I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 416

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 416

Chapter 416

Obviously, even though Maggie brought King Kong down with the punch just now, she herself suffered a lot of damage.

Maggie glanced at her right hand. At this time, her fingers had exploded in blood and blood leaked out.

Maggie gritted her teeth, struggled to get up, walked behind her desk, pulled out a drawer, and simply wrapped her right hand.

“I tried too hard just now…” Maggie murmured to herself, and smiled bitterly. “But it’s worth it. At least these people won’t cause me trouble anymore.”

Maggie rested for a while, got up and walked to the window, looking at the brightly lit Buckeye outside, her eyes could not help but hesitate.

“Where are you?” Maggie said to herself, “What are you going to do when you come to Buckeye?”

Maggie thought for a while, then took out her mobile phone, put aside the news from her subordinates before, frowning, “First step? Second step? What do you mean? What are you trying to do…”

In Buckeye University, Ethan returned to the school and did not return to the dormitory, but kept wandering downstairs in Linda’s dormitory.

He called Linda before and found out that Linda was not in the dormitory at all. Ethan asked her where she had been, but Linda didn’t say anything. In the words, there seemed to be some hesitation, but he just told himself that he would not return until later .

Ethan thought to himself, he was just waiting when he went back, so it was better to wait downstairs for a while.

Ethan held a gift box in his hand. It contained the Tear of the Sky sapphire pendant he had previously bought in Youyun jewelry store.

Ethan wanted to put this pendant on Linda’s head with his own hands. He also wanted to see how happy Linda would be by then.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind Ethan.

“Ethan? Are you… are you waiting for Linda?”

Hearing this, Ethan quickly turned around and saw Mira looking at herself in surprise.

Ethan smiled and nodded: “Oh, it’s Mira, yes, I’m waiting for Linda, is your injury better?”

Hearing Ethan’s questioning about herself, Mira’s face blushed slightly, and she nodded silently: “It’s better, last time…I really thank you very much, and it has caused you trouble.”

“It’s okay, oh right, didn’t Linda say that you are short of money now? Do you still need it? I’ll pick it up for you later, don’t worry about anything else, let’s talk about it after the current difficulties.” Ethan smiled.

Mira felt warm when she heard the words, but she shook her head: “No, thank you. Now the condition of my border is better, thank you so much, I…”

Mira hesitated, she had better bit her lip and said, “I want to take time to treat you to a meal. Do you think you have time?”

Ethan scratched his head: “Let me see the time, there may be a lot of recent things, I will try my best.”

“Oh, then you should be busy if you have something, and when you are not busy, I will ask you again, I…” Mira said this, and suddenly saw Linda walk back and greeted him with a smile. “Linda, why did you go?”

Linda’s brows were originally frowned, and she looked a little unsettled. Mira called to herself, but she was taken aback.

She slowed down, and then said, “I… I have something wrong. I went out for a while, what’s wrong with Mira?”

Mira ran to Linda’s side and smiled and said, “It’s okay, it’s Ethan here.”

Linda seemed a little nervous when he heard the words, and hurriedly raised his head to look at Ethan. With that expression, he was nervous as if he had some secret and was about to be discovered.

Seeing this, Ethan couldn’t help frowning, and asked, “What’s wrong with you, Linda? You seem to be unwilling, are you sick?

Linda hurriedly shook his head: “No, no…I…I’m just a little uncomfortable, that…Are you okay? If it’s okay, I’ll go upstairs first.”

After speaking, Linda unnaturally put Ethan in place, and hurriedly walked towards the dormitory.

“Linda? What’s wrong with you?” Ethan hurriedly asked.

After all, Linda’s performance is too strange, Ethan has never seen Linda like this in the past.

Obviously, Linda was hiding something from herself, and Ethan was extremely convinced of this.

But Linda still went upstairs without looking back.

Ethan looked at the door of the women’s dormitory with a dazed expression. He did not recover for a long time.

“What’s the matter?” Ethan glanced at the gift box in his palm and muttered to himself.

“Maybe… Maybe Linda is in a simple mood, right?” Mira on the side said.

Ethan shook his head slightly, looked at Mira, and handed over the gift box in his hand: “Mira, do me a favor, and give this to Linda for me, saying that I gave it to her. Besides… …Can you help me pay attention to Linda, what’s wrong with her?”

Mira nodded without thinking, and took the gift box: “Well, when Linda feels better, I will try to ask her, after all, I am her good friend, and I also know what happened to her. .”

After speaking, Mira also walked into the bedroom building.

Ethan raised his head and looked at the window of Linda’s bedroom, his head full of questions, and finally walked away.

Linda went upstairs and shrank directly into her bed. Her expression was sluggish. It was obvious that she had encountered something unhappy.

Linda what’s the matter with you?” As soon as Mira entered the door and saw Linda look like this, she hurriedly moved over, and handed the gift box in front of Linda’s eyes, smiling, “Linda look at this What is it?”

Linda glanced at the gift box in mira’s hand, did not pay too much attention to it, and remained silent and pretentious.

Mira frowned slightly: “This was given to you by Ethan, don’t you want to open it?”

Linda didn’t respond, and Mira sighed, “Hey, let me turn it on for you, how about it? See what good things Ethan gave you!”

Mira wanted to see Linda’s attitude, but Linda didn’t seem to care about anything and didn’t even look at herself.

Mira talked and opened the gift box slightly, her eyes widened suddenly: “Oh my God, Linda, look, it’s so pretty!”

Indeed, Mira was stunned when he first saw the sapphire pendant that looked like a deep sky.

She was almost certain that she had never seen such beautiful jewelry in her entire life.

She couldn’t help being full of envy, and sure enough, Ethan was so caring about Linda that she bought such a beautiful gift.

And as soon as the sapphire pendant came out, Linda’s gaze was involuntarily attracted to him. The moment she saw the pendant, her eyes were a little bit obsessed.

But in an instant, the surprise in her eyes returned to indifference again.

“My God, 1.8 million?” At this moment, Mira shouted again, full of shock.

  1. Eight hundred eighty thousand, just this pendant? You know, if she has so much money, how can she worry about her father’s money for medical treatment.

Mira was full of surprises, but she looked at Linda, even when she heard herself say 1.88 million, she still looked very cold and calm.

When Mira saw this, she couldn’t help being curious, so she hurried over and asked, “Linda, you…what’s wrong with you? You must have something wrong, otherwise you won’t be like this.”

Linda still had a cold face when she heard this. After a while, she slowly said, “Mira, if someone abandoned you in the first place and now appears in front of you again and let you go with him, you will ?”


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