I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 404

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 404

Chapter 404

Upon hearing the words, the two nurses hurried forward to help Luca into the wheelchair.

“Ah it hurts…” Luca just stuck her ass to the wheelchair, and pushed away the weak female nurse, and shouted angrily, “You are so light, you kill me!”

The nurse was pushed back and forth, and hurriedly hid away.

Luca gritted his teeth and glared at Sun on the side. He gritted his teeth and said, “You are waiting for me. If you look back on this account, let’s settle it slowly!”

“What do you want to account for Sun?” Zahir immediately caught the conversation and scolded, “I see you move him to try. If it weren’t for Sun, I couldn’t even think of this way at all, you Thank you, but I can’t thank you, and want to get revenge on them?”

“But Dad, what’s his bad idea? I’m going to apologize to that crocodile? You don’t know how disgusting that crocodile is, and even if you apologize to that dog, it won’t help. Look at it. All special is in vain!”

“But Master, this is our last resort.” Sun on the side suddenly said, “You may not know what dilemma is our company now? Now the funds available up and down in the company, no More than 800,000 yon’t be able to survive tomorrow, and it’s already certain that no one will come to help us anymore, so this is the last resort.”

Sun paused, and continued: “What’s more, it’s ugly. The Chu family has the current situation. Isn’t it all caused by you? So that the Chu family can tide over the difficulties, should you even pay for this? are you willing?”

Of course, what Sun said is the truth. He has been staying at Chu’s company since he graduated from university. He has feelings for this company, and he doesn’t want the company to fall.

Sun looked at Luca with a serious face, and finally said, “I have said what I should say, and the reason is clear. Master, what you do is your business.”

“Listen to you!” Zahir said, “You are about the same age as Sun, you listen to what HE say, and look at the bullshit you said, don’t you feel blushing? Apart from causing trouble, What else would you do?”

Luca gritted his teeth with a look of disdain.

He sighed and stared at Sun fiercely: “Chen, I will go with you today, but you name Sun will remember that if this method works today, then I won’t hold you accountable, but if it doesn’t work, if Our father and son were humiliated by others and couldn’t come to the stage. You can see how I clean up you! I’m not going to end with you!”

After speaking, Luca yelled at the story behind him: “Don’t read it, hurry up and push me away!”

Zahir sighed, glanced at Sun, he hehe smiled: ” Sun, don’t mind, this bitch is the temper of a dog, let’s go.”

Of course, Zahir knows that Sun is a rare talent, especially when it comes to business management, he is simply natural material.

It’s just that he is too straightforward, so for so many years, he has only achieved the position of secretary.

“If today’s crisis can really pass, it seems that we really need to take this Sun seriously.” Zahir murmured and stepped out.

The meeting room of Haoyuan Group was full of people at this time.

Ethan left Zack, first called Maggie, and then plunged into the Haoyuan Group.

In the meeting room at this time, Ethan was sitting on the main seat, beside Ethan, Maggie stood silently on the side with a serious expression.

And beside the two, stood a bunch of people, headed by Dave.

Just ten minutes ago, Dave and others had been severely criticized by Maggie.

Of course, Maggie knows that she also has a lot of responsibility for this matter. This is due to lax supervision. You must know that she has been responsible for this project since the establishment of the project.

And in the end, such a serious problem was not discovered by himself, but Ethan found it out, and he could not shirk the blame.

“Ethan Norman, I ask for punishment.” Maggie said.

Ethan thought for a while and waved his hand: “Your business, I’ll talk about it later.”

Then Ethan looked at Dave and the others with indifferent expressions: “Mr. dave, I hope you must give me a reasonable explanation for this matter today. Otherwise, I think you need to discuss the identity of the chief contractor. Click it.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Dave trembled involuntarily.

Ethan…ethan , I know that I was wrong. It is all my fault. Don’t worry, I will take warning. I will conduct a thorough investigation immediately. As long as companies with insufficient qualifications are not enough, I will definitely clear them out. I…”

Ethan waved his hand and sneered, come on, I’ve been waiting here for so long. Is it possible that Mr. Dave, you just want to perfuse me with these few words?”

Ethan immediately became extremely serious, and said coldly, “I think it’s fine to investigate the matter thoroughly, because you will no longer be responsible for this matter. I will send someone to do it. In addition, from now on In the future, we will formulate all engineering standards, and I will personally designate people to do other key projects!”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Dave’s expression suddenly changed, and he hurriedly said, “Ethan Norman, don’t you say that…”

Although Dave hadn’t finished speaking, the meaning was clear.

When he was negotiating with Maggie before, he was in charge of all the projects in the entire Chengnan project.

But if you follow what Ethan said this time, doesn’t it mean that in this Chengnan project, many key projects can’t be intervened by yourself?

You know, this kind of big project, the more projects you take over, the more you earn.

And according to Ethan’s meaning, doesn’t it mean that he has been emptied? In the entire Chengnan project, how many projects are the biggest oil and water, have you missed it?

How could this work? Of course, Dave didn’t want to work in vain.

It’s just that he just wanted to complain, he was stopped by Ethan: “Why, President Dave, don’t you agree?”

“It’s not that I disagree with Young Master master , but…”

“Just what? I think you should understand that for your current mistakes, I can terminate the contract with you and sue you for breach of contract. I am already being kind to you. Do you still want to complain, Mr. Donovan?”

With two words from Ethan, Dave was so scared that Dave couldn’t say anything.

You know, if Ethan really sued him for breach of contract, he wouldn’t be making a little bit less for himself, then I don’t know how much compensation he needs to compensate.

So now Dave has no choice at all. Now even if Ethan asks him to work for him in vain, he has to bite the bullet and agree.

Who made it his fault?

At this time, Dave almost got his own thoughts.

I wanted to take the opportunity to make a fortune, but in the end, not only did he fail to make money, he stole the chicken and didn’t lose money. Dave felt his heart felt as uncomfortable as being blocked by a stone.

But at this moment, the door of the conference room was knocked suddenly, and then Zahir pushed Luca in…


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