I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 420

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 420

Chapter 420

Soon, Kieran Donovan, who was waiting anxiously in the hotel’s private room, received a message that someone was about to buy the pendant.

“How much did the other party bid?” Donovan forced to ask the jewelry appraiser.

The other party smiled: “No more, no less, I gave 1.8 million, strong less, you are making a lot of money now!”

I asked for 1.5 million, but in the end the other party gave 1.8 million, which really surprised Kieran Donovan, and even ecstatic.

“Really? That…that’s really great!” Kieran Donovan said, “Then, then hurry up and make a deal, let the other party call the money quickly, and then I will send him the things!”

The man nodded, then communicated on the phone.

Things went well, and soon Kieran Donovan received a text message reminder on his mobile phone.

Seeing the 1.8 million received, Kieran Donovan was overwhelmed with excitement.

Although he is a rich son, he still has too little money to spend at ordinary times, 1.8 million. It is estimated that Dave will not be able to give himself so much in two or three years. How could Kieran Donovan be unhappy.

Kieran Donovan was very happy. The smoothness of this incident exceeded his expectations. He also took it for granted that this incident would pass without realizing it.

Anyway, the things were not stolen by themselves, anyway, the things have been taken by themselves.

Even if someone found himself this time, there was no evidence.

Kieran Donovan smiled with a peach blossom, but what he didn’t know was that the incident seemed calm, but the huge waves that followed soon could almost swallow him easily.

The night seemed peaceful, but after all, it passed not so peacefully.

Linda, who had been strolling outside for a long time, returned to her bedroom. She didn’t find Luna who had disappeared suddenly. She didn’t even notice the pendant Ethan gave to herself. She hadn’t reached out and touched it before she had lost it. She languidly climbed into the bed and went straight to sleep.

On the other side, Ethan has been tossing and turning on the bed for a long time, thinking a lot, but still can’t sleep. Ethan lamented that there seems to be too much of his recent affairs, because just now, Pablo called himself and said that he wanted to invite himself to see the progress of the villa.

The last time he went to the villa, Ethan simply took a look outside and didn’t go in. It happened that Pablo called, and he simply agreed.

On the other side of the Buckeye, Kieran Donovan was undoubtedly the most excited. With a huge fortune, he almost stayed up all night with excitement, dragging a few women in a bar to party all night.

And Xu Tianlin also looked at the azure blue pendant in his hand, smiling from ear to ear.

Obviously, this pendant is a lever for Dave, this important chess piece.

In fact, Xu Tianlin and Ethan didn’t have much intersection. It was just that there was a brief contact at the auction organized by Zack.

But since he learned that this seemingly unsurprising little character was going to make a big move in Buckeye, he instantly couldn’t sit still.

The Xu family has always regarded Buckeye as their own territory, how can they allow others to snore on the side of the couch?

This point, whether it is Xu Tianlin or the Xu family up and down, is almost a consensus.

Therefore, let Ethan’s Chengnan project fail or even die, which has become the top priority of the Xu family’s top priority!

What made the Xu family a little speechless was that it seemed that the strength of their huge family was not enough to pose any powerful threat to Ethan, and it was precisely when he was distressed that Zaid appeared.

The Xu family investigated for a long time and did not find out the origin of this person. They only know that this person is very capable and spends a lot of money. It seems that he has endless money to spend.

Of course, the most important thing is that this person has the same goal as them-to make this Chengnan project collapse!

It is also based on this that the Xu family will start cooperation with this unknown person without hesitation.

Perhaps the Xu family felt that Ethan might have offended this Zaid some time ago, and that’s why he targeted Ethan in this way.

What the Xu family didn’t know was that the shit Chengnan project was not within Zaid’s sight.

At this moment, in a bar with few customers, Zaid was tasting the most expensive red wine here, looking deep into the distance, and muttering to himself: “Eric Norman, I know this shit Chengnan project is you I’m going to lift it now, I’m going to see, behind it, what secrets you hide…”

The next morning, Haisheng Yipin.

Pablo originally wanted to send a car to pick up Ethan, but Ethan felt troubled, so he refused, and took a taxi directly.

Ethan was ahead of the time agreed with Pablo, and he wandered around the villa alone for a while.

Compared with a few days ago, the villa at this time has undergone a lot of changes. There are already a lot of vegetation and green scenery outside the villa, and the exterior wall of the villa has also been repainted, and it looks a bit more elegant. gas.

Ethan looked at the villa in a trance, and suddenly a voice came from the side: “Mr. Xue, this villa is the core of our entire project and the most high-end villa. Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard, it…”

When Ethan asked the prestige, he saw two men and a woman walking slowly from a distance.

Originally, Ethan didn’t care about it. After all, a high-end villa area like Haisheng Yipin had many people visiting the house every day.

But just when Ethan was about to withdraw his gaze, he couldn’t help but stunned when he looked at the only woman among the three.

“Auntie?” Ethan suddenly blurted out. Although his voice was not loud, the other party could already hear it.

Hearing Ethan’s voice, the three people stopped immediately and looked at Ethan.

Indeed, that woman is not someone else but Linda’s mother.

Seeing Ethan here, Linda’s mother was obviously also surprised, but soon her eyes fell cold again.

She still remembered how Ethan dealt with her relatives before.

That was her second brother’s family. Ethan actually treated them that way in the end. She will never forget this grudge.

“Why are you here?” Linda’s mother asked indifferently.

Before Ethan could answer, the man beside Linda’s mother suddenly asked in a low voice, “Who is he? Do you know?”

The man was tall, and although he looked forty or fifty years old, he still had a somewhat handsome appearance.

The other party was dressed in a decent suit, and he knew that this person must have some background.

Upon hearing this, Linda’s mother hurriedly whispered a few words in the ear of the man.

But just a few words, the middle-aged man’s face suddenly changed.

Originally, when he looked at Ethan, he was quite curious, but he instantly became cold and cold, and said indifferently, “Oh, it was him.”


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