I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 401

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 401

Chapter 401

The middle-aged man smiled disdainfully, glanced at Luca with a sneer expression, and said lightly,, come on, I think you are too naive, right? You really think your Chu family is Luca from the past. Home? The things you are kicked out of the Chengnan project will soon be overwhelming. Who would dare to help your family? Isn’t that the same as fighting against the big gold master behind the Chengnan project? Now the whole Buckeye, who doesn’t want You squeezed into the Chengnan project and gave up a great opportunity to make money in order to save your family. Do you think everyone else is 250?”

The middle-aged man finished speaking, tidyed up his suit, and walked triumphantly towards the private room gate.

Luca stared at the opponent fiercely, and when the opponent was far away, he sipped in the direction of the door.

“I, damn, who do you think you are? You know what a fart. Our Chu family has been in Buckeye for so many years. I don’t believe that everyone will fall into trouble like you! You wait for me, I will do it today Let you see if I can kill you!”

After speaking, Luca took out his cell phone, thought about it, and called a number directly.

“Hey, how are you Uncle , I’m Luca, how are you doing recently…” Luca said a lot of kind words before finally saying, “Actually, I called today because I wanted to ask Uncle . Help me, I think…”

Before Luca finished speaking, the person on the other end of the phone hurriedly cut him off.

“Oh no, my nephew, I already know about your family. No, your dad just finished calling me and asked if I could lend your family millions, but you also know that Uncle is here now For a small project in the Chengnan project, a large sum of money has been invested, and now there is really no money on hand. Uncle is also powerless…”

Hearing what the other party said, Luca’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Of course he knows that the person he called is a well-known local rich man in Buckeye. The working capital in his hand, plus bank deposits, is less than ten to twenty million. If he wants to say he has no money, he is sure. is fake.

Obviously, the other party is clearly playing around with himself.

But Luca couldn’t say anything, so he could only scold him, Uncle severely.

But Luca didn’t dare to say half a word, and hurriedly said, “Ah…That’s it, but Uncle , I’m calling you. It’s not this thing that I want to ask you, I want to ask you Help me clean up someone, this guy is too defiant, I…”

“What? Pack up people?” The person on the other end of the phone changed his attitude sharply, and said to Luca in a teaching tone, “Luca, it was not Uncle that said you, you said that your family is now at the point of life and death, you don’t want to think about it. How can you help your dad get through the current difficulties, you are still thinking about how to deal with others? Are you a little too heartless?”

The other party immediately said again: “Hmph, tell me about you, young, what’s not good about learning something, doing this and cleaning up all day, what happened to you in the end? I see, your family has today, and You have too many enemies, it must be related, huh, you can do it yourself, you have all the knives on your neck, and you still want to make others? You are not crazy, you are a two hundred and five!”

The other party finished speaking and ended the call without even giving Luca a chance to explain.

Luca looked at the phone, and his anger suddenly rose.

“F*ck, did you fucking fall into trouble? Are you telling me? You forgot that it was time for you to beg me to fix others? Bastard, I wish you a choke to eat soon…”

Luca hated him fiercely, and he couldn’t wait to crush the phone.

He really did not expect that these people’s attitudes towards their own family would change so quickly.

You know, this Uncle is a brother and brother to his father on weekdays, and the relationship is simply very good.

But now that his family has just been kicked out of the Chengnan project, it is really angry that he should treat it like this.

But Luca still didn’t give up. After all, he only found one person, and the crowd of people he knew had gone. There would definitely be someone willing to help him.

While thinking about it, Luca held his mobile phone and dialed a number again.

This time, the phone rang twice, but soon, the call was ended directly on the other end, and the call was not even answered.

Luca was not reconciled, and hurriedly called again. This time, he was surprised to find that the other end of the phone was turned off.

“F*cking, immortal, deliberately?” Luca cursed, and quickly dialed another number.

This time, the call was connected, but before Luca could speak, a grumpy roar came from the other end of the phone: “Mom, what do you and your dad want to do? Call me one by one to borrow money. What do I owe to your family? Billowing, I don’t have money. You have the patience to find a way to go. If you don’t want to bother me, I don’t want to be infected with your family’s bad luck!”

After speaking, he ended the call.

Luca was dumbfounded, what does this mean? I called myself without saying a word, so I gave myself a curse. After I finished my cursing, I didn’t even have a chance to talk back, so I ended the call?

At this moment, Luca was going crazy.

He kicked a chair next to him violently and cursed himself.

He didn’t believe it. How could these people who treat themselves pleasantly and even flatter themselves in an instant turned their faces.

Luca was not convinced or reconciled, and hurriedly took the phone and made another call.

Only this time, he hit a dozen numbers.

The result was either that the other party didn’t answer the phone, or he found various reasons to excuse him and said that he couldn’t do it, and there were several others, like the one surnamed Ma at the beginning, that just preached directly to himself.

There are all kinds of things, but no one wants to help themselves.

Luca completely collapsed, and sure enough, this world is too realistic.

The person who usually smiles with you, not only does not help you when you are about to fall, but there are even people who want to push you over!

Luca was full of anger, but at a loss.

What can I do now?

He raised his head, glanced at Zack, who was always standing next to him, expressionless, and shouted: “What do you look at? Are you very happy to see me like this? don’t you think I am not You know, you and those people are just the same. After you use our house, you can’t wait to treat us as your ancestors. Now you don’t need us, so you want us to die soon, right? what’s wrong with me Don’t you see through you sooner? If you see through you earlier, I would have killed you…”

Hearing Luca’s curse, Zack still looked at him blankly. He didn’t hate Luca too much at this time, but felt that this person was a bit sad.

Perhaps he was used to being aloof in the past, and he felt that he could always be aloof. As everyone knows, Feng Shui in this world is rotated by turns, and no one can sit firmly in his own position for the rest of his life.

And Zack also understood that Luca had the same fate today, and he really couldn’t blame others. All this was his own fate.

He looked down on Ethan, and how did Ethan really provoke him? But he was chasing after others.

But the result? He not only harmed himself, but also the entire Chu family.

The current Chu family has become a mouse crossing the street, and all this is due to Luca.

“Master Chu, are you satisfied now?” Zack talked and said earnestly, “This is the result you want, right?”

“What do you mean? Are you gloating for misfortune? you can finally see my jokes now, right? Damn, our family has today, thanks to you people!”

Luca was very angry. He now seemed to feel that the whole world was fighting against him.

Zack sighed again and shook his head: “No, you were wrong, you were so wrong. Until now, you still feel that the current end of your Chu family is that someone else has cheated you. Didn’t you find out? Did you do it all by yourself?”

Zack continued, “Young Master Chu, although I don’t have much contact with you, I still want to advise you, do it and cherish it. Your Chu family has today. This is already the most painful lesson for you. If so The big lesson is that you cannot learn to converge and reflect. That is your biggest failure!”

After Zack finished speaking, he raised his hand and made a please gesture, and said lightly: “Okay, I’m done with my words, so please.”

Luca was taken aback by Zack’s actions: “You… are you driving me?”

Zack’s expression was serious. Although he didn’t say a word, he was obviously presupposing.

Now, how could Zack still allow Luca to stay? The Chu family has become a mouse on the street now, and at this time it has become Ethan’s thorny eye. If he leaves Luca, wouldn’t it be equivalent to directly challenging Ethan?

The Chu family challenged Ethan and had failed completely. Zack didn’t think that he was better than the Chu family.

So even if he is not a person who has fallen into trouble, but in this way, he is absolutely impossible to do anything maverick.

What’s more, now the Chu Family is almost sure that it is finished, and there is no need to behave in a humble attitude towards Luca.

“Okay, okay, you guys, you are all wronged!” Luca was so angry that he picked up a chair in his hand and smashed it towards Zack.

It’s just that as soon as Luca moved, he was noticed by Zack.

With quick eyesight and quick hands, Zack rushed to Luca in one stride, and kicked him involuntarily.

This unbiased foot kicked Luca firmly on Luca’s lower abdomen, and then Luca fell backward. The chair held high in his hand also fell down instantly, not only did not hurt Zack half of his hair. Instead, it hit Luca’s ankle sturdily.

Luca suddenly screamed, and rolled around in pain.


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