I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 418

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 418

Chapter 418

Luna stood outside the door and observed for a while, until she could see where Linda had placed the pendant, then she turned her head and left.

She wandered in the corridor for a while, plunged directly into the toilet, and then dialed Kieran Donovan’s phone without hesitation.

“Hey Brother Kieran…”

“Did you get the money?” Kieran Donovan remained tyrannical.

“No, not yet.” Luna said.

“Do you dare to call me without getting the money?”

“No, no, brother, I didn’t get the money, but I am soon. I…” Luna thought for a while, and then said again, “I…our family has an ancestral jewelry, I want to sell it. That very valuable one, as long as it can be sold, will definitely be worth a lot of money, but I hope that Brother Kieran, you can help me…”

“Ancestral jewelry?” Apparently Kieran Donovan didn’t believe Luna’s rhetoric, and said, “You didn’t lie to me? You didn’t steal it? If you dare to lie to Kieran, I will kill you believe it or not!”

Luna was so excited when she heard the words, she hurriedly said flushed, “No, no, how dare I lie to Brother Kieran? It’s really something from our family. I’m not thinking about Brother Kieran you know many people, and the way to go., can you sell this thing at a high price?”

Luna was still a little nervous when she said this, but she also gave it up. Anyway, she was a dead person. If he couldn’t give the money to Kieran Donovan, he would never let him go.

If this is the case, it is better to go all out and fight for once. If it succeeds, then you will take the money and fly away. Then no one will find yourself, and you will still be happy and happy.

Kieran Donovan hesitated too much, and then he said, “Well, I’ll contact someone, but I still say that. You’d better not lie to me. You’d better be the real thing, and it’s said to be stolen. Come, otherwise I will definitely kill you!”

Luna was a little nervous, but nodded: “I understand, I understand, don’t worry…”

After speaking, the call was ended on the other end of the phone.

Luna stood there, her eyes a little obsessed, she dropped a cigarette, but couldn’t use the lighter anyway, obviously nervous.

Although the last time I stole Linda’s things, this time is different from the last time. The last time’s things were tens of thousands of yuan at best.

But this time, the value is one hundred and several hundred thousand. If he is caught, it is probably enough to be shot.

Therefore, I must be careful and careful, and leave things to Kieran Donovan. After I get the money, I turn my head and leave Buckeye…

Thinking of this, Luna couldn’t help gritting her teeth, crushing the cigarette in her hand.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind Luna.

“What are you doing? Gritting your teeth.”

Luna was startled, her whole body trembled involuntarily, and when she looked back, she saw Mira looking at herself with doubts.

After the incident before, Luna never dared to face Mira directly.

After all, she was almost sold by herself. Although she didn’t succeed in the end, Luna still felt that she didn’t know how to face Mira.

And most importantly, she used to rely on Kieran Donovan and could do whatever she wanted, but now she is like a bereavement dog, but Mira is on Ethan’s thigh, as long as she wants to. You can pack yourself at any time.

So now every time I see Mira, Luna will also look a little nervous, because she is afraid that Mira will find a chance to go over the old accounts with herself.

“I…no…nothing.” Luna said lightly, “I just…er, smoke a cigarette here.”

Mira looked at Luna. Obviously he didn’t believe her remarks, and categorically warned: “Luna, I know who you are, but I warn you not to think about anything wrong. It is possible that you have forgotten what happened last time. Yet?”

Luna heard the words and hurriedly said nervously: “No, no, no, I don’t forget, I was really smoking, but I just thought of something…”

Luna threw away all the smashed cigarettes in her hand, and then said, “I have something else, I…I will leave first.

After speaking, Luna hurriedly left the toilet.

Looking at Luna’s back, Mira always felt that something was wrong with her, she was mysterious, and Mira knew Feng Ping’s personality very well in the past, and of course it became clearer that Luna’s performance today is absolutely impossible for nothing to happen. .

Time soon arrived at night, Linda tossed and turned on the bed, never falling asleep.

She sighed, sat up from the bed, then simply put on her clothes and left.

“Why are you going? It’s so late.” Mira also got up and asked quickly.

“Can’t sleep, go for a walk.” Linda replied simply.

Mira glanced at the time, it was 11:30 midnight, and she was really worried about Linda when she went out at this time.

She looked at Luna on Linda’s upper bunk again, and heard a little snoring from Luna, and said, “Then I will accompany you.”

After speaking, Mira quickly put on his clothes and left with Linda.

And five minutes before the two left, Luna’s faint snoring stopped suddenly, and then she opened her eyes and looked around, and she was sure that Linda and Mira had indeed left before quietly getting out of bed.

Then she rummaged in Linda’s purse for a while before she found the sapphire pendant.

Luna was also very excited when she saw the pendant. Not only was she feeling the beauty of the pendant, she was even more excited that such a tiny little thing could make her life safe for the rest of her life.

Luna didn’t say anything, she just stuffed the pendant into her bag, then quickly filled a backpack with her own things, and left in a hurry…

Half an hour later, in a private room of Kieran Donovan’s hotel.

There were three people sitting in the private room, Kieran Donovan, Luna, and another middle-aged man.

The man was gentle, and looked very knowledgeable.

Using a magnifying glass, he carefully looked at the sapphire pendant that Luna had handed over. Finally, he nodded and said to Kieran Donovan: “Young Master Kieran, this thing is indeed real and it is very valuable. I think at least This number!”

The man stretched out five fingers. Kieran Donovan heard the words and was immediately shocked: “Five hundred thousand? So many?”

The man smiled, “Are you kidding me, I said, 1.5 million!”

As soon as the other party said these words, Kieran Donovan almost didn’t sit in his chair and walked around. He asked in disbelief, “How much? One and a half million? Really?”

The middle-aged man nodded and said in a low voice, “Kieran, this is already the most conservative valuation I have done. Now the price of sapphire is soaring. It looks so good and the texture is top quality. The most important thing is it. The workmanship is simply perfect, so the price is naturally high…”


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