I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 437

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Chapter 437

In the process of tearing between Xu Tianlin and the female secretary, he has entered Dave’s office.

At first, Dave looked very angry when he saw someone rushing into his office. He said, “What do you want to do? Is there any more…”

It’s just that Dave hadn’t finished speaking yet, when he saw Xu Tianlin’s face clearly, his whole body froze.

Why is he? What is he doing?

Of course, Dave is not unfamiliar with the eldest son of Buckeye’s first family. Although he has rarely dealt with the Xu family in the past, he is also in the same class in Buckeye. Recognize Xu Tianlin.

And precisely because of this, the sudden appearance of Xu Tianlin made Dave more shocked.

He hurriedly stretched out his hand and stopped the secretary: “Okay, you can go out first. How can you treat Mr. Xu like this?”

Dave’s posture of reprimanding the secretary clearly meant to give Xu Tianlin some face.

After all, he is the eldest young master of the Xu family, who is dragged by a little secretary.

What’s more, he suddenly came to find himself, there must be something, and of course he had to entertain people well before he knew his purpose.

The female secretary was taken aback when she heard the words and glanced at Dave: “But Mr. Donovan…”

“What is he? Do you know who he is? This is Xu Tianlin, the eldest master of the Xu family of Buckeye. What do you want to do with him? Get out quickly!” Dave scolded the secretary.

When the secretary heard Dave’s words, his chin almost fell to the ground in surprise.

The eldest young master of Buckeye Xu’s family? What kind of existence is that? How can a small role like himself be able to provoke it?

The secretary turned pale with fright, and hurriedly apologized: “Xu…I’m sorry, Xu Tianlin, I’m so sorry I don’t know you are…”

The secretary apologized and stepped out of the door.

Xu Tianlin didn’t care much about the secretary’s apology at all, because she had never entered his sight.

For a trivial little role, an apology is of course trivial.

Xu Tianlin tidyed up his straight suit, and suddenly smiled: ” President Donovan, don’t come here without any problems? I’m really sorry, I was rashly interrupted. Doesn’t it seem like I am a little abrupt?”

Xu Tianlin said sorry, but there was a straightforward expression on his face, and he walked directly to the leather sofa not far away, sat on it, and raised Erlang’s legs.

When Dave saw this, he naturally did not dare to say anything. He could only walk over with a smile on his face, and said in a very respectful manner: “Where, where, Xu Tianlin’s sudden presence makes me, the Haoyuan Group, really shine. Ah, haha… Xu Tianlin drinks tea or coffee. I have a good West Lake Longjing here, but it is a collection. I will let someone make a pot for Xu Tianlin…”

After Dave finished speaking, he was about to raise his hand to ask the secretary to make tea. He was interrupted by Xu Tianlin: “No need for Mr. Donovan, I am not here for tea today. We also have good tea at home. Even if I came today, I also came to order tea. Mr. Donovan, have good tea together!”

When Xu Tianlin finally said that he had to eat good tea, he obviously meant something, which Dave knew right away.

It’s just that he is not quite sure whether Xu Tianlin’s so-called good tea is only good for the Xu family, or it can be more good for himself.

Dave retracted his hand and hesitated for a moment before he looked at Xu Tianlin seriously, and asked in a deep voice, ” Xu Tianlin, if this is the case, can I ask, why did you visit my humble house today? “

Xu Tianlin laughed a few times: “I heard people say before that Brother Buckeyehao is quick to talk, and he is bold. I saw it today. It’s really the case. I like Mr. Donovan’s character!”

Xu Tianlin smiled, took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms, took out one and lit it slowly, and then said: “Okay, let me tell the truth, I’m here today, I’m here to work with Mr. Donovan. And it’s a business that makes a profit without losing money, a big deal!”

When Xu Tianlin was so excited, Dave’s doubts increased.

I wondered what big deal his Xu family wanted to discuss with him? After all, their Xu family is engaged in commerce, and they are engaged in construction projects. The two are totally irrelevant. How can there be opportunities for cooperation?

Dave smiled awkwardly, shook his head and said, “I don’t know what you mean, I don’t understand what you mean. What you mean by big business is…”

Xu Tianlin looked around, smiled to Dave’s ear, and whispered: “The big deal I’m talking about is the Chengnan project currently in your hands, Mr. Donovan!”

“Chengnan project?” Dave looked stunned, because as far as he knew, even though the Xu family was Buckeye’s first family, it did not involve a dime in the Chengnan project.

Xu Tianlin is now suddenly mentioning the Chengnan project with himself, what does this mean?

Dave shook his head repeatedly: “I’m sorry, I… still don’t understand what you mean.”

Xu Tianlin chuckled, took a puff of cigarette, and continued: “Mr. Donovan, I would like to ask you one thing. How much is this huge piece of land worth for this Chengnan project?”

Xu Tianlin’s words made Dave even more confused, but he still really knew the value of the land in this project, because when Maggie took the land, it caused quite a stir in Buckeye.

“I remember, it seems to be… it seems to be 1.7 billion, right? Xu Tianlin, you should also know about this? What’s wrong? Is there any problem with this land?”

Xu Tianlin smiled: “Of course the land is okay. Then I will ask Mr. Donovan again. Now the first phase of the Chengnan Project has begun to be built on a large scale. This land alone, plus this, has built some large-scale buildings. How much is it worth?”

Xu Tianlin’s questioning, there is no logic at all, Dave looked a little unhappy.

But he answered truthfully. After all, he handled all the projects, and no one knew better than him about the various project quotations.

“The land, plus the project under construction, the total value of the Chengnan project is now about 2.8 billion. Of course, this is only a conservative estimate. If the entire Chengnan project is completed, its value may reach hundreds. Billion! What is Xu Tianlin asking this for?” Dave asked with frowning.

Xu Tianlin nodded with satisfaction, and said, “Well said, Mr. Donovan, you really did your duty, and every account was clear. And you asked me why I asked about this. Of course, it’s the big deal I just said. Related?”

Xu Tianlin smiled evilly, and then said, “Mr. Donovan, I don’t know if you are interested in eating up this huge Chengnan project!”

As soon as Xu Tianlin said this, Dave was shocked to sweat.

Eat the Seongnam project? What international joke? This is the industry invested by Ethan and Maggie. It is said that there is also the shadow of the overseas Norman Family behind it.

I am the owner of a Buckeye engineering company. I have a lot of courage to covet such a tens of billions project?

Unless you live enough!

What’s more, Ethan had just cleaned himself up not long ago, and his current situation is almost the same as dancing on the tip of a needle, so he dare to do other things? Unless it is impatient.

Dave wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and looked around nervously. I was frightened.

He looked at Xu Tianlin with a flushed face, and said, ” Xu Tianlin, what are you talking about? What do you mean? I can say ugly before. Your words are very dangerous. What do you mean by taking the Chengnan Project? If you don’t understand what you mean, you… don’t say any more!”

Dave was so nervous, he was exactly the same as Xu Tianlin expected. He laughed a few times and mocked: “Mr. Donovan, Mr. Donovan, you are still a big man, why are you so scared?”


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