I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 422 PART 2

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 422 PART 2

But when Ethan was stunned, Carl’s furious voice interrupted his thoughts again.

“What are you trying to say? What do you mean?” Carl was very angry, but he didn’t seem to know what to say, because even he had to admit that Ethan’s words made him unable to refute.

It is indeed that he abandoned his wife and daughter back then, returned to the family, and became a young master again.

And Carl hardly ever mentioned it to anyone. Back then, it was because he was fed up with the poverty-stricken days and took the initiative to call his mother, and later the family picked him up.

And since returning to the family that year, Carl also ran away from home because he was with a woman in a small county, and gave birth to a daughter, which became the laughing stock of the family.

So from then on, Carl seemed to deliberately want to let himself forget this past, forgot that there is a woman who loves him deeply here, and he also has a smart, beautiful and lovely daughter.

During that period of time, Carl’s formerly affectionate wife and clever and lovely daughter undoubtedly became psychological burden. Finally, for a while, he even began to hate the mother and daughter. From this past.

He even thought that the mother and daughter ruined him.

After all, he was originally going to marry the eldest lady of the big family. In the end, not only did the eldest lady disappear, he also became an out-and-out joke.

Later, it was hard to bear the ridicule of the family members. Carl could only marry a local woman hastily under the supervision of his parents.

In this way, this incident seems to have passed.

And what Ethan said just now obviously brought back Carl’s bad memories again.

He glared at Ethan in disgust, wishing to swallow him alive.

“You… Linda is really blind, why did you find something like you? She really disappointed me!” Carl yelled at Linda’s mother in a desperate manner, “You now call Linda and tell She broke up with this person right away, and my daughter being with this kind of person makes me sick!”

“Uncle Carl, do you feel disgusting? then I want to know, do you feel sick because of me, or because I just said something disgusting?”

“Also, you let me break up with Linda? In what capacity did you give the order? Are you a passerby? It seems that you don’t have this right! What Is that the identity of Linda’s father? then Do you think you are worthy of being Linda’s father?”

Ethan didn’t have a dirty word in every sentence, but every sentence pricked his heart, causing Carl to explode with anger.

Especially the sentence “Are you worthy to be Linda’s father?” This sentence was almost like a knife, and it pierced into Carl’s heart, making him feel extremely painful, ashamed, and angry.

At this time, in Carl’s mind, Ethan had already had a slight favor, and even the possibility of a favor was gone.

This person is simply his nemesis, bad luck!

If my daughter really followed such a person, then I would expect to live less than ten years later!

Carl made up his mind angrily that he must separate Ethan from Linda, and he must do so no matter what the price.

First, it was because at this moment, he really hated Ethan. Seeing this man, it seemed that his anger rose up.

Secondly, the most important point is also the most important purpose for Carl to come to Buckeye this time.

That is, I want to take Linda away, take him back to his home, and use Linda for business marriage!

In Carl’s view, Linda is also her own daughter anyway. Since she is her own daughter, she must finally share her worries and solve problems for herself, and she must do her last job for herself!

What’s more, as long as the marriage is successful this time and you are in my family, you can take off the hat that has been ridiculed for more than ten years and become the leader of the Carl’s family upright.

The most important thing is his youngest son. You can also take this opportunity to win the seat of the family heir!

Therefore, Linda is an important pawn for herself, how can Carl not pay attention to it, and how can she willingly give her to Ethan?


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