I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 422 PART 1

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 422 PART 1

Chapter 422

“Ethan, what do you mean!” When Carl heard Ethan’s words, the last trace of his face couldn’t help but his face flushed, and he pointed at Ethan and shouted, “You are presumptuous!”

Ethan looked at the other person disapprovingly, sneered and said nothing, but his attitude was already obvious.

In fact, he just wanted to say what he said all in one mind, but after another thought, it was Linda’s father after all. Even if he didn’t respect Carl, he still had to take into account Linda. The words were swallowed back.

But Ethan also knew that even just a few words from himself were enough to make Carl uncomfortable.

Sure enough, he was really angry, like a Red Bull with his tail lit all the time.

“What are you, you deserve to talk to me like this?” Carl said angrily, “This is my own business. How I deal with it is my own housework. No matter how bad I treat their mother and daughter, I am also Linda’s father. , What kind of thing are you here to point me at?”

Seeing the other party’s thunderous appearance, Ethan wanted to laugh.

Obviously, if Carl really feels that he owes Linda from the bottom of his heart, he is ashamed of the mother and daughter, and said those things by himself, not only will he not tremble with anger, but will be silent and frankly admit his fault. .

And only in this way can he be considered a real man.

But Carl exploded. Ethan knew very well that the reason why he exploded was not because he was ashamed of Linda, but because of his own words, it broke his disguise, and caused his most sensitive nerves to throb and make his face. I can’t make it through.

This kind of person only cares about his own face, and will certainly not care about Linda’s life and death.

Ethan smiled bitterly and replied: “Uncle Carl, I’m very sorry, you made a mistake just now. I am really nothing, because I am a human, an upright person, a person who will not abandon his wife and children, yes. The relatives on the opposite side, the people who can do no hesitation, maybe my words are a bit straightforward, but I still have to say, if it was me at the beginning, no matter what the reason, I would not abandon my wife and daughter, let them suffer so much After all the hardships are coming, I will appear again as if it is righteous.”

the disaster is over, do you think the savior is here, is there any use?” Ethan said jokingly.

In fact, when Ethan said this, he couldn’t help thinking of his father.

In fact, his destiny is not similar to Linda?

There is also a father of a rich kid, who was also abandoned since childhood, and then he appeared when he saw the hardest time.

In fact, although Ethan said something to understand his father, maybe his father did have difficulties back then, but deep down in his heart, why didn’t he resent his father?

It’s almost 20 years? Do you know how I got through? Two billion, can it really make up for everything?

So the remarks just now were not so much what Ethan said to Carl, it was better to say that it was also what Ethan himself wanted to say to his father.

Ethan himself told himself in his heart that it would be best if his father had indeed had difficulties before he left himself and his mother. Otherwise, he might really be unable to pass this hurdle for the rest of his life!


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