I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 406

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 406

Chapter 406

“Young Master Ethaan! I was wrong!” Luca’s voice was loud, and everyone in the conference room could hear it clearly.

And he knocked his head on the ground and didn’t lift it for a long time. He still said loudly, “Young Master Ethan, I was wrong. Young Master Ethan, I was wrong…”

After a full few minutes, Luca’s voice began to hoarse, Zahir really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he hurriedly stepped forward and pleaded: “Young Master Ethan, you…look at this, if this happens again If you continue to shout, Luca’s voice is gone. If you show kindness, forgive him this time. I beg you…”

Ethan looked down at the Chu family father and son, without a trace of sympathy.

This is all their self-conceit, and Ethan has no sympathy for them.

Don’t you Luca feel that you can be lawless by relying on the Chu Family? Then I will let you know today, what is meant by someone outside of heaven.

Ethan also knew that with today’s events, it is estimated that Luca should also increase his memory.

He sighed faintly, and said, “Well, today teach you a lesson, Young Master Chu, I hope you can constrain a little in the future, don’t be so arrogant anymore, do you think you are so arrogant, what has brought you? ?”

Hearing Ethan let go, Zahir hurriedly went to help Luca and thanked Ethan.

“Thank you Ethan Norman, Ethan Norman… Son, thank Ethan Norman…”

Facing his father’s words, Luca was indifferent. Although he confessed, he still hated Ethan in his heart.

He has let himself be humiliated, so he should thank him? dream!

Putting Luca into the wheelchair again, Zahir finally showed a trace of calmness on his face.

Because in his opinion, now that Ethan said that he forgave Luca, the matter of being kicked out of the Chengnan project, it is estimated that he can be discussed again.

If you fail the review, you just have to fight for it. It’s really not good. It’s okay to let some profit out.

Thinking of this, Zahir showed a chuckle at the corner of his mouth, patted Luca on the shoulder, and said, “Son, you have lost your merits today, but you have helped the Chu family a lot…”

After speaking, Zahir hurriedly turned his head back and flattered Ethan with a smile on his face, and said: “Mr. Ethan, you really have a lot of adults, you can forgive Luca, I thank you for him, thank you so much… …”

Zahir suddenly raised his head, put his smile away a bit, and continued with a cautious look: “Mr. Ethan, since you have forgiven Luca, look at our Chu Group’s project in the south of the city… is it possible? Continue to participate?”

As soon as Zahir finished speaking, the entire conference room was silent again. Everyone looked at Zahir and Ethan without breathing. Every face was full of questions.

Ethan frowned slightly when he heard Zahir’s words, and raised his eyebrows to look at Zahir, “What…what did you say? Are you going to re-enter the Chengnan project?”

“Yes, yeah, I know that the Chengnan project is your painstaking effort, Mr. Ethan. To make up for my fault, I also want to give you strength, right?”

Hearing this, Ethan suddenly chuckles: do your best… President Chu, you really know how to talk, should I also thank you for this sentence to President Chu?”

There was something in Ethan’s words, and it seemed that there was a needle in the cotton, which made Zahir a little nervous immediately, put a smile away and said: “Yes…I want to help you, Mr. Ethan, you have forgiven Luca, then our Chu family, I can return to the Seongnam project…”

“Shit logic!” Before Zahir finished speaking, he was interrupted by Ethan, “Mr. Chu, what do you think? You can speak such words? Why did Luca apologize to me? Can your Chu family return to the Chengnan project?”

“But… but you kicked our Chu family out of the Chengnan project, wasn’t it because Luca convicted you? Now…”

President Chu, I think you have been in shopping malls for so many years, why are you so innocent?” Ethan sighed and said, “Indeed, you kicked your Chu family out of the Chengnan project because Luca offended him. Me, don’t you think that if he apologizes to me, I have to let your Chu family return to the Chengnan project? What is your logic?”

Ethan looked a little angry, glanced at Dave, and continued: “The Chengnan project is a commercial project that I invest in. I hope President Chu and everyone here can understand that you can enter the Chengnan project company, not because Whether someone is in a relationship or not! It’s not because of my Ethan’s good or bad mood, but whether you really have the strength to participate in the project and successfully create your own work!”

“If your company doesn’t even have the ability to complete the most basic projects, then what do I want your company to do to participate in the project? Could it be that one day after the Chengnan project was completed, two buildings suddenly collapsed and suddenly a fire broke out? A building, is this great? Is this the purpose of your participation in the project?”

As soon as Ethan finished speaking, everyone present bowed their heads.

They certainly understand that Ethan’s words are in their arms, and they are talking about them.

Among the people present, a large part of them have no engineering qualifications at all, and some are even some leather bag companies. They mixed into the Chengnan project just to wipe away their own oil and water.

Ethan didn’t understand these things in the past, if they really did that, he couldn’t help it.

But the coincidence of coincidence in Luca gave Ethan a wake-up call.

Ethan began to pay attention to this problem, and in just one afternoon, he directly uncovered so many unqualified companies that participated in the project.

Ethan has made up his mind, he must deal with this matter seriously, because this matter is a standard and a bottom line for him in the future. Who dared to touch this bottom line, then wait to meet his own anger.

Ethan finally set his gaze on Zahir again, and couldn’t help but smile wryly: “Mr. Chu, I have already said this. Excuse me, you have to ask me if you can return to the south of the city. Is there a project?”

Zahir flushed with Ethan’s words.

He came full of joy, thinking that he would apologize to Ethan and he would be able to return to the Chengnan project smoothly, and his family would be able to live their lives again.

But Zahir only realized at this time that he thought too much, and he thought all of this too simple.

This is equivalent to putting a hot face on a cold ass.

They had never thought about returning to the Chengnan project, and Ethan seems to have been determined to make his own affairs typical.

“But… but Mr. Ethan, our Chu family has already smashed all our lives for the Chengnan project. If you kick us out now, our Chu family will be finished!”


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