I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 407

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 407

Chapter 407

“Young Master Ethan, just as I beg you, even if you help us, if you don’t let us return to the Chengnan project today, then the Chu family will go bankrupt. By then, there will be dozens of people in my Chu family. I’m going to be reduced to the streets and become a bereaved dog…”

By now, the only thing Zahir could play with Ethan was the painful card.

He hoped that Ethan could sympathize with him a little bit, even if he only gave himself a small opportunity to give the Chu family a chance to survive it?

“Young Master Ethan, I assure you that as long as you can help me through the difficulties in front of me, my Chu family will be your dog from now on. Whatever you say is what you say…”

Zahir’s words are very important, because there are other people in this conference room, so you don’t need to think about it. As soon as he says this, the whole Buckeye will know it the next day.

At that time, the Chu family would definitely become the laughing stock of the whole Buckeye.

But now that Zahir has no choice, what’s the use of reputation? What he wanted was for the Chu family to survive.

As long as the Chu family can survive, he will do everything willingly.

Zahir is desperate. If Ethan is determined not to let him and the Chu family go, then he will lose everything from now on.

Zahir looked at Ethan nervously, sweat on the palms of his nervous hands.

But Ethan remained indifferent.

This young man who had been kind-hearted not long ago seemed to be a different person at this time, he became extremely firm, even cold-blooded.

“Let’s go.” Ethan said lightly, “I can tell you that, from now on, the Chu family will not participate in any of my projects. As for the life and death of your Chu family, it has nothing to do with me! “

Ethan said this coldly, and the moment he said it, Zahir was completely stunned as if he had been struck by lightning.

It’s over, this time I’m really completely finished.

Zahir’s old tears were almost about to shed. It took a long time before he withdrew his sluggish gaze. His eyes were full of resentment and looked at Ethan: “Are you…are you sure you want to be so right? Are you sure to tell me Chu Can’t save the family?”

Ethan did not change his face, calmly, and uttered a few words softly: “I said your life and death. What to do with me?”

Ethan certainly did not have any problems doing this.

Originally, the life and death of your Chu family had nothing to do with me, and your Chu family’s fate today is entirely thanks to your father and son.

It was you who offended me first. You first wanted to squeeze the oil from me. As a result, the oil and water can’t be squeezed out, but it seems like I owe you what you want. Is there such logic in the world?

If it were placed a few months ago, Ethan might really let go of them Chu family father and son.

But now, Ethan won’t.

At this moment, Ethan is more and more aware of what he should do and how to do things.

Perhaps Ethan should have moved a heart of compassion, so that at least the Chu family would not end so miserably.

But then, it was Ethan himself, his Chengnan project, and his subordinates who were finally pitted.

If Ethan chooses to let go of the Chu family today, the prestige that he had built up in front of these people in an afternoon would be gone.

And these people will still treat themselves as a child, not only will they not respect you, but will laugh at you and count you secretly.

And today, the more ferocious Ethan behaves in front of these people, the more he can deter these people, and the more these people fear him.

From now on, Ethan believed that no one would dare to touch his bottom line.

Ethan finally glanced at Maggie quietly and nodded slightly.

Because of all this, Maggie actually told herself, and Ethan herself was just a student who was studying and selling now.

It was just Ethan’s performance that really made Maggie feel surprised and relieved.

“You…you…” At this moment, Zahir’s grief and indignant voice suddenly interrupted Ethan’s thoughts. He stared at Ethan fiercely, as if seeing an enemy, “You are trying to kill Ethan on purpose. My Chu family, right? All of this was done deliberately. You just wanted to kill my Chu family…”

Ethan turned his head and glanced at Zahir: “If you think so, then so be it. Now I have given you all the answers you want, please leave!”

Ethan issued the chase order, and several brawny men in black behind Maggie walked over immediately.

Without these people driving away, even if they were standing there, it was enough to deter the Chu family father and son from leaving.

Luca also stared at Ethan fiercely, gritted his teeth, and said, “Hmph, I knew it was this kind of ending, is really ridiculous, I want to apologize to you? I really feel sick…”

“I advise you not to be too proud, because I don’t think you will be proud for long. For 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, your retribution will come sooner or later!” Luca said coldly, “And you will remember it for me. , I, Luca, remembered you today, you better not give me a chance to make a comeback, otherwise, I promise to let you die!”

Luca’s threat at this time was too weak.

Ethan certainly knew that as long as the Chu family did not return to the Chengnan project, they would be crushed to death by funds and debts.

What did he Luca use to avenge himself?

During this period, Ethan has become more and more aware of a truth, in this world, if you always stand on the top, no one can help you.

Ethan even thinks this is a wise saying.

But what he didn’t expect after all was that he was wrong, and he was so wrong, he would even pay a painful price for his wrong conclusion.

Ethan didn’t even think that Luca, who seemed to be unable to stand up anymore, would one day cause such a big trouble to himself.

The Chu family and his son left, one sitting in a wheelchair, and the other lonely pushed behind.

Sun wanted to step forward to help, but was fisted by Luca, who was furious and frustrated.

“Damn, you get out of the way, it’s all your bad idea, are you satisfied now? I wonder now that you are in the same group with them…”

Hearing this, Sun shook his head repeatedly: “Young Master Chu, how is this possible? I have worked in our Chu family for so many years, how can I eat inside and out? I made this idea for the sake of the Chu family, and really want to act for Chu. Always solve the problem!”

“Sneer, solve the problem?” Suddenly Zahir spoke. He sneered at Sun and said with an irritation, “You see your idea, is the problem solved now? Not only the problem is not solved now. Instead, the Chu family has become the laughingstock of the whole Buckeye. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Go ahead, the Chu family no longer needs you!”


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