I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 424 part 1

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 424 part 1

Chapter 424

Ethan pointed to the luxurious villa in front of everyone, and his brows were slightly frowned.

“This building? What do you mean?” Carl’s tone was full of mockery, “What, you mean, you can afford this villa? stop teasing, do you know how much this villa costs? “

While talking, Carl looked at a young man next to him. This man was the real estate agent of Haisheng Yipin. He was just a new face. He did not recognize that Ethan belonged to the Haisheng Yipin No. 1 courtyard. Master, Ethan didn’t know who he was either.

“BRO, how much is this villa?” Carl asked the man.

The young man smiled slightly and replied respectfully: “Mr. Carl, this villa is the most luxurious and top-notch villa in the entire villa area of ​​Haisheng Yipin. It can be said that in this huge villa area, this villa The courtyard villa is the moon, and the other villas can only be counted as pendants and stars flooded by the moon’s brilliance.”

“Our original price for this villa was 70 million, but it has already been sold.” The young man said, “It is said that the owner of this villa is a rather mysterious figure in Buckeye, but I was still I didn’t come to work at Haisheng Yipin, and I missed the chance to meet that mysterious rich man.”

“Seventy million?” Carl couldn’t help exclaiming.

It is true that even he, a well-informed person in Beifu, was shocked when he heard the price of this Haisheng No. 1 Courtyard.

After all, looking at the entire Buckeye, how many people have a net worth of 70 million?

And Carl knows even more that since the other party can buy this Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Courtyard, its assets must at least be several times or even dozens of times the 70 million, otherwise it is estimated that even the annual property fees and repairs of this villa Can’t afford it.

Carl had to admit that Buckeye seemed to be a small second-tier city that didn’t look amazing, but it was really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.

When Carl was amazed, the sales manager opened his mouth again: “Of course, Mr. Carl, the 70 million is only the price of the villa. You have also seen that the villa is now being renovated. I heard that the price of the villa is also It broke 30 million, and after finishing the renovation, we have to add a variety of top-quality furniture. So in my opinion, when the villa was finally able to move in, its fraud easily exceeded 100 million, and the final price might be 100 million. Around one thousand to thirty million.”

Hearing this young man’s words, Carl couldn’t help being surprised again.

A villa is already more than one billion? Who is the one who bought this villa? This person is definitely not simple, he is definitely a rich man.

Thinking of this, Carl couldn’t help looking at Ethan who was aside, and said with a smile: “Did you hear that? The fraud of this villa costs more than 100 million yuan, why, do you want to buy this villa?”

After Carl finished speaking, a touch of disdain appeared on his face again. He glanced at the young man on the side, and both of them couldn’t help laughing with disdain.

This young man came to Haisheng Yipin only these two days. He naturally didn’t know that the man in front of him was the owner of this courtyard.


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