I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 425 part 1

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 425 part 1

Chapter 425

Ethan actually asked Yiran directly, which surprised the young sales manager.

He didn’t think that Ethan called Yiran to prove that he was the villa of the villa. What he thought was that Ethan called Yiran and wanted to sue himself with his immediate boss.

This kind of thing is not without lessons learned. I have been doing sales for more than a decade, so I have naturally encountered this kind of thing.

Some customers who can’t afford to survive are obviously their own problems, and they say something to them that they don’t deal with, and finally want to go to their boss to complain to themselves.

The young sales manager seemed to have seen through Ethan’s tricks, smiled disdainfully, and asked, “What do you ask our manager to do? sorry, our manager doesn’t see everyone!”

The implication of this person is already very obvious, want to see his boss casually? You are dreaming.

When Ethan heard the young sales manager’s words, he was a little bit displeased, his tone increased a little, and said: “I called your manager over to ask him who this villa is. If you want to continue working here, then Please hurry up, otherwise I can really complain about your misbehavior towards customers and let Yiran open you!”

Ethan’s words are not a threat. If a small sales manager is so defiant, is it possible that he should be angry with him?

This kind of flattery, the dog looks at people’s low things, and fires them, so as not to be upset when they see him again later.

Seeing Ethan shouting to himself, the young sales manager couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. After all, he was in the service industry. Although he didn’t believe in Ethan’s nonsense, it might not be true to him if he really made things big. a good thing.

The young sales manager turned to look at Carl, and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Carl, what do you mean?”

What can Carl mean? He didn’t believe what Ethan said from the beginning to the end. What if he called the real estate manager?

Carl patted the young sales manager, and said with a smile: “Bro, since he asked you to find your manager, then you can rest assured to find it. If something happens, I will take care of it for you. I want to talk to him about buying a villa!”

With Carl’s words, the young sales manager suddenly had a bottom in his heart.

After all, Carl was here, and even if he called Yiran for a while, it was useless for Ethan to pour dirty water on himself. As long as Carl explained clearly to himself, he still had nothing.

The young sales manager smiled upon hearing this, bowed slightly to Carl, and said, “Then I would like to thank you, Mr. Carl. Wait a moment, I will call our Yiran to come over. Don’t worry, some people If the words are true or false, when our Yiran comes over, the truth will become clear. I want to see if some people still want to say something.”

After speaking, the young sales manager looked back at Ethan, chuckled, and ran all the way towards the sales center.

It’s not far from the sales center, and the young sales manager arrived without much effort.

He ran directly to Yiran’s office, knocked on the door lightly, and Yiran opened his mouth to let him in.

are you okay?” Yiran asked in surprise when he saw the young sales manager panting, “What’s the matter, sweating?”

The young sales manager breathed smoothly, then smiled and said, “Mr. Yiran, that… could you please move and follow me to the downstairs area?”

Yiran frowned: “Why? Is something wrong?”


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