I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 440

Chapter 440

“Hahaha, of course I dare not use it to blackmail Mr. Donovan.” Xu Tianlin smiled and said, “Mr. Donovan, you know, this pendant was given to girlfriend by Young Master Ethan in your mouth!”

Dave still looked surprised, and some of the second-in-law monks were confused, and hurriedly said, “How can the things he gave to his girlfriend be in your hands? What are you going to say?”

With this number of Xu Tianlin’s ways, Dave felt that something was wrong in his heart.

He even felt that Xu Tianlin’s next sentence would definitely be related to him.

This is indeed the case. Dave only saw Xu Tianlin smile, and heard him slowly say: “Of course, it doesn’t really matter who he is. The most important thing is why he is in my hands, Dave Do you always know how this pendant appeared in my hand?”

Xu Tianlin deliberately suspends Dave’s appetite, making Dave anxious like that.

He paused for a while and then said with a smile, “Okay, then I’ll tell Mr. Donovan it’s okay. Actually, I bought this pendant from the noble son Kieran Donovan!”

As soon as Xu Tianlin said these words, Dave broke into cold sweat again, his face pale.

“How is it possible? You… what do you mean by this? How could my son have something of Ethan’s friend? This… this is absolutely impossible!”

When Dave heard this message, his mind suddenly became a mess.

The things that his son had coveted with Ethan’s girlfriend before, he still vividly remembers, and because of this, Ethan almost killed him last time.

What’s going on? Is this stinky kid behind Linda’s idea?

This…Is it impossible?

What happened last time, Kieran Donovan was obviously not convinced, but even if he had no brains, he wouldn’t provoke Ethan again, unless he really had enough of his life!

But where did the pendant in Xu Tianlin’s hand come from?

Dave looked at the sapphire pendant carefully. Although he seemed to understand, he could still feel the infinite charm exuded by that pendant.

Obviously, if this is a real thing, it must be of great value. Xu Tianlin seems not to lie on this point.

“Huh, you are talking nonsense! You are swindling me. Do you think you took out a piece of jewelry and said it was purchased from my son, will I believe it? Do you think I am too stupid or you are too stupid? Naive?” Dave replied suddenly and decisively.

Xu Tianlin smiled upon hearing the words, and again silently took out his mobile phone and showed Dave his previous transfer interface to see.

“I know Mr. Donovan won’t believe it, so I bother Mr. Donovan to take a good look at this!” Xu Tianlin smiled, “There shouldn’t be any problems with the bank’s transfer records, right? You can take a good look at the payee on this. Is it your son’s name!”

Dave glanced suspiciously at Xu Tianlin, and put his head in front of the phone with a face of disbelief, but he was just looking at him, he was dumbfounded!

Because the payee shown above is undoubtedly his own prodigal son.

How is this possible? Did this kid really do any lawless things?

Countless possibilities flashed through Dave’s mind.

Could it be that the stinky kid did what happened to Linda? Then grabbed the pendant and sold it after reselling?

Or maybe he secretly instructed people to do what happened to Linda, and finally snatched the pendant…

In short, at the moment when he saw the contents of Xu Tianlin’s phone, Dave flashed countless possibilities in his mind, but he knew very well that no matter which possibility it was, he might have his life in the end!

“This…what the hell is going on!” Dave yelled nervously, “Is it you? Did you do something for my son? All of this is your conspiracy, right? You guys wanted to get me. It seems that I haven’t lost my mind!”

In the end, Dave almost firmly believed that all of this must have been designed by Xu Tianlin. It is estimated that he dug a big hole and made Kieran Donovan jump into it.

Instead, he took these so-called evidences and came over to threaten himself!

It must be like this, absolutely like this!

Seeing that Dave was so excited, Xu Tianlin was not nervous, but very happy because he knew very well that the trump card in his hand seemed to have played a big role!

“Hahaha… Don’t be so excited, Mr. Donovan, everyone has something to say!” Xu Tianlin sneered, “And if you say that to me, I will be wronged, because this is your son who came to me and said he wanted to take action. Pendant, it may have nothing to do with me!”

Xu Tianlin spread out his hands and continued: “Well, I think Mr. Donovan is so anxious, so I can just say it straight. Actually, this pendant was stolen by the noble son!”

“Stealing? Impossible!” Dave said categorically, “I know Kieran Donovan, even if he starves to death, he won’t steal things, and he still steals Young Master Ethan!”

Dave felt that Xu Tianlin was a bit revealing just because of this sentence.

His own son, he knows better than anyone else. Although Kieran Donovan is usually arrogant and presumptuous, it is nothing more than that.

But as long as he grows so old, he hasn’t heard of his son, saying that he would steal things poorly.

“You are lying, huh, Young Master Xu, come on, where did this thing come from?”

Xu Tianlin couldn’t help shook his head, and said helplessly, “Ho ho, Mr. Donovan, you are really confident in your son. You can believe me or not, but you can call and ask?”

I promise, as long as you finish asking, you will be clear.

Dave looked suspicious, and it seemed that he could only do so now.

He hurriedly got up, walked to a secluded corner, took out his mobile phone and called Kieran Donovan.

At this time, Kieran Donovan was playing vigorously with a group of men and women. Seeing his father’s call, he was a little surprised.

“Hey dad, what’s the matter?” Kieran Donovan answered the phone without noticing anything wrong.

“What’s wrong, I want to ask you what’s wrong, you tell me honestly, did you steal something?” Dave asked directly.

When Kieran Donovan heard this, he was startled in a cold sweat. He said that he had done this thing so concealedly. How could his father know that it was only one night?

“Dad…no…I don’t…” Of course Kieran Donovan wouldn’t admit it so easily, and quickly denied, “How could I steal things?”

“You fart, now people are coming to your door, are you still sophistry?” Dave growled, “Do you know how big a thing you committed! Last time you almost got someone to fix it, so why did you still die? If you don’t change your sex, you still dare to steal things from others. Have you gotten enough?”

As soon as Dave said this, Kieran Donovan was a little surprised.

It seems that his father really knows this.

I was very careful, but I didn’t expect to be discovered?

Up to now, it seems that there is no point in concealing it. Kieran Donovan simply has no choice but to bite the bullet and admit it.

And his father said that it seems that the owner of the pendant has found him, so he should think about how to handle this.

“Dad… listen to me, I know I was wrong.” Kieran Donovan said nervously, “but I can’t help it, I… I admit that the pendant was sold by me, but I promise that I did not steal the pendant. Yes, someone else stole it. I scammed it. How did that person find you? Dad, what should I do about this? You have to help me, or just return the money to them?”

“What a shit!” When Dave heard his son confess the incident, he became even more angry and exclaimed, “Now this matter has become a big issue, do you think it’s over if you pay it back?”


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