I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 397

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 397

Chapter 397

The middle-aged man paused, and said with a bit of boldness in his tone: “The Chu family, the largest engineering installation company in Buckeye, huh, let me tell you this, in Buckeye, you just see a project on the road. There is a 60% possibility that the installed vehicle belongs to the Chu family, and even if it belongs to the 40% possibility that is not a device of the Chu family, it must be inextricably linked to the Chu family!”

The middle-aged man pointed to the outside and said proudly, “Is there dozens of hotels in the Chu family, and a bunch of landmark buildings? Tell you the truth, there are ten ** The Chu family’s installation was involved in the construction. In Buckeye, there is no Chu family’s installation. Do you still want to build a building? dream of you!”

The middle-aged man paused and continued: “And the most important thing about you, maybe you’ve heard of it. Young Master Chu’s father and Brother Dave are brothers, and you know Buckeye What does Brother Dave do?”

“Hey, he is the general contractor of the Buckeye project this time. All the work related to the engineering is in the end. He is the man who is in charge of the project. Hey, now you say you want to kick Brother good friend out of the project. , You said you are not dreaming, what are you doing?”

After speaking, the middle-aged man curled his lips triumphantly, and continued: “Humph, now do you know how ridiculous what you said just now is?”

After the middle-aged said this, he immediately looked at Luca again, and he couldn’t help but said with a kind of flattery, “Young Master Chu, how is it, what I just said, is it correct?”

Luca cast his lips and smiled: “Of course it’s right, and it’s very good, okay, didn’t some people just say that they want to kick my Chu family out of the Buckeye project? Now I can do it, ha, I I won’t leave today, I just want to see how he did it!”

After Luca finished speaking, he pulled out a chair and sat down swaggeringly. He even put his feet directly on the dining table, arrogantly, momentarily and twice.

Although Zack also disliked Luca, he had no choice.

In fact, he also felt that the words Ethan said just now were too much.

Even if Ethan spent a day, he spent more than ten million on himself without blinking his eyes.

But Zack still knows very well, even if it spends more than 10 million yuan, but even so, Ethan imagined that the left and right Buckeye project, as he had just said, is still idiotic and unrealistic.

Zack sighed and glanced at Ethan, feeling sorry for Ethan in his heart.

However, he also understood that maybe these rich children love face, Ethan also wanted to pretend to be forced, but didn’t want Luca to be serious.

Hey, you can’t live by committing sins. It’s all your own misfortune, and you can’t blame others.

Zack muttered self-consciously in his heart and lowered his head silently. Now that he can’t protect himself, he is no longer interested in paying attention to Ethan’s life and death.

It’s just that Ethan seemed calm and calm from beginning to end, without any hint of panic.

Ethan raised his eyebrows and looked at Luca, silently took out his phone, and said to Luca, “Aren’t you calling your home now?”

When Luca heard Ethan’s words, he was very puzzled, and asked in a cold voice, “What do you…what do you mean?”

Ethan smiled: “It doesn’t mean anything, I just think that your Chu family will be kicked out of the Buckeye project soon, don’t you call your dad and let me know in advance?”

After Ethan finished speaking, he slapped his forehead sharply, and continued to smile: “Oh yes, your family will know about this right away anyway, so I don’t think you can make a phone call, it will be of no use. .”

After speaking, Ethan searched for the number on his mobile phone and dialed it out. While Ethan broadcasted the number, he looked at Zack and said calmly, “You, I think I’ll forget the meal today. . I’m not interested anymore. In addition, if you want to participate in the Buckeye project, please provide your qualifications. Later, a professional company will check your qualifications. If you pass the customs, you can participate. The Buckeye project is on, but if the qualification examination fails, then I can only say sorry.”

Ethan looked at Luca for the last time and said coldly, “Everyone, please don’t worry, in the future Buckeye project, there will never be anything that relies on human relations to get in, and there are some ulterior secrets in the past. And the companies that are entered on the list will soon be thoroughly investigated, huh, unqualified, no one can pass the test!”

Ethan’s last few words sounded loudly. He looked at Luca with disgust and turned to leave.

At this moment, Ethan’s call was also connected.

It was Dave that Ethan called.

When the latter saw Ethan’s call, he was so excited that he laughed again and again: “Oh, it turned out to be Master Ethan, I’m really sorry, I’m a bit late to answer the phone, Master Ethan, do you have anything to order? “

Hearing this, Ethan replied: “Of course there is something, MR. Dave can do it, I guess the Buckeye project hasn’t started yet, MR. Dave, you have already made a lot of money, right?”

When Ethan said this, Dave immediately became nervous.

And he was scared because what Ethan said was right!

Although the project has not yet started, Dave is really making a lot of money.

Apart from other things, only those who want to pass Dave here to get a share of the Buckeye project, more or less filial piety, Dave made a lot of money, of course, this is not the money that the Chu family gave to himself. .

Dave couldn’t help feeling a little guilty, and hurriedly said, “What you said, Master Ethan, is…I…I don’t understand haha…”

Ethan suddenly snorted, “Hmph, don’t sloppy with me, you always treats me as a fool! May I ask MR. Dave, in the Buckeye project, did the Buckeye Chu family participate?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with Young Master Ethan?”

Ethan said, “It’s okay, I just let you know, please kick out of the Chu family. From today on the Buckeye project, no one from Buckeye’s Chu family will participate in any device. MR. Dave, you can Remember, this is a warning, not a discussion with you. I hope you will do this for me right away, otherwise you will trouble you to figure out the outcome!”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Dave’s hair was about to stand up, wondering what happened? Make Ethan so angry.

And he let himself kick the Chu family out of the box, is it possible that the Chu family offended him?

But at this time, Dave obviously couldn’t manage that much. He could tell that Ethan was really angry this time, and if he asked again, he would probably add fuel to the fire.

Dave hurriedly said, “Okay, well, Ethan, please don’t worry, I will do it, I will do it…”

When Ethan heard Dave say this, he ended the call.

“Puff……” At this moment, Luca’s mocking laughter came over again. He looked at Ethan and said, “Tsk tusk, it’s over? Haha, don’t say, you are really suitable for acting. It’s really like that, and you call MR. Dave? Which MR. Dave? Dave? you are almost laughing at me, you know?”

“Okay, I’ll wait here, I want to see, what can you do to me!” Luca said nonchalantly.

Ethan turned sideways and sneered at Luca, “Then please wait and see.”

After speaking, Ethan left the private room directly.

When Zack saw this, he hurried out and said, “Master Ethan, please, Master Ethan…”

When the two of them left the private room, Ethan stopped and looked back at Zack: “Please stay with you, you don’t need to send it away. I have already said what you have just said. If you are interested in participating in the Buckeye project, please follow me. Do what you say. I still have something to do, I’m leaving first.”

“I…” Zack wanted to say something, but Ethan didn’t give him a chance and left without looking back.

Zack sighed, feeling bad.

Originally, he planned to invite these people to dinner today, but he did not expect it to end like this in the end.

And deep down in your heart, Zack actually didn’t believe Ethan’s words at all.

He felt that even though Ethan’s identity was mysterious, he wouldn’t be as powerful as that. What kind of character would he be able to give orders to Dave?

In Zack’s view, the phone call that Ethan just made was fake and he estimated that he was afraid that someone would break it before leaving.

At this moment, Zack suddenly heard Luca’s presumptuous laughter from the private room behind him.

“Hahaha… this kid is really funny, do you know who he just pretended to call?” Luca asked the middle-aged man next to him, smiling, “Dave, brother, haha, I Looking at what happened today, I have a chance when I look back. I have to talk to my Uncle and let him clean up this bastard…”

On the other side, Haoyuan Group, in Dave’s office.

Since Dave finished talking on Ethan’s phone, the whole person’s mind has completely sank.

Dave couldn’t understand why Ethan discovered his “ugly things”.

And he was even more curious, why did Ethan insist on kicking the Chu family out of the Buckeye project? What happened to the Chu family? Make Ethan hate each other so much?

After all, the Chu family has an unusual relationship with him. Even though Ethan had said that, Dave still gave birth to compassion.

After all, he is his friend for decades. Of course, Dave doesn’t want to kick out the project easily, because being kicked out of the project is almost equivalent to a temporary ban within Buckeye.

In that case, it is estimated that the Chu family will sink because of this. Of course, this is not what Dave wants to see.

Dave sighed and hurriedly broadcast a number…

After about a few minutes, the phone was picked up, and a deep voice came over: “Hey, old Friend, why come to me in time today?”


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