I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 429

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Chapter 429

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help laughing.

“Blasted here? Your idea is really good, what do you think?” Ethan asked with a playful smile.

Of course Jennifer knew that Ethan was teasing herself. The pouting old asked: “What the hell is going on with you, how can I meet you everywhere? Can you keep pestering me all day? Huh? It’s like a ghost all day, so annoying!”

Ethan smiled and shook his head, and mocked: “Ghost? Then you really praised me, and I told you clearly, I didn’t pester you, why should I pester you? Are you beautiful? then you Really confident!”

“You…” When Jennifer heard Ethan’s words, her face was blue with anger, and she gritted her teeth with hatred.

Damn, it’s so disgusting, dare to laugh at me like that! What are you!

“Huh!” Jennifer gritted her teeth and said, “I ignore your rubbish, and be familiar with you, it will only degrade my own taste. I warn you, now let me go away right away. Where is this place? You Where can I come? Don’t be so disgusting here. Do you know who will be here in a while? I let you go for your own good. If you really provoke others later, you will definitely not have your good fruits. eat!”

“Oh, well, YOU, don’t talk nonsense with him. I know Yiran, the general manager of Haisheng Yipin. I will call and let his people blast this kid out!” Pierre said impatiently. “This is also true for Yiran. How can Haisheng first-grade security be done? How can anyone be allowed in?”

While talking, Pierre had to take out his mobile phone to make a call.

But at this moment, a bright black Phaeton drove from the side quickly.

As soon as he saw this off-road vehicle, Pierre was a little bit excited, and a little nervous. He hurriedly said: “Here, I recognize it. This is Mr.Pablo’s car. Mr.Pablo is here.”

While talking, Pierre glared at Ethan impatiently, and hurried over to push Ethan aside: “You go to me, don’t you see Mr. Pablo has come here? Give it if you don’t want to die. I’ll stay away. If you dare to run into President Owen in a while, you won’t know how to die!”

Upon seeing this, Jennifer also hurried over to help, shouting: “Yes, what are you still doing here? Get out of here quickly, sincerely want to be a disgusting person here?”

The two were pushing Ethan’s effort. The Phaeton car had already stopped not far away. Then, when the door came, Pablo’s three-step meteor sprang out of the car, pointing here and shouting: “Stop it. What are you doing?”

After Pablo stopped drinking, Pierre and Jennifer stopped their hands immediately.

Pierre yelled badly in his heart, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, turned his head and smiled at Pablo with a full face: “Mr. Pablo, I’m really sorry, don’t worry, there is nothing big here, I It’s done right away!”

After Pierre finished speaking, he turned his head and yelled at Ethan: “You see, this is the third master of Buckeye. If you don’t want to die, you can get rid of me quickly, otherwise I am special. I can never spare you!”

While talking, Pierre pushed Ethan towards the roadside.

But Ethan pushed Pierre away and sneered: “Why are you afraid of him? I’m sorry, I’m not afraid! And I would like to ask, if I leave today. Who are you going to check and accept? “

Upon hearing this, Pierre frowned slightly, and said impatiently: “Just blow it to me. I will warn you one last time. You will leave me immediately now, otherwise I will be really rude to you. !”

Ethan smiled helplessly, “Well, well, since you have said that, then I think I should go!”

After speaking, Ethan said three loudly to the Pablo who was running towards him: “Mr. Pablo, you have seen it too. People want me to go. Then I’ll leave it to you when I look back!”

After speaking, Ethan turned to leave.

But at this moment, Pablo quickened his pace and rushed directly to Ethan, with a nervous expression on his face, “This…what’s going on?”

Ethan glanced at the Wang family’s father and daughter, sneered and said, “See it for yourself, they are going to drive me away!”

“Are you going to drive him away?” Pablo’s face suddenly turned pale when he heard the words.

When Pierre saw this, he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “Ah yes… No, Mr. Pablo, I will tell you, this man is a rascal, he wants to…”

Before Pierre finished speaking, Pablo raised his hand and slapped it, slapped in anger, and shouted in anger, “I think you are a rogue, what kind of dog are you? How dare you dare to talk about any presumptuous things? speak out?”

Pierre was slapped with a slap in his eyes to see Venus, and it took him a long time to recover, but he was still very surprised.

“I… Mr. Pablo I… what happened to me?”

Upon seeing this, Jennifer hurriedly said, “Yeah, yeah, Mr. Pablo, you don’t know that this person wants to disrupt here. Thanks to my dad’s discovery, he was going to be driven away. , And why are you still beating my dad…”

When Pablo heard this, his nose almost crooked, and angrily said, “What did you say? He sabotaged? Do you dare to say it again? Do you know who he is? You said he sabotaged? I see you and you Just like Dad, I’m so tired and crooked!”

Pablo’s loud voice made the Wang family, father and daughter, tremble.

Originally, they were confused because of Pablo’s actions just now.

Now that Pablo said this again, the Wang family and his daughter were even more at a loss.

Did he want to drive Ethan away, but made a mistake?

“He’s just a scumbag, a follower, I’ll follow wherever I go!” Jennifer yelled these words almost without thinking, and didn’t hesitate at all.

And in her heart, Ethan had such a bad impression.

But Jennifer never thought of what she would do to her and her family after she said these words!

“You are presumptuous!”

“Bah…” It was almost the moment when Jennifer uttered that sentence, Pablo slapped it again, not showing any mercy because Jennifer was a woman.

Then Pablo pointed to Pierre and said, “Pierre, you are so blinded by your dog’s eyes. I don’t need to accept it today. You call your person immediately and get out of the villa. we don’t need you for this project!”

When Pablo said this, Pierre was immediately dumbfounded.

“You… what do you mean by Mr. Pablo? We did a good job, why are you firing us?”

, good job? How dare you treat your customers like this? I just fired you, it’s already very polite!” Pablo shouted angrily.

“Customer?” Hearing this, Pierre seemed to have thought of something. He hurriedly looked at Ethan, as if he had thought of something, his face immediately showed a look of horror, “Mr Pablo, you mean…”

No wonder he is here, no wonder Pablo’s attitude, now Pierre finally wants to understand, but the more he wants to understand, the more Pierre feels the cool breeze from his back.

After doing it for a long time, is Ethan really his patron? Then I have been working for a long time, co-authoring is all working for others, and I don’t know it, still mocking them here?

The matter is big!

No wonder Pablo will be angry. If this is replaced by himself, then he might have to explode!

Although Pierre was also curious about where Ethan got his money, he was able to afford this Haisheng No.1 Courtyard, but he knew more clearly that at this moment, he should consider this issue at all.


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