I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 403

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 403

Chapter 403

“What?” When Zahir heard this, he almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, “How is it possible? He… how could he be like this?”

Of course, Zahir knew that if this loan fell through, he would still be able to file for bankruptcy after he had survived the ass.

Now the Chu family can’t even pay for the wages of hundreds of employees.

The young man nodded slightly: “Manager meant that we were kicked out of the Chengnan project. The company must be in a difficult situation of capital turnover, so we naturally have no ability to repay the loan, so…”

“So he stopped lending?” Zahir almost roared, “This old bastard, did he forget how I helped him out of his performance in the first place? Now that I have not determined to fall, he just Come to push yourself?”

Zahir was trembling with anger, and it took a long time before he recovered.

The young man also hurried over to comfort him: “President Chu, please calm down your anger. Now that the young master is in hospital, you must not be angry anymore.

Having said that, how could Zahir not be angry, the originally good situation seemed to have become dead in an instant.

“Old ghost , Zack…and those guys who have not saved their lives, you bastards are waiting for me, you see my Chu Family Mansion will be smashed, just treat me like this, you’d better not let me Slowly, as long as I, Zahir, can overcome the difficulties in front of me, I promise to settle accounts with you one by one!”

Of course, Zahir knew that now he can only be stern here, but he still has no idea what to do, how to save the company.

Zahir sighed and sat down on the bench in the corridor, looking extremely disappointed.

“What to do…what to do…” Zahir said to himself.

At this moment, the young man suddenly leaned in and said, “Mr. Chu, in fact, I feel that this matter requires the person to tie the bell. Instead of sitting here and waiting for death, it is better to find the so-called The investors of the Chengnan project, after all, until now, we don’t even know people. They kicked us out. It was because the young master had offended them. They must feel that they can’t make a living, so they kicked us in anger. , Then if we apologize well to others and just make up for the face they lost, then I think, our current predicament will obviously be able to survive again, what do you think?”

After listening to the young man’s words, Zahir suddenly seemed to be speechless.

In the current situation, it seems that this method is only feasible.

Zahir nodded again and again: “Right, right, right, what you said is right, since we are the first to be wrong, then we should go over and apologize to others. In any case, we must try hard, right.”

The young man smiled slightly: “Yes, Mr. Chu, this seems reasonable, do you think it is feasible?”

“It’s feasible, it’s feasible!” Zahir suddenly burst into laughter, patted the young man on the shoulder again, and said, you are still smart, don’t worry, Uncle Chu, I won’t forget. Yours, as long as our company can weather the current difficulties today, then you don’t need to be a secretary anymore. Isn’t the engineering department missing a deputy manager? Go ahead!”

“Then… let’s go now?” Zahir asked.

Sun shook his head slightly. He pointed to Luca, who was angry with the medical staff while he was putting on a plaster in the ward, and said, “Mr. Chu, have you forgotten, I said that you still have to tie the bell to the bell. The key point is Young Master, don’t forget, but Young Master has compromised others’ face!”

When Zahir heard the words, he nodded repeatedly: “Yes, you are right, then I will be called this bastard!”

After speaking, Zahir hurriedly walked into the ward.

At this time, the ward was in a mess. Luca’s suppressed anger in Ethan and Zack was all vented to these doctors and nurses. He almost smashed everything he could get.

Even when Zahir entered the door, he was still swearing.

“Okay, don’t be presumptuous!” Zahir yelled as soon as he entered the door, “You almost killed Luca, something that is not up to you. You dare to be presumptuous now?”

When Luca saw his father, he seemed to converge a little, and pointed to the doctors and nurses beside him and said, “Can this be blamed on me? It’s all these dog things. They didn’t take any light or heavy. They almost hurt me…”

Zahir sighed and continued: “Okay, stop talking nonsense, it’s just a fracture, it’s not a big deal. When I hit the world, wasn’t the injury much more serious than yours? Now the plaster is also shot. Get out of bed and follow me!”

Luca was stunned when he heard the words: “Go… Dad, I have broken bones now, I need to cultivate, where do you want me to go?”

“Huh, you are so embarrassed to ask, I will take you to apologize to others!” Zahir coldly yelled, “Now everyone knows that our family has been kicked out of the Chengnan project. No one will help us at all, and the bank My family’s loan is also yellow, our family… our family is one step away from death, so Sun just proposed that our family go and apologize to the person who offended you. Can our family survive? It depends on whether people are willing to forgive us this time.”

“Apologize?” Luca’s face suddenly changed when he heard the words, “Impossible, I will apologize to him? Dreaming!”

When Luca thought of Ethan, don’t say to apologize to him, even if he was softened, he was not reconciled.

Don’t say apologize, even if Luca heard that this idea was put forward by Sun, his face was gloomy.

He pointed to Sun and said coldly, “Damn, who is your dog? How can you come up with such a bad idea? Damn, I am disabled now, or I have to do it. Damn you!”

After speaking, Luca grabbed something and threw it at Sun Dong.

It’s just that he hadn’t thrown it out, suddenly he saw his father’s figure flash, rushing to his side, and greeted him directly with a slap.


With this slap, Zahir exerted great strength and directly knocked Luca over onto the bed.

“Ah…” Luca screamed, just about to yell at something, but when he saw his angry face, he suddenly went down.


“What are you?” Zahir yelled, “Close your mouth, get out of bed immediately and follow me, otherwise U will have to go out today. I would rather let you collapse in bed for the rest of my life!”

Zahir didn’t mean to be joking at all. Luca trembled all over when he heard it, and hurriedly crawled under the bed obediently.

“What do you think? Come and help me!” Luca yelled at the medical staff beside him in a low voice.


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