I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 424 part 2

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 424 part 2

And just by looking at Ethan’s appearance, he has already determined that Ethan, not to mention this courtyard, may not even be able to buy any of your villas of Haisheng First Grade.

The young man even echoed Carl’s words and said: “Mr. Carl, even if he wants to buy it, he can’t help it because this villa has already been bought.”

After speaking, the young man looked at Carl with a flattering smile. He looked at Ethan again, only to find that Ethan seemed disapproving.

Ethan also looked at the other person and couldn’t help but sneered. He slowly stretched out his finger to the No. 1 courtyard, and said lightly, “Why should I buy this villa? Because it belongs to me!”

Ethan’s tone was light and he looked at Carl with a serious look.

But as soon as Ethan said this sentence, he directly shook the stormy sea in the hearts of several people present.

“You…your?” Carl looked stunned, more disbelief, and immediately snorted and said, “Boy, do you know what you’re talking about? Hmph, cowhide is not like that. Okay, don’t say that. This is at the gate of others, so you are not afraid that your nonsense will be heard by others and clean up you?”

The sales manager of Haisheng Yipin was even more surprised, and said, “This little brother, I advise you to be careful when you speak. After all, the owner who bought the next courtyard is our important customer. If you are talking nonsense, don’t say anything. What will others do to you, even if it is us, you can invite you out, because you are insulting our customers and our Haisheng Yipin.”

For Ethan’s words, don’t talk about Carl and the sales manager, even Linda’s mother was skeptical.

Even if she knew that Ethan’s origins were not simple, knew that Ethan was very rich, and knew that Ethan could be on the same level as Pablo.

But can he afford such a luxurious No. 1 Villa? Linda’s mother didn’t believe it anyway.

You know, this is Buckeye’s top-notch villa, and there isn’t one.

It is said that even the Xu family, the first family of Buckeye, lived in a place that was one or two points worse than here.

And the sales manager just said it very clearly, just this set of villas, plus the decoration, plus all kinds of furniture and furnishings, will play a total of 100 million tens of millions, which is something ordinary people can afford.

Even if Ethan is a rich second-generation, even if Ethan’s family seems to be rich, he doesn’t necessarily have money to this level, right?

Linda’s mother couldn’t help sighing, she found that Ethan had some problems more and more.

Of course Ethan knew how the other party reacted.

In this regard, he was not in a hurry to defend this, but just smiled faintly, and asked, “Why, don’t you believe it?”

“Why do you want me to believe you? Why don’t you say that the whole Buckeye is yours?” Carl disdainfully laughed, “Oh, right, I didn’t hear that Buckeye has done a huge project now. Is the Lianchengnan project? It’s said that some people have invested hundreds of millions in it. Why don’t you say that you invested in the project? Young people, arrogance is fine, but you must know at least the shame, you say so, It’s shameless and shameless!”

Carl seemed to have finally found an opportunity to ridicule Ethan and trample Ethan under his feet. He was so excited about it.

He almost uttered all the vicious words he could utter.

Only when Carl spoke out, Ethan smiled again.

To be honest, if this is put in the past, Ethan will definitely say to the other party: “Yes, you guessed it, I invested in the Chengnan project.”

But now Ethan won’t be anymore, because he found it a bit boring.

Because no matter how hard he tried to explain, he knew that the other party would not believe in himself, and the final result would only be a waste of words.

In addition to this, he simply didn’t bother to argue with him, anyway, as long as he had the opportunity, after the other party knew about it, he would know how ignorant and ridiculous he was at the beginning.

But Ethan wanted to talk to Carl about this matter now.

After all, I don’t need to explain too much about the villa, and the villa is right in front of me. As long as I call the general manager of Haisheng Yipin, I can prove it all.

When the time comes, Ethan just wants to see if Carl has anything else to say.

Ethan ignored Carl, but looked at the young sales manager beside him and asked, “Excuse me, your person in charge here is called Yiran, right?”


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