I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 439

Chapter 439

Dave knows very well that in this kind of “fairy fight” struggle, his role is purely a little shrimp, and he is not even qualified for cannon fodder.

What’s even more ridiculous is that as far as his current position is concerned, it is even more impossible for him to be alone.

He is the general contractor of the Chengnan project, and the success or failure of the Chengnan project has the most direct relationship with him.

If the Chengnan project fails, then he will definitely follow suit afterwards.

But if, as Xu Tianlin said, he secretly betrayed Ethan, and followed Xu Tianlin to find ways to dig the wall of the Chengnan Project, then if Ethan found out, his fate would be even worse.

All in all, Dave at this moment is embarrassed by both sides, and he is dead!

He couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable all over, as if being pressed by a huge boulder in general pain.

“It seems…it seems that you are really prepared.” Dave frowned and said, “I didn’t expect that you have already done such a difficult thing. It’s really unexpected to me.”

“So, Mr. Donovan, did you figure it out?” Xu Tianlin smiled upon hearing this, “Want to cooperate with me?”

The corner of Dave’s mouth twitched. After hesitating for a while, he suddenly sternly said: “Impossible, Master Xu, please go back. I don’t know what you said just now. Don’t worry, I will never know. I told this story, but it is absolutely impossible for you to get me into the group, so I ask you to give up!”

Dave refused very decisively, as if there was no room for any change.

This made Xu Tianlin a little annoyed at once. He thought that this matter had already been done, but he didn’t want to, Dave turned himself down without saying a word?

He snorted coldly and said, “Mr. Donovan, you think it’s too simple, right? do you think that in this matter you, such an important role, can be alone? You think you have listened to me so much Secrets, can it be as if nothing happened in the end? Are you naive?”

When Dave heard this, his palms suddenly felt cold. What he was most afraid of was Xu Tianlin saying this to himself.

This is clearly coercing myself, and I can’t seem to help it.

” Xu Tianlin, can’t you believe me, Dave? My Dave is in Buckeye, but I spit on one nail, and I never speak…”

Before Dave finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xu Tianlin’s sneer: “Come on, Mr. Donovan, of course I believe you, but do others believe you? I believe you will not tell this matter, but it is behind me. That person doesn’t necessarily believe you? If you make him feel that you have become a stumbling block that threatens his plan, then what do you think will happen to you!”

Xu Tianlin’s words directly hit Dave’s arms.

Dave wiped the cold sweat from his palms and said, “Then… Then I will go to Mr. Ethan for a showdown, and I will simply tell all your plans together. Humph, not only will your plans be completely ruined by then, Mr. Ethan estimates. I will be more important to me! Do you know who is behind Mr. Ethan? I can get close to that person when I join the group, I can just…”

“Hahahaha…I really laughed at me!” Xu Tianlin sneered, as if he had heard some ridiculous joke.

“Dave, Dave, do you pretend to be shit in your mind that has lived for forty to fifty years? You are really going to laugh at me, so you can say this?” Xu Tianlin contemptuously said, “What if you If you think it’s okay to do so, then you can go to the poor boy to file a complaint now! It’s just that what you have to think about is, will people believe you?

Xu Tianlin got up and walked on the ground two times, and then continued: “Do you think you have met me privately, and people will still believe you? I am afraid that not only will they not believe your words, but will treat you as a spy, directly Just take care of you! do you still want to go? Then go quickly? Don’t hesitate, go quickly?”

As soon as Xu Tianlin said this, Dave was completely wilted. Sitting there, he seemed to want to explain something, but could not say a word.

Because it’s like what Xu Tianlin said, since he has already met Xu Tianlin at this moment, he is already a dirty person with Ethan. No matter what he says, people don’t necessarily believe him. Up.

In the end, it’s really possible that you won’t be able to steal the chicken by yourself, but will be eaten away.

The gain is not worth the loss, the gain is not worth the loss.

Do you really have no choice now?

Dave’s face was ugly, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

At this moment, Xu Tianlin smiled again.

President Donovan, so now you have no choice but to cooperate with me!” Xu Tianlin said, “And you are like, now I have at least 50% confidence in doing it. This thing is done, as long as you come and help me again, that is 70% sure, it is almost equivalent to this thing has been done!”

Xu Tianlin approached Dave with golden light in his eyes. He said excitedly: “Mr. Donovan, this is an asset worth billions. It only takes him a month. The project can’t progress, and it costs a huge amount of money. In the end, the only option is to sell the project. Then we can go to the bottom and get the lowest price. Finally, we will make the project together , In the end, you and I have a net worth. Isn’t it jus
t a double-double?”

Xu Tianlin’s words were really provocative, even if Dave, who was hesitant now, heard it, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

Of course Dave knows that if Xu Tianlin’s plan is successful, they will buy the Chengnan project in the end, and after they finally take over, they will continue to develop the Chengnan project. As long as the project is completed, they will really make a profit.

Just like Xu Tianlin said, how could it be as simple as double or double by then. It is estimated that by that time, one’s fortune will be over four or five generations.

As for the Xu family, it is estimated that at least several billions of yuan can be netted from this project.

The huge profits, who would not be tempted…

But the greater the temptation, the greater the risk. Dave doesn’t need others to tell this truth, he knows it very well!

Making money is paying back. Dave considers whether he will have his life to spend the money in the end!

Xu Tianlin looked at Dave’s hesitant appearance with a scornful smile.

Obviously, he seems to have seen Dave’s attitude loose.

And at this time, whether he would agree to do this by himself or not, all he needs to do is make a final touch.

And it just so happened that now he has this “hands on the door” in his hands!

Xu Tianlin slowly took out something from his pocket and said softly, “Mr. Donovan, let me show you another good thing!”

When Dave heard the words, he saw an azure blue sapphire pendant in Xu Tianlin’s hand.

He couldn’t help frowning and asked curiously, “This…what is this?”

“This, it has a great background. This is a rare sapphire pendant, but it is extremely valuable, and the price is more than 1.8 million!” Xu Tianlin smiled, “Of course, these are not important, the most important thing. It’s a very unusual origin. Does Mr. Donovan want to know?”

“You just want to suspend my appetite!” Dave said displeasedly, “Go ahead, how come this pendant is out of the ordinary? Is it possible, you still want to blackmail me with this small pendant?”


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