I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 438

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Chapter 438

Dave also seemed to feel that his performance just now was a bit embarrassing.

He couldn’t help coughing dryly, then let out a deep breath: ” Xu Tianlin, were you kidding just now? Hoho, you are really humorous…”

“Humor?” Xu Tianlin sneered and said, “I think Mr. Donovan, you are really scared, right? Why, are you afraid of what that poor boy can do to you? you are such a fool!”

Xu Tianlin’s humiliation made Dave feel that his face was really uncontrollable, and he couldn’t help but angrily said: ” Xu Tianlin, please be careful when you speak! I…I’m a serious businessman, and I don’t think about it!

Dave said very well, but when it reached Xu Tianlin’s ears, it was only in exchange for his ridicule.

“Come on, my manager, do you still use me to explain how you made your fortune? You still say that you are a serious businessman. I guess you don’t believe this? It’s funny!” Xu Tianlin smiled, “Look You are getting old here, and you have long lost your ambitions of the year, billions of dollars in business, don’t you just not be moved by the slightest? Are you a man?”

“It has nothing to do with whether it’s a man or not, but this… This thing is too risky. You don’t know how deep the water behind this Chengnan project is. Don’t think I don’t know what you think. What I said to eat the Chengnan project, I already know what you think!”

Dave paused, and said earnestly, “Master Dave, I can remind you that if you want to eat the Chengnan project, the difficulty is much harder than you think. If you don’t like it, look at the Xu family. It seems to be extremely powerful, unmatched in Buckeye, but you are really small shrimps in front of others, don’t dream, you can’t get through any waves at all!”

In Dave’s words, there was a bit of ridicule about Xu Tianlin. In Dave’s view, Xu Tianlin dared to say such things, it was the greatest ignorance.

The Chengnan Project alone has invested capital of five to six billion yuan, and it involves all aspects of interest.

Xu Tianlin wanted to swallow such a big project with his own power, or even the power of the Xu family, which is nothing short of idiotic.

What is his ability? What means does he have?

I’m afraid there is none at all, and you have nothing, so you came here to try to win me into the group. Are you asking yourself for being boring?

Unless Dave is crazy, he will play with you.

In Dave’s view, Xu Tianlin was nothing more than self-righteous. He estimated that he didn’t even know how strong Ethan’s background was.

Moreover, Dave deliberately made words so unpleasant, in fact, he wanted Xu Tianlin to know his attitude, so that he would retreat from the difficulties and leave himself.

Now it seems that Xu Tianlin is already a dangerous man, so if he stays with him, if things get to Ethan’s ears, it will definitely make Ethan jealous of him.

Now he is already walking on thin ice. If Ethan wonders about himself any more, he will probably be unable to sit down as the general contractor of this project.

Although after Ethan’s punishment, his profits are already much lower than before.

But as long as I still have the seat of the general contractor of the project, I can still make a lot of money. What’s more, if I only sit here for a day, it will be very helpful for me to participate in the south of the city project in the future.

On the contrary, if he was kicked out of the Chengnan Project, then he would be really struggling in Buckeye in the future.

Dave can see which is more important.

But after Dave finished speaking, Xu Tianlin didn’t go into a rage as he expected. He didn’t even mean the slightest anger, he just smiled faintly.

He said, “Mr. Donovan, if you say that, you just don’t believe it. I have the strength to swallow the Chengnan project, right?”

Dave looked a little ugly, and continued to sarcastically: “Do you have it? Or, does your Xu family have that strength? Your purpose is to find ways to prevent the Chengnan project from proceeding, and thus become a mess. Sell ​​at a high price, so you can start at a low price, am I right?”

Dave smiled and said with disdain: “But it’s ugly, do you have the strength to make the project impossible to carry on? Looks like you don’t? You are just talking about dreams here!”

Dave is very firm in his judgment, and he feels that after he has said this, it is estimated that Xu Tianlin will definitely retreat.

But he was wrong again. After he finished speaking, Xu Tianlin not only didn’t get up and left, but was still as steady as a mountain, and said indifferently: “Mr. Donovan, don’t you think that I am not sure that I will come here to tell you this? Ho ho, are you too underestimating my Xu family and Xu Tianlin?”

Listening to the conversation, Xu Tianlin seemed to be ready, but the more so, Dave became more surprised and even surprised!

Immediately afterwards, he heard Xu Tianlin say: “How do you know that I have no means? President Donovan, why not come and see this!”

While talking, Xu Tianlin smiled and took out the phone from his arms and handed it to Dave.

Seeing this, Dave still looked surprised, looked at Xu Tianlin suspiciously, and then moved his head over.

Just a glance, Dave was stunned by the content on Xu Tianlin’s phone.

“This…is this true? You…impossible, how can you do it?” Dave said in surprise.

Xu Tianlin put away his mobile phone proudly, and said with a smile: “Mr. Donovan doesn’t believe it? I don’t lie easily about this kind of thing. What’s more, do you think the Xu family is the man behind this? To be honest, in this case, the role of my Xu family is actually similar to that of Mr. Donovan and you. It’s just to beat others. Behind us, there are even more powerful roles.”

Xu Tianlin smiled and said, “Do you think that poor boy is amazing? Tell you the truth, he is a fart. In the eyes of the person behind me, he is not even a fart!”

Xu Tianlin’s words completely stunned Dave.

He never expected that Xu Tianlin not only came here today, but also prepared such a hand to achieve his goal.

Before, he thought that Xu Tianlin wanted to fix the Chengnan project, it was tantamount to idiotic dreams.

But since he saw what Xu Tianlin showed him, he suddenly discovered that it seemed that what Xu Tianlin said was still possible.

Because of what Xu Tianlin had just seen to himself, as long as he shot it, he could directly choke Ethan’s throat, making him want to fight back with nothing to do!

Too ruthless, whether it is Xu Tianlin or the person behind Xu Tianlin, it is simply too ruthless!

It seems that these people have been thinking about Ethan for a long time!

When Dave thought of this, he couldn’t help feeling a cool breeze coming up from his back spine.

He has heard in the past that there are some chaebols in the south that will specifically target some newly developed projects, and then pick out the weaknesses of one, and directly try to kill you and make your project impossible to proceed. In the end, there is no alternative, just The project that can be built at half the price is sold at a low price.

Judging from Xu Tianlin’s operation now, it might be these chaebols behind him.

If that is the case, then it is almost foreseeable that there will be a bloody storm in Buckeye.

Dave couldn’t help trembling slightly, and his whole body was plunged into contemplation!

He was thinking, if this is the case, where should he go?


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