I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 421 Part 1

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 421 Part 1

Chapter 421

As he approached, the man sighed and continued to mutter to himself: “Hey, I blame it. If it wasn’t me because my father’s order was hard to violate, I would not leave you mother and daughter, and would not let you After suffering so much, Linda finally found this one…”

Obviously, Linda’s mother had already clarified that Ethan was Linda’s boyfriend.

And this middle-aged man is actually no one else, but Linda’s father, Carl.

Obviously, Carl seemed extremely dissatisfied the first time he saw his daughter’s boyfriend.

After all, Linda inherited the best genes of herself and Linda’s mother, so she was so beautiful.

Yesterday, Carl saw his daughter for the first time in more than ten years. He was so excited when he saw Linda coming out to such a point.

Moreover, Linda’s academic performance is so good, it is almost like a perfect jade.

On the contrary, it is Ethan, who looks ordinary, and it seems that the conditions at home are not very good, because Ethan exudes a “smell of soil” from his bones.

This made Carl very dissatisfied and even more disappointed. As a result, his attitude towards Ethan would naturally not be any better.

“Auntie, this is…” Ethan was curious when he saw Carl and Linda’s mother walking very close.

Linda’s mother was stern, as if she didn’t want to see Ethan, and said indifferently: “I was thinking about calling you out in a few days so that you can get to know you seriously. Then I will introduce to you. This is not someone else, but Linda’s biological father.”

“Birth father?” Ethan heard Linda’s mother’s words, his chin almost didn’t fall to the ground, he was so surprised.

Ethan remembered that Linda had told herself about her father in the past.

It should be when Linda was still very young, his father abandoned her and mother and returned to the family to be his grandfather, and after he left, there was no news. It is precisely because of this that Linda hates her. Own father.

What made Ethan even more curious was that Linda’s father cruelly abandoned their mother and daughter back then, and now Linda’s father has appeared, why does Linda’s mother seem to have nothing happened?

Doesn’t she hate this man?

You know, at the beginning, he abandoned the two of them, mother and daughter, so that the mother and daughter suffered the hardships of life.

Although Ethan was just curious, he didn’t ask. Now that everyone is relieved, Ethan certainly wouldn’t follow him.

What Ethan was curious about was that Linda’s father appeared, didn’t Linda know? Or does she already know?

Ethan was thinking about these things when she heard Linda’s mother say to him: “Why, seeing Linda’s father, don’t you even want to say hello? Ethan, are you self-righteous?”

Ethan knew that Linda’s mother seemed to hate herself because of what happened last time.

But I was just stunned just now, so I don’t want to put on such a big hat, right?


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