I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 417

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 417

Chapter 417

Mira was taken aback when she heard the words, and she was somewhat stopped.

“What do you mean? Who, who abandoned you? Do you still have a boyfriend before Ethan?” Mira asked a little surprised.

She looked at Linda, obviously already very confused.

Obviously, a person has emotions only if he cares, and if what Linda said just now is true, she used to have a boyfriend who really cared about, and suddenly came back to her one day and asked her to leave…

Thinking of the latter, Mira couldn’t imagine it, because Mira felt that if she kept thinking about it, then Linda’s beautiful image in her mind would be destroyed.

After all, she and Ethan are currently in a passionate love, and now if another ex-boyfriend wants to take her away, those will be too bloody.

Moreover, depending on the situation, Linda seemed to hesitate to show such behavior.

But if she really hesitated, wouldn’t she be too sorry for Ethan?

When Mira thought of this, her attitude instantly cooled down, and she sternly said, “Linda, you want to abandon Ethan, right?”

Linda frowned upon hearing the words, and hurriedly looked at Mira and said, “Mira, what do you think?”

Mira sneered: “Linda, you think too much, right? Your ex-boyfriend came to you? So you want to leave Ethan? Don’t you think you need to do this, so sorry Ethan? ?”

As soon as Mira said what he said, Linda’s face changed immediately, with a speechless expression, and hurriedly said: “Mira, what are you talking about? What ex-boyfriend? Please don’t talk nonsense!”

Mira sneered again: “I’m talking nonsense? isn’t it what U said? Otherwise, why would you have the attitude of Ethan? How could you be like this? Linda, could Ethan pay you back? Isn’t it good enough? Why do you treat him like this?”

Mira spoke to Linda from the bottom of his heart.

It is true that in Mira’s heart, there was such an impulse to Ethan once before.

As a result, now she saw that her best friend had done such a thing to Ethan, and she felt unworthy of Ethan in her heart.

After all, in Mira’s opinion, Ethan has treated you Linda so well. Now that you are facing such a choice, you still hesitate. Is it possible that your conscience has been eaten by the dog?

Mira really wanted to scold this sentence, but at least she took care of her friend’s face.

But what Mira didn’t expect was that when he uttered these words, Linda suddenly sighed, with an embarrassed expression on his face, and said, “Mira, what the hell are you? I have an ex-boyfriend for what? What do I have? Ex-boyfriend, I…I told you that, not because of…”

Linda didn’t know how to explain it for a while, and finally simply said: “Hey, forget it, I’ll tell you the truth, I… the person I’m talking about is not an ex-boyfriend, but my dad.”

“Your father?” Mira was taken aback when he heard the words.

Because she remembered that Linda once told herself that her father abandoned Linda and her mother when she was very young.

It is said that Linda’s father was still the eldest young master of a big family, and he left home to escape the marriage.

Later, Linda’s father met Linda’s mother in Linda’s hometown, and the two went together.

Not long afterwards, Linda was born. But the good times didn’t last long. When Linda was a few years old, her father suddenly left Linda and her mother. Since then, there is no more news, as if the world has evaporated.

It was since then that the lives of Linda and his mother fell completely into darkness.

When she had her father in the past, although life was still a bit difficult, she could barely make ends meet.

According to Linda, his father was a medical student, and he opened a small clinic in the county seat at the time, so his life was pretty good.

But as soon as her father left, the clinic could no longer be operated, and their home became a laughing stock in the entire county.

Mira still remembers that Linda once cried and said to herself that some of her former friends had scolded her as a wild breed that was thrown away, and some scolded her mother as a fox who hooked up.

In short, in so many years, Linda and her mother almost suffered the ridicule and blinding of people around them, and their lives were miserable.

Even the relatives of their own family did not sympathize at all after seeing her and her mother in trouble. Instead, they changed the law to think about how to dig out two ounces of oil and water from the suffering mother and daughter.

Soon, the family clinic was deceived by a relative, and the family’s meager savings were quickly spent.

If it hadn’t been for Linda’s second uncle to help, maybe their mother and daughter would have starved to death on the street.

It was also from that time that Linda had a natural sense of rejection, and sometimes even disgust, towards those rich elder brothers.

Linda hated the father who abandoned herself and his mother and brought endless pain to his mother.

But at this time, his father actually came to the door…

But after more than ten years, after seeing those people again, Linda discovered that she couldn’t even hate him.

But Linda still didn’t give the other party an extra opportunity to explain, but after recognizing the other party, he quickly ran back.

Of course Linda would not go with him, she just felt uncomfortable in her heart, but thinking of the misfortunes of the past, she felt more aggrieved.

The more he thought of this, Linda’s tears also shed.

Seeing this, Mira felt a little at a loss.

It turned out that Linda’s father came back. He actually wronged others just now?

Mira suddenly felt embarrassed and hurriedly hugged Linda who was aggrieved and crying, patted her, and comforted: “Okay, okay, those things are over, let’s not think about it…

“Linda, don’t cry. Think about Ethan. Although your father cruelly abandoned you at the beginning, now you have Ethan. Look how good he is to you, and he bought you such an expensive one. Pendant, 1.88 million…”

Almost at this time, Luna, who had been outside the bedroom for a whole day, but had not even raised a shadow of money, was about to step into the bedroom.

In the past two days, she was going crazy.

At that time, Kieran Donovan only gave her a week to raise 800,000 yuan. If you don’t raise 800,000 yuan, the ghost knows how people like Kieran Donovan will deal with themselves.

Luna was extremely worried, she didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want to be short-term.

But where are you going to raise 800,000 yuan?

That is when Luna was most frowning, she suddenly heard the conversation between Mira and Linda in the bedroom.

Luna stopped immediately, and said to herself with a look of surprise: “1.88 million?”

Luna seemed to see a glimmer of hope again. The pendant of more than 1.8 million yuan not only allowed him to have an explanation from Kieran Donovan, but he could even make a fortune.

You know, Luna had already thought about it a long time ago. If she had more than one million, she would never stay in such a ghostly place again. Didn’t she go where she wanted to go?

Instead of always worrying about being calculated by Kieran Donovan, it is better to leave Buckeye and go to an unknown place, spend money to buy a house, buy some properties, and live with peace of mind…

Thinking of this, Luna couldn’t help being tempted again. She secretly pushed the bedroom door open and looked inside along the gap, just to see the blue pendant on Linda’s bed that was as deep as the sky.


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