I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 408

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 408

Chapter 408

“Mr. Chu…” Sun had to say something, but the Chu family father and son had already left in disgrace.

Sun sighed heavily, his face looked helpless, and his heart felt even more uncomfortable.

After so many years in the Chu family’s saddle, he was kicked away after all!

And he found that he was here, obviously meaningless, instead of that, it was better to leave.

On the other side, the Chu family father and son were extremely depressed at this time. On the way home, the two of them didn’t even say a word.

Now the Chu Family is really over, it’s completely over. From Luca or Zahir’s point of view, this is a matter of course.

When Zahir returned home, he first gave a simple estimate of the company’s fixed assets, and apparently planned to sell the assets to repay the debt.

Although the Chu family has made a lot of money over the years, after all, they are still making money while expanding the scale of the company. So the final result is that the company is very large, but it actually has more debt.

The Chu family simply owed the bank all kinds of eye-catching loans, large and small, not less than tens of ratios, and the total amount was as much as hundreds of millions.

Usually the Chu family’s capital chain is not broken. You can demolish the east wall to make up the west wall and move back and forth, so that the Chu Family’s books always maintain a balance.

But this time not only the funding chain was broken, and it won’t be long before the various creditors of the Chu family would soon come to collect their debts.

At this time, the Chu Family seemed calm, but this situation would not last long. Zahir knew this better than anyone else.

So what he thinks now is how to minimize the Chu Family’s losses as much as possible.

But when he just thought of this, the company called and said that now the major banks had come to collect debts, and asked him to go there quickly.

Zahir had no choice but to go to the company.

It’s just that as soon as he entered the company’s conference room, he was surrounded by a bunch of people.

These people are either the bank’s credit officer or the big creditor of the Chu family. When they saw Zahir, they started asking for money without saying anything.

Tens of millions more, and millions less, Zahir, even the hen who laid the golden eggs, couldn’t make so much money at once.

He said, he finally sent these people away, and the whole person seemed to be collapsed. He sat down on the chair, tired and out of breath.

At this time, Zahir almost felt unprecedented despair.

His chest seemed to be crushed by a boulder, and he couldn’t breathe at all.

“What should I do…what am I going to do…” Zahir muttered to himself, tears rolling in his eyes.

Now he really has no choice.

But at this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly opened.

Zahir didn’t even look at it, so he shouted, “Did I tell you to come in? Get out immediately!”

If it was normal, I yelled over, I guess the person entering the door would have ran away dingy, this time, instead of leaving, the person walked towards him instead.

This made Zahir wonder, and quickly raised his head to look around, and then the whole person couldn’t help being stunned.

“Xu… Young Master Xu?” Zahir stammered at the people coming, his chin almost falling to the ground, “You… why… why are you here? Our Chu family seems to be the same as the Xu family. There is no debt dispute, right?”

The visitor Xu Tianlin, he swaggered into the door, drew himself, and sat opposite Zahir.

Obviously, on this occasion, when I suddenly saw Xu Tianlin, the first thought that came out of Zahir’s mind was that the other party was also here to collect debts.

It’s just that he knows very well that he and the Xu family have no commercial cooperation at all, let alone capital exchanges.

Zahir became more curious and wanted to know what this person wanted to do when he suddenly appeared

Xu Tianlin was dressed in a navy blue suit and combed with oily hair. He smiled at Zahir and said, “Mr. Chu, it’s not like that. As soon as Xu Tianlin enters the door, you will order to evict guests?”

Zahir squeezed out a smile: “No, no, how dare I, I just thought my staff came in without knocking on the door, don’t mind Xu .”

Xu Tianlin smiled when he heard the words, played with the emerald ring in his hand, and said lightly: “I think Chu always seems a little unhappy? Isn’t it, what’s upsetting?”

Zahir believed that Xu Tianlin must know about the bankruptcy of his family.

It’s just that since he knows, he still asks, what does that mean? Moreover, Zahir still hasn’t figured out why Xu Tianlin suddenly came to his company at this critical time.

Zahir thought a little, sighed, and smiled bitterly, “I think you already know about our Chu family than Harry xu? Don’t make fun of me. My Chu family…hey, I’m sorry for this disaster!”

“Hahaha…” Xu Tianlin laughed suddenly and said, “Chu, you are too pessimistic, right? Where is this? Are you ready to disarm and surrender? Back then, you were also a part of Buckeye. , How come you get old and become a soft persimmon?”

Zahir smiled bitterly: “Soft persimmons? How could I not grow soft persimmons? Now my Chu family has reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted. The creditors have just left, I don’t know now, how to respond to them tomorrow, hey, I really can’t do anything now.”

Zahir sighed, and his whole body was weakly slumped in the chair.

Only when Xu Tianlin heard the words, he sneered, and then patted Zahir on the shoulder again: “Mr. Chu, cheer up, you have not reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted yet, otherwise, you think I am here to For what?”

As soon as Xu Tianlin said these words, Zahir seemed to be beaten up with chicken blood, i jumped up from the chair, and looked at Xu Tianlin with a shocked look on his face: ” what do you mean by this? I…how am I somewhat Don’t understand?”

Xu Tianlin smiled: “The meaning is very simple, don’t you, President Chu, are short of working capital now? I can give it to you. After all, we are all Buckeye colleagues.”

Zahir was a little suspicious. He had been in the mall for so many years, but he never believed in the pie in the sky.

“Xu Tianlin is joking? I’m already burnt out now, so please don’t let Xu Tianlin take me off.” Zahir curled his lips.

don’t you believe it, President Chu? I’m here to help you. Could it be possible that President Chu made me put a cold *ss on my hot face?”

“It’s not Old Chu. I don’t believe in Xu Tianlin. It’s just that this incident is too sudden, and no one will believe it. What’s more…” Zahir approached Xu Tianlin and asked in a low voice. “Not to mention, I want to know, how much can Xu Tianlin lend me?”


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