I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 414

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 414

Chapter 414

Of course, Maggie knew this too, so she would directly choose to act on these people.

These people only obeyed Eric Norman, and now their people have been killed, and their hearts are filled with fire.

In addition, they usually have opinions about themselves, and today they all broke out.

Maggie understands that if she can’t hold these people down today, then the hundreds of people who look back will turn into wild horses that are out of control.

Until then, it will be the most terrifying. These people will not only destroy the situation they have worked so hard, but also destroy the situation that Eric Norman has laid out for so many years.

Twenty years ago, Eric Norman adopted these people and formed the Lei Group. The purpose is that one day these people can be used by them, but Eric Norman absolutely does not want to see that these people will eventually add chaos to him.

At this moment, Maggie had already rushed to the front of the strong King Kong. Her eyes were sharp and her movements were as agile as a civet cat. The chill in her eyes was like a thousand years of frost.

But the brawny King Kong still disagreed. He hadn’t seen Maggie’s skill before, and he didn’t believe that Maggie could pose too much threat to him, and he didn’t even bother to move.

With a height of two meters and a weight of 300 kilograms, even standing here, Maggie couldn’t possibly have won her.

But he was wrong!


Maggie rushed to him, suddenly stopped her speed, and then jumped off guard, jumped directly behind the brawny King Kong, and then jumped up, holding King Kong’s big head with both hands, and suddenly from behind, directly took the brawny King Kong directly. The back fell over.

At first, King Kong was a little surprised at Maggie’s speed, but he still despised a little in his heart.

Then he felt that he was stuck in his throat, and hurriedly wanted to break Maggie’s hands.

But all this seems to be a bit late and a bit futile.

With a fierce force, Maggie knocked King Kong down in an instant, and then with that sub-power, directly threw the big figure of more than 300 kilograms out.

“Boom…” King Kong flew out two meters away and slammed it heavily on a table. The solid wood desk instantly fell apart like paper.

King Kong also fell hard, and groaned softly, before he rolled and sprang up.

It’s just that at this moment, he can no longer see the contempt for Maggie, but is full of fear and shock.

“I rely on…Is this really a human?” A burst of exclamation suddenly erupted from the crowd of Baishilai.

“Fall… I threw King Kong? What the hell does this woman do? Too ruthless, right?”

“This, this is incredible, how could it be so strong? This is King Kong, this guy is more than 300 catties, and she is a weak woman who is less than 100 catties. How can she fall and throw him so far? It’s so dreamy…”

The last sentence of that person almost represented the aspirations of all the Lei group people present.

Of course they couldn’t believe that Maggie actually overturned King Kong, and it seemed that she didn’t have any strenuous posture.

If this is Maggie’s true strength, then it is indeed a bit sensational.

Moreover, with Maggie’s strength, it seemed that the few people in their Lei group were all relaxed.

“How about it, does anyone want to say anything?” Maggie tidied up her suit, and looked at everyone present indifferently, with a bit of decisiveness in her eyes.

At this time, no one dared to say anything. Although these people were still a little unconvinced, they were convinced of the patience Maggie had just shown.

As far as Maggie’s strength is concerned, leading these people is naturally more than enough.

But what Maggie said next was even more surprised by everyone present.

“Do you think that my strength is already very strong?” Maggie smiled bitterly, “But what I want to tell you is that the person you want to revenge should not be below me, and may be even higher. For one thing, do you think you have the strength for revenge?”

As soon as Maggie said this, everyone present was in an uproar.

“Wh…what? Better than Miss Maggie? Then how bad is this person?”

“Really? It’s not that Miss Maggie is fooling everyone? Who can be better than Miss Maggie?”

“I don’t believe it, this… is incredible, how could it be better than Miss Maggie? I think she is already a top martial artist, right?”

There was another hot discussion in the crowd. Everyone looked at Maggie incredulously. Of course, they didn’t want to believe that the person who killed their brother was such a strong one. Then their dream of revenge is not necessary Soaked?

“Believe it or not!” Maggie turned to leave, “but I want to tell you, here, I represent MR. Norman , if any of you dare to provoke me, then don’t blame me for being polite!”

This is Maggie’s solemn warning to these people.

She must find a way to regain control of these people.

But Maggie just started to take a step, but suddenly there was a sigh of relief not far away: “Wait, I’m not convinced!”

Maggie heard the sound, turned her head and looked at it, and saw that the brawny King Kong had gotten up from the ground and pulled off her suit, revealing the muscles of her upper body like an iron block.

If it were an ordinary person, seeing such a strong muscular man, it would have been scared to avoid it, but Maggie disapproved.

She smiled and thought: It seems that she still hasn’t completely conquered these people. Instead of this, let’s do it again. Only by letting them see the gap with them thoroughly can they completely Conquer them and let them obey their own words.

“Do you want to do it again?” Maggie asked with a scornful smile at the corner of her mouth.

The anger on King Kong’s face was boiling, and he gritted his teeth and looked at Maggie, and roared: “Just now it doesn’t count. You did it when I was unprepared. If you have the courage, let’s fight again. If you can beat me this time, then I, and my brothers, will look forward to you from now on!”

King Kong looked around and looked at everyone present.

Most of the people present also nodded.

In fact, these people were a little unwilling to accept what happened just now. After all, King Kong didn’t do anything just now, but was attacked by Maggie around the back and was thrown down.

This seems to only prove that Maggie’s speed is very fast and her strength is amazing, but it does not represent her strength.

Some of them were still resentful in their hearts, and of course they were not reconciled. They have been manipulated by Maggie since then.

That’s why King Kong proposed to try again. Most of the people present still recognized it.

This time, if King Kong had won, then they would still have talks with Maggie.

And if King Kong still lost, then they would be convinced of Maggie.

After all, King Kong is one of the strongest among them. If even King Kong loses, it seems to prove that the difference in strength between them and Maggie is indeed not the slightest.

At that time, they were all convinced.

Some people even yelled: “What’s wrong, Miss Maggie, didn’t you dare to fight? You were pretty good just now? Are you scared?”

“Hey, it’s probably that the sneak attack is very powerful, but the real swords and guns are not able to withstand it? Miss Maggie, in that case, we don’t recognize it. Don’t want us to be convinced!”

“Yes, don’t persuade you, if you win, we will only be your head! But if you lose, then we can only say sorry!”


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