I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 398

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 398

Chapter 398

It was not someone else who answered the phone, but Luca’s father, Zahir.

Every time Dave calls himself, it is good news that he has work with him, and Luca’s father feels that this time it will certainly be no exception.

In addition, Zahir was trying to get Dave to keep the Absolute Business School construction project to himself some time ago.

You know, this is the top priority of the entire Buckeye project. If you can successfully win this project, let alone more, it is more than enough to let the “big guy” of the Chu family expand by a third.

This is absolutely a big cake.

Zahir thought that when Dave called himself, he agreed to build the project by himself!

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help feeling ecstatic. He was about to open his mouth to thank Dave, but he heard Dave let out a loud shout on the other end of the phone.

“Zahir, what good things have you done?”

Zahir was taken aback when he heard the words, and the smile on his face disappeared in an instant.

“Wh…what’s wrong with Old Dave?” Zahir was confused when he was scolded, and even a little nervous, “What happened?”

Dave on the other end of the phone snorted coldly: “You are so embarrassed to ask me? Oh, I want to ask you, what good things have you done? Do you know that you have already stabbed a big basket!”

Hearing this, Zahir became even more confused.

He didn’t do anything. In the past few days, he was either at home or in the company and the company’s senior executives made plans for Absolute Business School in advance. He didn’t do anything?

Is it possible that if you sit at home, disaster can come from the sky?

“What’s the matter?” Zahir asked nervously, “Old Dave, I assure you, I haven’t done anything these days, I swear, what happened? But I can be sure. Even if something goes wrong, I’m definitely not to blame, really.”

Of course, Dave also understands what Zahir is. If he says that he has done nothing, his eight achievements are true.

He couldn’t help sighing: “I told you the truth, I just received a call, your family has been kicked out of the Buckeye project.”

When Dave said this, it was like a thunderbolt from the blue sky. Zahir was standing and calling. After hearing this, his whole body swayed back and forth and almost fell down. Fortunately, someone nearby helped him in time. , And then slowly put him on the sofa.

“You…what are you talking about? Dave, you can’t be kidding about this, I…I have a bad heart, you know it.” Zahir said in a shaky tone, “Besides, you are not the chief contractor of the Buckeye project. Business? Can I be in this project, isn’t it your last word?”

Dave’s words shocked Zahir, but also felt a little puzzled.

And even if it is true. He also couldn’t figure out how he would be kicked out of the Buckeye project if he was good enough?

And you must know that you are Buckeye’s largest engineering equipment provider. If you kick yourself out of the Buckeye project, the entire project will have to be shut down.

Obviously, even if someone really wants to engage in self-defeating, it will end in the end of killing one thousand and self-defeating 800. Does the other party know this?

Zahir was full of questions, and finally waited quietly for Dave to give himself an answer.

Dave sighed and said helplessly, do you think I am joking? How dare I make a joke about this kind of thing?”

Dave immediately said again: “Hey, do you think I am the main contractor of the Buckeye project, and I think I am awesome? Tell you the truth, I’m just a job and run errands for others, I’m a fart. What I did in the end, I still have to listen to the opinions of other people’s funders. If they put a fart on me, that is the imperial edict, dare I violate it!”

Dave sighed and said again: “And I told you the truth, this time the caller asked me to kick you out of the Buckeye project. No one else, it is the sponsor behind the whole project. I remember I told you before, yes That young man who is inextricably related to the Norman Family overseas! You have to remember for yourself how to provoke others? Is it because you did something bad and was caught by others, or you got them directly On the head?”

Upon hearing Dave’s words, Zahir’s entire face paled instantly.

Behind the Seongnam Project? It seems this time. It’s really a big deal.

Of course, Zahir knew exactly what kind of existence the so-called gold master was.

It is said that the entire Buckeye project cost four to five billion yuan, but the money that the big benefactor paid all himself is said to be useless even the bank loan.

What does this show? It shows that there are tens of billions of funds for activities that people have on hand alone. What a wealth of money.

Take the so-called top bosses in Buckeye, even if it is the Buckeye Xu family, which claims to have total assets of more than five billion yuan, but that is only their entire Xu family’s all industries, movable and real estate. Together with the liquidity on hand, there is so much money.

And even with the Xu family’s five billion yuan, the liquidity in his hands is at best three to five billion yuan.

Like the big benefactor behind the Buckeye project, the owner of the activity funds on hand has reached tens of billions. For the time being, the total assets of the people may already be tens of billions or even hundreds of billions.

That kind of big guy, even if the Buckeye Xu family is not enough to look at in front of others, let alone his own kind of stuff?

Obviously, the sponsor behind this Buckeye project is already too strong, which makes people nervous.

What made Zahir feel even more desperate was that the decision to be kicked out of the project was made by the big benefactor!

How did you provoke others?

Zahir was nervous, but he was completely flustered.

“Dave, is this… really? It’s really the sponsor of the Buckeye project, who wants to kick me out of the project? What the hell is going on? I…” Zahir said helplessly. “I really haven’t provoke this big guy, and the people under me are safe and guarded. Normally I discipline them. You know that without me speaking, they would not dare to go out and do things.”

Dave frowned when he heard the words, and after a long silence, he muttered to himself: “If this is the case, then it would be strange. Then who provoke this uncle, you don’t know Obviously, people already understand what they mean. Kicking out of your house is just the beginning. I don’t think it will take long. The entire Buckeye project will be thoroughly investigated from the inside out. Those people who came in through the relationship between you and me will suffer. , Damn it, if you let me know which bastard stabbed such a big basket, I would take his skin off!”

At this time, Dave was also upset, not knowing what to do.

Of course he knew that if Ethan and Maggie wanted to thoroughly investigate the Buckeye project, they would really suffer.

It seems that this time I cannot escape this disaster.

The more he thinks of this, Dave hates the person who provokes Ethan and finally implicates him.

You know, such a thorough investigation inside and out, it is estimated that you will lose tens of millions, which is not a small sum!

Suddenly, Dave seemed to have an idea, and suddenly asked Zahir on the other end of the phone: “Old friend, what is your son doing lately?”

Dave understood what he meant when he asked, and he began to doubt Luca.

Because Dave knows Luca very well, even though that kid had a position of vice president in the company of the Chu family, but to put it bluntly, he had the same virtue with his unworthy son. Apart from serious things, he could do everything. come out.

And since he took on the Buckeye project, this kid has almost grown up in his own home.

But in the past two days, he seemed very surprised, and he never appeared.

This of course surprised Dave, especially now that such a big thing happened again, Dave would naturally suspect Luca.

After listening to Dave’s words, Zahir certainly understood what he thought.

Zahir frowned, and deliberately favored his son, and said, “No… it won’t be Luca, right? He has performed very well recently. How could he provoke the funders behind the Buckeye project? Not to mention, he I don’t know the other person at all…No, I don’t think it must be someone else, it must be…”

Zahir’s attitude really made Dave feel a little angry. By now, he himself will be kicked out of the Buckeye project. He has to be held accountable, so Zahir even favors his son?

“Zahir, when is it, why are you still so confused? I tell you, I have sent someone to investigate this matter. Anyway, I must find out who has broken good deeds. Wan, it’s probably gone all at once. If you let me know who it is, I have to abolish him!” Dave snorted coldly and said coldly, “Zahir, I tell you, don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you let me know in the end that Luca broke my business, then don’t blame me!”

After speaking, Dave decisively ended the call.

When Zahir heard this, his whole heart was almost pulled together.

He and Dave have been mingling for decades. Of course, he understands his temper very well. This person is cruel, but he does what he says, and no matter who it is, as long as his interests are harmed, then Dave will not care about you , All waiting to be repaired!

The more he thought of this, the more disgusted Zahir felt.

In fact, he thought about it carefully, and it seemed that only his unsuccessful son was able to cause such a disaster in this matter.

Anyway, I should ask him personally. Whether it was Luca or not, at the very least, I must have a bottom line.

If it’s really Luca, then it’s good to have an advance preparation. If Dave comes to him in the end, it’s too late to say anything!


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