and she was obviously a little shy.

“Yura, you… don’t listen to her nonsense, I just said casually, don’t take it seriously…” Ethan blushed, busy trying to explain things to Yura.

Hearing Ethan’s words, Yura couldn’t help feeling a trace of loss for some reason, frowning and asking: “Say it casually? You…”

Hearing this, Ethan nodded quickly: “Yes, yes, I just said casually, don’t take it seriously, I…”

Ethan had something to say, but when he saw Yura nodded as if lost: “Oh, well, I see…”

After speaking, Yura didn’t know what was going on, turned her head, and then walked towards the parking lot not far away.

“Yura? What’s the matter with you?” Ethan was even more at a loss when he saw this. He hurried forward to ask what was going on, why did he say that he just said casually, Yura turned and left?

“I…I’m okay, um…I’m still okay, I’ll leave Ethan first.” Yura smiled hard at Ethan, speeded up his pace, “Um…you can take a taxi and go home later. “

Hearing Yura’s words, Ethan stopped Ethan, but with a sigh, he watched Yura get into the car and started the car to leave.

“Yeah, isn’t it a girlfriend?”

At this moment, Reina’s voice came over again, and she seemed to be slightly proud of Ethan’s embarrassment.

When Ethan heard this, he turned his head and glared at her a little angrily: “What the hell are you doing?”

“Oh, what are you shouting at others!” Reina put on a delicate expression and said, “People just want to make friends with Mr. Ethan. Why, are you really resistant to me?”

Ethan was really impatient with this Reina, frowned, turned and left.

“Hey? Mr. Ethan…” Reina yelled again, but Ethan ignored her at all, and speeded up instead.

This woman is really annoying. She is only one-sided, so why is she pestering herself like this.

And the most important thing is that because of her, Yura seems to be a little angry with herself.

Is it true that Yura is really upset because she casually said that she is her girlfriend?

Hey, I blame myself, I was talking nonsense at the time, but now I’m all right…

It seems that I have to find a chance to explain things clearly to Yura…

While thinking, Ethan also left the hotel.

At noon the next day, Ethan arrived at the Kunlun Hotel half an hour before the time agreed with Zack.

Ethan first waited downstairs for a while, because you just told Ethan to invite him to dinner here, but he forgot to tell Ethan which room he was.

Ethan waited for a while, and saw Zack hurried in from outside the hotel.

A long distance away, Zack also saw Ethan, and hurriedly said hello with a smile, “Ethan! Unexpectedly, you came so early!”

Ethan spent more than 10 million on himself here, and he was already a big customer among the big customers, so over time, Zack’s attitude towards Ethan became completely submissive.

“You are early too, President Zack.” Ethan also hurriedly smiled, “Shall we go up now?”

Zack smiled and nodded: “Of course, please, Master Ethan, I have two friends today. Yesterday they had something and they couldn’t come to the banquet. But after hearing about your reputation, Master Ethan, I really want to make peace. You know, I hope… I hope you don’t mind…”

Zack smiled. He was a little afraid that Ethan would be disgusted with bringing two people here.

Although he didn’t know Ethan’s specific identity, Zack knew very well that people like Ethan were almost aloof by nature.

Ordinary people don’t care about it at all, so they introduce friends by themselves. It’s okay if Ethan is not disgusted, but if he is disgusted, then wait to meet his monstrous anger.

But Ethan didn’t show how disgusted, he just gave a faint sigh.

Seeing this, Zack was overjoyed, and hurriedly said, “That’s really thank you Master Ethan, let’s go up now.”

Ethan gave a hum, turned his head and asked, “President, what do your two friends do?”


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