I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 432

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Chapter 432

After saying this, Jennifer’s face almost seemed to be smiling, and she seemed to be unhappy.

She seemed to feel that she finally found a way to sanction Ethan.

Indeed, when the contract was signed, it was clearly written in black and white. If one of the parties breached the contract, then they would have to pay three times the project cost unconditionally.

And this project cost together, but it costs more than 30 million, three times the project cost, but it is 100 million!

Jennifer didn’t believe it, could Ethan go crazy and would give up one hundred million to challenge herself?

If so, wouldn’t it be better.

You know your own decoration company, this project is exhausting, and it makes millions.

But if Ethan is willing to pay liquidated damages, then he has done nothing. In the end, I got 100 million for nothing!

That’s a real profit!

You know, when the king’s family is combined together, the total assets may not be as much as 100 million. If this is a 100 million at a time, then I will spend it as I want to?

The more Jennifer thought about it, the more beautiful she felt in her heart.

It’s as if that one billion is already at your fingertips.

What’s more, even if he couldn’t get the 100 million in the end, Ethan and himself would have to subdue in the end.

Anyway, Jennifer knew very well that she must be the only winner today.

What Ethan, what Pablo, it’s just a bunch of dirty money!

While thinking about it, Jennifer seemed to be a little proud.

She tilted her neck to look at Ethan, and said proudly: “Well, do you still want to drive our house out? Do you want me to polish your shoes? you want me to polish your shoes? Yes, you Let’s get the 100 million liquidated damages first!”

Jennifer felt that after she had said this, as long as Ethan was smart enough, she would definitely be softened by herself.

After all, who would have trouble with money?

But she never expected that Ethan would just smile faintly in the end, and there was a bit of ridicule in the laughter.

Then she heard Ethan speak, “Oh, I want a 100 million liquidated damage, right? okay, then I’ll give it to you, but what I don’t know is, I dare to give it, do you dare to ask for it? “

Ethan’s last sentence was cold, and there was already a touch of chill in his words.

And Ethan’s tone has already explained everything.

You Jennifer is too naive, you dare to use some bullshit liquidated damages to blackmail me, you are purely seeking death by yourself!

Don’t you want money? Then I’ll give it to you, let me see, dare you ask for this money today!

And even if you, a pig brain, dare to hand this money, I don’t believe it, your old man Pierre is just as mentally disabled as you, dare to ask for this money?

This is actually the same as giving you a bottle of peerless wine. It seems like a great deal, but do you know what poison is in this wine?

Ethan looked at Jennifer with a sneer, waiting for the other party to give himself an answer.

By now, Jennifer didn’t seem to have realized what Ethan meant, and she still thought that her so-called liquidated damages could really scare Ethan away

“I dare, why don’t I dare!” Jennifer said disdainfully, “I’m afraid you don’t have that much money! Give me the money now? Then I promise, our family will withdraw immediately, and you love to find Who is looking for whom!”

Jennifer looked straightforward and confident, as if she didn’t realize that she was playing with fire.

Ethan didn’t say much, he just nodded, looked at Pablo, and said, “Mr Pablo, you heard that, now transfer the money to their company’s accounts.”

Of course, Pablo understood what Ethan meant. There was no nonsense, he just nodded heavily, and then he would take out his mobile phone to call his company’s finances.

Of course, Pablo had thought about it. As long as he ended the financial call, the other party would immediately mobilize all the resources that Buckeye could use to completely block the Wang family!

Dare to scream Ethan, absolutely cannot let him leave alive!

Although Ethan didn’t explain these things, Pablo already understood them.

But at this moment, Pierre rushed over immediately, grabbing Pablo’s hand on the phone, and sweating profusely.

“What are you going to do?” Pablo yelled, and immediately made Pierre tremble.

But he still didn’t let go, and shook his head again and again: “Don’t fight Pablo, I beg you don’t fight.”

Then he said to Ethan: I beg you, don’t, can’t I kneel down for you? I beg you to forgive me, Jiani is too young and sensible, and ran into you. I… I apologize for her…”

While talking, Pierre thumped and knelt down, and directly slammed his head to the ground.

In this scene, Jennifer on the side was simply silly.

What kind of situation is this? My own side is dominant, is my father stupid? Doing such a shameless thing?

This is in broad daylight. Doesn’t he want to meet people in Buckeye in the future?

He is shameless, and think about how good he is?

“Dad! What are you doing?” Jennifer yelled angrily. “It’s not too embarrassing, you big man, don’t you have any spine?”

Hearing this, Pierre raised his head and glared at his daughter fiercely, and shouted angrily: “You shut up, you don’t know what the sky is, you are about to kill your father and our family, don’t you know? Shut your mouth immediately and kneel down for me!”

Pierre scolded Jennifer while wiping the sweat from his forehead, so nervous.

Jennifer didn’t understand what Ethan and Pablo meant, but he did.

Who is willing to give you liquidated damages, you are too naive, right?

Just like Ethan said, people dare to give it to you, but do you dare to?

The answer is very clear, of course I dare not ask for it, because if I ask for the money, it is dying, crazy!

Jennifer doesn’t understand shit, really think this money is so easy to get?

If you dare to take the money, you can make you die without knowing how to die when you turn around!

More likely, the call Pablo just wanted to make was not at all to make a transfer to Finance.

There is even a high possibility that Pablo’s call is to use personal connections.

At that time, the phone call was over, and once the relationship started, even if it was Pablo who wanted to stop, it might not be able to stop.

At that time, I really didn’t know how to die.

This is why Pierre just grabbed Pablo’s hand and didn’t let go.

Because he knew that as long as he let go, the only person who would greet him in the end would be dead.

Pierre was even a little grateful. Just now, his eyesight was quick and his hands were quick, and he saved one of his lives. If it was a second late and asked Pablo to call out, the consequences would be unimaginable.

And just when Pierre thought about this, he suddenly heard Ethan next to him say: President Wang, you have to be clear, this is not because I didn’t give you a chance, I have given you a chance repeatedly, but No way, all the opportunities are wasted by your daughter!”

Ethan cleared his throat and said sternly: “Mr. Wang, don’t refuse, I will transfer the money to you!”


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