I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 405

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 405

Chapter 405

At this moment, everyone’s eyes in the conference room fell on Zahir and Luca and his son.

You know, most of the people present were people who participated in the Chengnan Project, and most of them were also informed today that they were about to be kicked out of the Chengnan Project.

At this moment, everyone present is of course very clear that it is no one else who really caused them to end up like this. It is Zahir and Luca’s father and son Ethan in front of them.

It was them who angered Ethan and directly caused Ethan to start the liquidation of all of them.

Therefore, because of this, everyone present saw the Chu family father and son appearing here, and their eyes were full of hatred and disgust.

Ethan didn’t know Zahir, but he knew Luca, and he could think of it. The person pushing Luca must be Zahir.

Ethan didn’t say a word, but looked at Luca with an indifferent expression.

Zahir entered the door and looked around, and finally set his gaze on Ethan. He suddenly smiled and stepped forward to say hello: “You are Ethan Norman? Hello, Ethan Norman, my dear Zahir, from the Chu Group President, I am here today to apologize to you with my unsuspecting son.”

“Apologize?” Ethan pretended not to understand what he meant, and smiled slightly, “What is wrong with President Chu?”

Zahir’s face was slightly embarrassed, and he continued to smile and said, “Aha, I blamed me for this unsatisfactory barrier. I reintroduced Ethan Norman. Ethan Norman, please calm down your anger. I have already taught him well, and he knows that he was wrong. Haven’t you come over to apologize to me?”

While talking, Zahir hurriedly pushed Luca, and said in a low voice, “Get up and apologize for me. The success or failure of our Chu family today is up to you!”

Luca looked reluctant, he glanced at his father, somewhat resisted, turned his head slightly, and said nothing.

You know, a few hours ago, the person in front of him was still being ridiculed by himself. How much effort did it take to let himself apologize to him? Luca felt a little uncomfortable.

Moreover, Luca is extremely fancy-minded for anyone present who doesn’t know him. Of course, it is very clear that if he apologizes to Ethan and is softened, the next day he will become the talking point and laughing stock of the whole Buckeye.

Of course Luca didn’t want to do this. He came here today and he has given his father a lot of face.

“Hey, it turns out that this is how President Chu came to apologize?” Ethan couldn’t help but sneered when he saw Luca’s sluggishness, “Then I see, this apologize, it doesn’t matter!”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Zahir immediately became nervous, obviously he knew that Ethan was already angry.

If I brought Luca over, not only failed to apologize to others, but also made the other party’s heart more troubled, it would be better to come.

Zahir hurriedly said, “No, no, it’s not Ethan, Luca, he… he hurt his foot and has some mobility problems, so…”

“Oh, it’s not easy to move, right? Then you go back and cultivate, what are you doing here?” Ethan smiled.

Ethan’s words made Zahir’s face flushed again. He couldn’t bear the humiliation. He hurriedly pushed Luca and whispered, “You are so deaf, you? Hurry up, get me up. , Go and apologize to him!”

Luca still looked reluctant, turned his head and stared at Zahir fiercely, hesitated for a moment, and finally reluctantly struggled to stand up.

“Chu…” Seeing this, Sun who was following hurried up to help, but was pushed aside by Luca.

“Get out of here!”

Sun talked helplessly, and had to obediently flash aside.

At this time, all eyes in the meeting room fell on Luca, and people were whispering from time to time.

Luca’s face flushed and looked very uncomfortable.

“Young Master Chu, don’t come here unscathed?” Ethan said lightly, “Unexpectedly, if you haven’t seen you for a few hours, you are still injured? Hey, yes, I remember, you didn’t believe me before, I can kick your Chu family out of the south of the city. For the project, what, do you have anything else to say now?”

Luca clasped his hands tightly, lowered his head and said nothing.

Ethan continued, “Young Master Chu, don’t say anything? Aren’t you very proud before?”

“Ah, Young Master Ethan, it’s all this kid who is arrogant and ignorant. Don’t be familiar with him. If I don’t bring him here, I just asked him to come and apologize to you. Please calm down.”

While talking, Zahir hurriedly reached out to hold Luca’s head and scolded, “Dog stuff, what are you doing in a daze? Hurry up and apologize to Ethan?”

Luca still resisted a bit, but was still pressed abruptly.

“Speak? I’m sorry!” Zahir scolded loudly, “Hurry up and speak to me!”

Zahir was obviously very angry, because he knew very well that Ethan’s attitude today would directly affect the success or failure of their Chu family. Of course, he didn’t care about his son’s poor face.

Luca was puffed up, and gritted his teeth for a long time before squeezing a word from his teeth: “Yes… I’m sorry…”

“What did you say?” Ethan asked with a blank face, “I’m sorry, your voice is too small, I can’t hear it.”

“You are…” When Luca heard Ethan’s words, he almost cursed, staring at Ethan with fire, his whole body almost exploding.

Ethan was still expressionless, looking at Luca calmly, and said, “I said I can’t hear you. If you just apologize like this, I’m sorry, I think you should please come back. I can’t accept this kind of apology. I dare not accept it!”

Upon hearing this, Zahir immediately became nervous.

He was afraid that Ethan would start to drive them away, so that their Chu family would really be over.

In a hurry, Zahir kicked the back part of Luca’s leg. Luca screamed. He couldn’t stand still and fell straight forward, kneeling directly in front of Ethan.

Luca was dumbfounded by this kneeling. He seemed to have forgotten the pain. He looked back at his father blankly and said, “Dad, you…”

“What are you?” Zahir hurriedly shouted, “When are you still talking nonsense, do you think you are for yourself now? You are for the whole Chu family, understand? The Chu family is over, you are also over, yes The Chu family is here. You still dare to bite your teeth and clen your fists. When the Chu family is gone, you are a dog. Who cares about your feelings? You don’t understand this?”

As soon as Zahir said this, Luca certainly woke up.

Indeed, the arrogance in the past, the publicity in the past, and the recklessness in the past are because of a powerful Chu family behind him. But if the Chu Family is gone, what arrogant capital does he have?

Thinking of this, Luca stared at his father, and suddenly slammed his head on the ground…


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