I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 441

Chapter 441

“It’s not enough to give it back to him, so what else does he want?” Kieran Donovan was a little disdainful. He felt that no one in Buckeye dared to do anything to his dad, except Ethan.

Dave sighed, and he was a little frustrated: “You bastard, you’re damaging me all day long, you…you don’t know, who owns the pendant, right?”

Kieran Donovan frowned when he heard this, and scratched his head: “I…I don’t know, what’s the matter? Isn’t it… you can’t settle this matter?”

“I can settle your mother!” Dave exclaimed without a word, “The pendant was given to his girlfriend by Young Master Ethan. What is going on with you? You haven’t figured out whose pendant is. , Why would you dare to sell it? You have eaten the courage of the bear heart, right?”

When he heard his father’s words, Kieran Donovan’s entire face was pale in shock.

“Wh…what?” Kieran Donovan was dumbfounded, his mind was completely blank, “How could it be his?”

After a long while, when Kieran Donovan came to his senses, he felt that his whole brain was about to burst!

Is this pendant Ethan’s? He gave it to Linda?

“Grip!” Kieran Donovan yelled angrily. At this moment, he wanted to tear Luna alive!

This silly woman, who is not good to steal? She dared to steal Ethan’s things?

“Damn, I miscalculated…” Kieran Donovan put down the phone and began to mutter nonstop.

He regretted it a bit. If he had heard Luna say who owns this pendant before, he probably wouldn’t be as embarrassed and troublesome as it is today.

Kieran Donovan still remembers what happened in his company last time. Ethan seemed to have really murdered himself last time, and if it weren’t for the sudden desire to open it later, it is estimated that he would be about to burn his head.

Now his own person stole the pendant that Ethan gave to Linda…

It is estimated that this time, I am in a disaster no matter what!

“Dad…Save me, you have to save me Dad…” Kieran Donovan suddenly cried out and said in despair, “Dad, I know it was wrong, this time you tried to save me, I didn’t mean it. , I didn’t even know that it was Ethan’s stuff. I blamed that person…Yes, I blamed her. I sold the things she stole to me. I was greedy for money for a while. I didn’t mean it. Go against Ethan Norman, Dad…”

Kieran Donovan was desperate, especially when he heard from his father just now that he had already come to him.

Obviously, this is Ethan who came to the door. It is estimated that this time, he will not let go of himself again, right?

“Dad, what should I do? Or…or should I run? If I stay in Buckeye again, I will definitely die Dad once, I…I don’t want to die, Dad…”

Dave also looked helpless when he heard the voice of his son begging for mercy.

Of course he knew that if Ethan knew about this matter, he wouldn’t have a good end whether Kieran Donovan stole it or not.

To know what happened last time, Kieran Donovan still had a black account with Ethan.

This is how to do!

Dave was upset and yelled at the phone: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense, you come here first, let’s find a way together!”

“In the past?” Kieran Donovan seemed to have heard it wrong, and said in despair, “Dad, didn’t you just say that Ethan Norman has found you? If I go over again, isn’t that a sheep’s mouth?”

“You fart, it was not him who found me, it was your buyer! You brought me here right away, he shouldn’t know about it now, don’t talk nonsense, get out of me now!” Dave scolded.

“It’s not him? The buyer?” Kieran Donovan heard the words with a dazed expression.

But listening to what his father said, it seems that Ethan doesn’t know about this matter?

Hearing this message, Kieran Donovanxuan’s big rock in his heart couldn’t help falling to the ground with a thud.

For him, this is simply great news.

“It’s fine if you don’t know, it’s fine if you don’t know, dad, don’t worry, I’ll go over…” Kieran Donovan smiled, quickly ended the call, grabbed the clothes from the sofa, and rushed out from the bar.

“Shao Liu, how did you go? Didn’t you say that you are inviting guests today?” Suddenly a person shouted.

Kieran Donovan ran out without turning his head, and said loudly as he ran, “Please, uncle, I can’t take care of my life…”

On the other side, Haoyuan Group, in Dave’s office.

Since the end of the phone call, Dave’s head began to move rapidly.

He was thinking of a way, thinking of a way to survive the immediate crisis.

But just as he was thinking about it, Xu Tianlin’s laugh came out of his ears: “Mr. Donovan, what’s the matter, I didn’t lie just now?”

Dave retracted his thoughts, raised his head, and saw Xu Tianlin looking at him with a smile on his face.

He almost hates this Xu Tianlin now. This guy seems to be young, but he makes such an old fried dough stick that has been in the world for many years embarrassing when he shoots. He is really a cruel character.

Dave pretended to be calm, put away his anger, looked at Xu Tianlin coldly, and said, “What you said… is indeed correct, but I have asked my son. He said that the pendant was not stolen by him, but bought by someone else. It was given to him, he was a hands-off at best!”

Dave went on to say: “In this case, I don’t seem to be nervous anymore. After all, my son didn’t steal the pendant. In the end, even if Ethan Norman gets angry, I can at best return the money to Ethan Norman. !”

Dave’s meaning is very clear. We are also victims of this incident. It is estimated that as long as we make it clear with Ethan in the end. He wouldn’t be so good about himself, and his unsuspecting son.

It’s just that he himself knows that his rhetoric is at best self-comforting.

Because if I were Ethan, I heard that the things I gave to my wife had been stolen, and it ended up on someone who had molested his wife before and was upset for him, then I probably wouldn’t care about it. You stole it.

The pendant is sold from your hands, even if it is not stolen by you, it cannot be separated from you.

The final result is almost predictable.

It’s just that Dave said this, nothing more than to say to Xu Tianlin. He thought that Xu Tianlin would listen to his own words and think that his so-called trump card would not work for him at all, so he went right away!

As for whether he should betray Ethan or not, this matter is really too relevant, and it may take his own life, but he doesn’t want to decide now.

To put it bluntly, Dave still wants to wait and see. In the end, the two tigers, Ethan and Xu Tianlin, can have the upper hand, and finally he will put the treasure on whom, and in the end, he can even increase his wealth and become The sweet pastry in the eyes of both parties…

But ideas are just ideas after all.

Since Xu Tianlin is here today, he is rushing to get Dave completely.

Hearing what Dave said, he suddenly laughed presumptuously, and sarcastically said, “Dave, Dave, are you really that stupid? Or did you tell me on purpose? I guess, what you said just now, Don’t you believe it yourself? Ho Ho…”

Suddenly, Xu Tianlin’s face changed suddenly, and he stared at Dave murderously, and scolded: “The surname Liu, you don’t give me sloppy eyes so much. I tell you, if I come today, I will give you two paths. I work together, let’s drink hot and delicious, or you will become my enemy, and finally become a stepping stone to my success with the poor boy surnamed Jiang! Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking about, I won’t give Your chance!”

“I warn you at last, either you promise to cooperate with me, or I will immediately find someone to tell the pendant surnamed Jiang that your son stole the pendant, and you are thinking about him. Look at how he will fix you in the end! “


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