I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 395

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 395

Chapter 395

Luca’s aura, the depressed security guard did not even dare to lift his head, and his whole person couldn’t help shaking slightly.

“But Luca this is really…” The security guard wanted to hold on, after all, he didn’t want to take too much risk.

If I really did something to Ethan, if Ethan is no longer a big figure, wouldn’t I still be a dead end?

But before the security had finished speaking, he felt a burst of sensation on his face.


Luca was really fed up with the long-winded security guards, and slapped him over: “I’m making you nonsense! Now even your little security guard doesn’t give me face, right!”

Luca really felt that he had no face, after all, there was still that middle-aged man beside him.

As soon as the incident spread out, even a security guard told him not to move. Wouldn’t it be a joke?

So Luca did not hesitate to slap the security guard, and roared angrily: “Damn, you are so fucked up, you wait for me, I will call you President , look at me How to clean up you!”

While speaking, Luca took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Zack.

And the security guard was full of anger when he saw Luca’s battle.

Don’t you just rely on the money at home? What can be installed?

If it wasn’t for your backing by the Chu family, who wouldn’t know who ended up today!

As the security guard thought so, he gritted his teeth and said, “Since Luca has said so, please do what you want. Anyway, I will say it again, whether you want to deal with me or let me To deal with this gentleman, I have to listen to our President ! If you insist on letting President Zack punish me for a while, and President Zack listens to you, then I can’t do anything! Anyway, please rest assured, today, no matter what Forgive me!”

After speaking, the security guard raised his head with an unyielding look, completely ignoring Luca.

“Are you…you special…you think the other way around?” Luca was about to explode on the spot!

Encountering Ethan has already made him very upset. Now that such a security guard comes out again, this is really provoking him!

Luca laughed in anger and pointed at Ethan and the security guard: “Sure, you are successful, you are all waiting for me today. No one can run away!”

While talking, Luca got through Zack’s phone.

But as soon as the call was connected, the other party hung up.

Luca couldn’t help but was surprised, when suddenly the door of the private room was pushed open, and then Zack’s laughter also came in.

“Haha, why is Young Master Chu so anxious? I’ll go down to pick up a friend, and you will call…”

Zack was just halfway through his words. As soon as he entered the door with his front feet, he noticed that the atmosphere in the room seemed to be something wrong, and hurriedly swallowed the rest of the words.

“This…what are you doing standing up? Everyone, sit down?” Zack smiled awkwardly. He glanced over Ethan, Luca and others, a little surprised, “Oh, yes, I’ll give it to everyone. Introduce, this…”

Originally, Zack wanted to introduce a person who followed him, but as soon as he spoke, he was interrupted by Luca.

As soon as he saw Zack, Luca immediately became energetic, even a little ecstatic, and hurriedly said: “President Zack, you just came here, huh, today I, Luca, lost face with you, I just don’t know, I This face, can You always get me back? If not, hum, then I don’t think we will be friends in the future!”

Luca had lost his blood this time, and he did not hesitate to threaten to break the relationship.

Luca didn’t believe that he had said so. Could it be that Zack still couldn’t save himself and dealt with this matter severely?

It’s just that what he said really made Zack a little confused.

Zack looked at Luca with an embarrassed expression, and then at Ethan, feeling a little at a loss.

“Young Master Chu, where did you start this…? What do you mean?” Zack frowned and asked, “Everyone is a friend. What you said is really…haha, Are you joking with me? Look at you, you make it look like real…”

“President!” Luca suddenly stopped drinking, and said coldly, “Do you think I’m joking? Today, I was at your Kunlun Hotel, Luca, and I was so ashamed!”

Luca’s last sentence, every word, said loudly, and Zack was taken aback.

However, Zack also noticed it, and today it seems that something really went wrong!

“Young Master Chu, I was not here just now. Excuse me…what the hell happened?” Zack couldn’t help but subconsciously looked back at Ethan. He was a little nervous, thinking that Luca just said that it might be Ethan. Does Ethanmatter?

If that’s the case, it’s a bit tricky.

On one side is the Chu family. This family of Buckeye has been in business for decades. The family assets are several hundred million. Although it is not too much, the Chu family is a big family in Buckeye. The network of connections is intertwined, and Zack has only recently emerged in recent years. It is absolutely impossible to provoke the other party.

And where is Ethan on the other side? This person seems even more terrifying!

You know, just yesterday, this guy spent more than ten million without blinking his eyes. This kind of person said that he had no power, and ghosts would not believe it.

And what made Zack feel the most bottomless was that Ethan was too mysterious. He didn’t know what his origin was, and of course he didn’t dare to provoke Ethan openly.

What’s more, Ethan is his own big customer, he is here, but he consumes tens of millions!

Zack looked at Luca nervously, wondering what Luca would say next.

“Hey, what else is there, of course it is him, and him!” Luca pointed to Ethan and the security guard separately, and continued, “This person, openly broke in, not to say, is still talking about him here, you can know him. What did you just say? Hoho, he said, he was invited by you, Mr. Zack. It’s ridiculous. Isn’t Mr. Zack so low-grade now? You want to invite a poor student to dinner? “

Luca changed his conversation and pointed to the security guard again, and continued: “There is him! President is really a good employee. I think this kid is ranting and thinking about blasting him out, but do you know you? What did the employee of the company do? He turned against me openly. Not only did he not listen to me, he even choked on me? he is usually bullied by his own group of dogs?”

Luca tried his best to vent all the unhappiness in his heart, and even ignored Zack’s face.

Even though he was wronged and unhappy, but his words, obviously not only did not put Zack in his eyes, but even openly satirized Zack. How could this make Zack acceptable?

The latter’s face fell into a gloomy expression, frowning.

It seems that his guess is really correct. The reason why Luca is like this is really related to Ethan.

But even so, when Luca just spoke, it was too rude.

He even carried himself in with a gun and a stick, changing the law to ridicule himself, which made Zack very uncomfortable and even more embarrassed. After all, this place was either his own subordinate or his own guest.

He originally wanted to remind Luca to pay attention to his speech, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by Luca again.

This Luca seemed determined to put Ethan to death, and the words just didn’t make him feel happy.

He went on to say: “President Zack, how to deal with these two people today, I see my status in Mr. zack’s mind. If Mr. You thinks I’m still a friend, then trouble me to deal with these two severely. People, if you don’t think there is a need to have a friend of mine, then Mr. Zack will please! Hmph, our friend will be the end!”

In fact, in order to strengthen Zack’s determination to deal with Ethan and the security guard, Luca immediately said again: “Oh right, can you know this person?”

Luca pointed to Ethan and said with a smile: “Of course you don’t know Mr. Zack, then I’ll give a good introduction. This is terrible. He is known as Young Master Ethan. According to him, But in Buckeye’s majestic presence, but I don’t seem to have heard of haha… and you know, does this Young Master Ethan say any rhetoric? People have said that he can easily stuff someone into the south of the city. In the project! You said it was ridiculous but not ridiculous haha…”

Luca had long regarded Ethan’s remarks as a joke, so that he moved out on such occasions and made Ethan laugh.

Luca grinned, and the middle-aged man in his forties beside him couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Of course he knew how difficult it was to enter the Buckeye project and how high the qualifications it required, so he felt Ethan’s words more ridiculous.

It’s just that Luca’s words passed into Zack’s ears. Not only did Zack not laugh, but his expression became more solemn.

He looked at Ethan in amazement, a little surprised and a little skeptical.

“Could it be that this kid’s ability has reached this level?” Zack muttered in his heart.

He didn’t directly take Luca’s words as a joke to listen to, because they didn’t know how terrifying Ethan’s strength was, so naturally they didn’t know, since Ethan dared to say that,

That’s the Buckeye project. How much skill does this kid have to let people enter the Buckeye project?

“Really…really?” Zack asked idiotically, then looked at Ethan, his eyes full of puzzlement and desire.

He was a little nervous and a little excited at this time. He really wanted to know if Ethan really had this ability.

And if this is true, then I really picked up a baby!

Looking at Buckeye now, who doesn’t want to participate in the Buckeye project, Zack is no exception, but he really doesn’t have that strength.

That’s why he went to contact the Chu family, just because he wanted to follow the footsteps of the Chu family and get a ticket for the Buckeye project!

But now it doesn’t seem to be necessary, because there seems to be a ticket seller in front of my own eyes!


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