I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 409

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 409

Chapter 409

Zahir smiled: “If Xu Tianlin, you say hundreds of thousands of millions, then forget it. You probably know that this matter is just a drop in the bucket for my current situation. And if Xu What purpose did you come with? Then I advise you to think clearly, because now I, Zahir, will soon have nothing, so I am not afraid of anything anymore, but if anyone wants to trample on my dignity, then Sorry, I, Zahir, would rather have a dead fish!”

Zahir obviously felt that Xu Tianlin’s sudden appearance must be based on some bad purpose.

And if he really wants to play yin, he wants to take advantage of the fire, then he would rather give it up.

Only when he said this, Xu Tianlin burst into laughter.

“Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, you are really an old fox. When have you been so cautious?” Xu Tianlin smiled and said, “To be honest, I am here today. I definitely don’t have any unspeakable thoughts. , The reason why I came to you today is to help you tide over the difficulties.”

“Aren’t you short of money?” Xu Tianlin said slightly, “One hundred million, is that enough?”

“More…how much?” Obviously, the number Xu Tianlin uttered casually made Zahir a little too scared to react.

He didn’t understand what Xu Tianlin meant.

“You…what do you mean? How many shares do you want in my Chu Group?” Zahir said nervously.

Of course, it was easy for Zahir to think that if Xu Tianlin wanted to give himself 100 million, he would come with the shares of the Chu Group.

And to be honest, for this one hundred million, if he wants more than half of the shares of the Chu Group now, Zahir has nothing to say.

But Xu Tianlin still shook his head and smiled: “I don’t want your share of a penny, my 100 million is purely lent to you!”

“Lent me? So… how much interest is that?”

“Don’t even pay a penny of interest!” Xu Tianlin said with a smile.

“I don’t want a penny of interest?” Zahir was completely blinded. He didn’t understand what kind of medicine this guy was selling in the gourd.

“Then what do you want? You can’t help me for nothing, can you? You always have to order something, right?”

Xu Tianlin shook his head, “Why do I have to map something? To be honest, I don’t want anything. This one hundred million is all lent to you, and if one hundred million is not enough, I will lend you again!”

Is this guy crazy?

Zahir was almost nervous at this time. He really couldn’t figure out what Xu Tianlin wanted to do.

Xu Tianlin is not a philanthropist. He wants to contribute money to help Zahir. Of course, he won’t have a little purpose.

He finally smiled, and continued to say to Zahir: “Actually, I am not a bit of a failure. I lent Mr. Chu money to let you through this difficult situation. I just hope you can do me a favor! “

Sure enough, he still came with some purpose, so that Zahir still felt a little in his heart.

“Then tell me, as long as you don’t kill or break the law, I can consider it!”

” is certainly not illegal, and I guess if President Chu listens to what I have said, he will be very happy to help me!”

“Then…what the hell is that?” Zahir asked.

Xu Tianlin mysteriously leaned to Zahir’s ear and whispered: “It’s very simple, help me kill the Chengnan project!”

“What?” Zahir was surprised when he heard the words, he scratched his head, “This…how can I do this? You don’t know, now I have been kicked out of the Chengnan project, and the Chengnan project But there are dozens of billion-dollar projects, and there are dozens of engineering companies designed. Even if I want to kill it, I have no intentions.”

Obviously Xu Tianlin had already thought of Zahir’s remarks.

He smiled mysteriously: “You don’t need to worry about it. Don’t worry. I’ll let you know what to do. The Chengnan project is a big project. If I destroy him, of course it is also a big project. So Chu You are only one of the links, President Chu will only need to follow my instructions when the time comes.”

Xu Tianlin continued: “That kid Ethan almost broke President Chu’s family. He is already your big enemy, so I think, no matter whether my plan is successful or not, President Chu will be happy to participate, right? “

Zahir frowned. Xu Tianlin’s words were indeed correct.

Now he can’t wait to cramp Ethan, if he can take the opportunity to kill him, of course it would be the best.

But of course, Zahir knew that there were still great risks.

If it succeeds, then it is naturally good. Maybe he can still make a fortune, but if he fails, then he is really dead.

You know, he can still live here now, but if he fails, he will wait to be killed. A big project of billions of dollars is almost ashamed by you. Even if Ethan has a good personality, I will never let myself go.

What’s more, Xu Tianlin is just the son of the Xu family, not the patriarch of the Xu family. Can he really believe his words?

As far as the little resource he could mobilize, it was obviously not enough in front of Ethan.

If you follow him to play with fire, you are waiting for work.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open from the outside, and a voice came in from outside.

“Dad, when is this? Are you still hesitating? If you hesitate, our Chu family will really die!”

The visitor was Luca. After Zahir left home, he hurriedly followed him, and then he heard the conversation between Zahir and Xu Tianlin just outside the door.

At this time, his father was still hesitating, and Luca couldn’t stand it anymore, so he broke in.

He pushed the wheelchair to Zahir by himself, gritted his teeth and said: “Dad, anyway, we are all dead ends. Instead of that, we should fight with that bastard. Didn’t I say that for thirty years in Hedong? look at it. Sooner or later, I will definitely let this bastard kneel at my feet and beg for mercy!”

When Luca spoke, it was more like swearing. In the bottom of his heart, he vowed to fight Ethan.

Originally, Luca thought that this might be just an unattainable dream for himself, but now it seems that he really hopes to achieve it.

“Papa……” Xu Tianlin applauded suddenly and laughed. “Young Master Chu said it well. This is called courage. Of course, you must distinguish between gratitude and grievances. You respect me and I will respect you. but if you break my finger, then I will let you pay for it!”

“Yeah, dad, don’t hesitate, do it, we are all bullied by Faith, what are you still thinking about?” Luca said.


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