I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 413

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 413

Chapter 413:

“What the hell is going on, talk about it!” Maggie asked.

“We sent to monitor the brother of the “Invisible Man,” and all of them were murdered! “The other end of the phone said eagerly, “Moreover, the other party’s attack was very ruthless, and he didn’t show any mercy.”

Maggie was stunned when she heard the words, her brows furrowed, and it took a while before she came back to her senses, and asked, “Everyone…”

“It’s all, Miss Maggie,” said over the phone.

Maggie sighed, “Double the pension for them. You can handle this. Besides, is that person still within our sight?”

“Lost!” The other party replied very simply, “However, those brothers finally sent us a useful item, I will pass it to you…”

Soon, Maggie’s phone rang, she answered, ended the call, and then opened the file that the other party had passed to her.

“MR. Norman , the first step of the plan is almost done, can we proceed to the second step…”

Maggie was stunned when she heard the news suddenly.

“MR. Norman ?” She froze a little, then frowned, as if she was thinking about something, and murmured in her mouth, “MR. Norman …MR. Norman …

After a long time, Maggie seemed to recover, frowning, and muttering to herself, “It seems that it is…”

After a moment of silence, Maggie hurriedly started the car and headed towards the city of Buckeye.

As soon as she returned to her company headquarters, Maggie hurriedly summoned all her staff.

Not long after, the darkness was crushed, and a hundred or so black-clothed youths filled a large room of the company.

Maggie’s face was gloomy and she said loudly, “First of all, I want to say one thing, and that is unfortunate. Today, some of our brothers were taken over. I will take care of the aftermath of some of them personally. Please rest assured. No. Two things, I told everyone that I must be careful in the future. This time, it is also a bloody lesson for us.”

As soon as Maggie finished speaking, a voice came from the next: “Miss Maggie, is that so? You have to let us know who killed our brother, and you have to tell us who should we revenge? “

Maggie glanced at that person. She still remembered that Zaid was the person she sent to investigate at the beginning, and the few people she caught up with were also his subordinates.

Maggie sighed, “I understand your feelings, but for now, I advise everyone not to think about revenge, because the other party is far more powerful than you think, so it is very possible for you to take revenge. Just to die.”

“So, your first task now is to find him again and stare at this person. As for when to deal with him in the end, I will inform you.”

After speaking, Maggie turned and left.

As soon as he walked out of the house, the whole room was about to explode.

“Why not take revenge? Is it possible that so many of us are afraid that he will not succeed? What is wrong with Miss Maggie? Afraid? Persuaded?”

, they are all brothers who grew up together, so why can’t they take revenge? If this is normal, I would naturally follow Miss Maggie’s words, but today’s order…I, I can’t listen…”

“No, I have to find a way to inform MR. Norman about this matter. Everyone is his, She must have been counseled to prevent us from taking revenge! It must be…”

In the corridor outside, Maggie could of course hear these people’s discussions clearly, but she could do nothing but sigh.

But soon, Maggie heard a sound of smashing things from the room, which really made her a little unhappy.

Maggie turned around, kicked the door fiercely, and the room became quiet again.

“What do you want to do?” Maggie scolded.

Among the crowd, a strong man with a head and feet of two meters stood up and said disdainfully: “Nothing, Miss Maggie, we are soldiers raised by MR. Norman . You must be clear. We listen to MR. Norman , no Listen to you, if you are persuaded and don’t want to avenge our brothers, you can just say, let’s go back and ask MR. Norman for instructions!”

Maggie looked at the man and said coldly, “Then if I disagree with you, go and ask MR. Norman for advice?”

The strong man snorted disdainfully: “You can try, don’t think you were raised by MR. Norman , we will be afraid of you, hum, we are also raised by MR. Norman , we listen to your dispatch, then It’s because of MR. Norman ‘s order, you’d better not take chicken feathers as orders…”

Before the strong man finished speaking, he saw Maggie rushing towards him fiercely.

Upon seeing this, the strong man didn’t feel nervous at all, but smiled disdainfully.

He is a two-meter big man, and he has undergone special training since he was a child. He usually fights a dozen or so, and he doesn’t even pant. There is only Maggie. He really hasn’t taken it to heart.

After all, Maggie seemed to weigh less than a hundred catties, and she was three times her weight. Just letting her small man punch herself in vain, it is estimated that the effect would be similar to tickle.

With a dismissive look, the brawny man stood there, curled his mouth, wanting to see what Maggie could do to herself.

At this time, the hundred and tenth person present also looked at this side with ease and affection.

Someone couldn’t help showing a look of mockery: “Ho ho, overpowering, King Kong is one of the best in our “Thunder Team”, who does she think she is? Ridiculous!”

“And, who do you really think of yourself? We were brought out by MR. Norman , and because of her little three-legged cat, we want to challenge King Kong?”

“Don’t be afraid of death, come here, I will see if she is repaired by King Kong, what face will she have to care about us, then see what she has to say!”

The whole scene was full of turmoil, and it was all talk.

Of course, one of these people thinks that Maggie is asking for trouble if she takes the initiative to provoke the brawny King Kong.

You know, these people are orphans whom Eric Norman has adopted from various places since childhood, and these people are overseas, but they have received rigorous and hard training.

Eric Norman personally named them Lei Group, which means that they act vigorously and swiftly.

If there are too many, these people just pick one out and beat a few boxers.

But Maggie, who never showed signs of dew, seemed to them not enough.

And this is the reason why people like them must have revenge. In fact, these people are very arrogant. Their people are killed. Of course, it is equivalent to beating them in the face. They naturally want to take this face. , Fight back again.


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