I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 443

Chapter 443

The place of negotiation was finally far away at Empire Hotel. After all, this is one of the most luxurious hotels in Buckeye, and it has hosted many large conferences.

Commercial negotiations of this scale are nothing to Empire Hotel.

The negotiation started smoothly, and in order to show the importance, the company’s vice president was directly sent to discuss cooperation business.

However, the main content of the negotiation was all done by Maggie. Ethan knew some of the key or professional things, so he could only ask Maggie in a low voice to figure it out.

It seems that everything is going well, so that soon the two parties are ready to sign the contract.

As long as the contract is signed, this cooperation is equivalent to finalizing a boulder in the hearts of Ethan and Maggie, and it seems to have fallen.

But just when the terms of the contract were printed out and handed over to the negotiator of the other party, the other party’s cell phone suddenly rang.

“Uh… I’m sorry, it’s our boss’s call. I… I’ll answer the call first.” The other party said apologetically.

Just answer a phone call, nothing wrong.

Neither Ethan nor Maggie didn’t care at all.

“Please,” Maggie gestured with a smile, “It’s okay.”

The other party smiled and nodded, hurriedly got up and walked aside to answer the call.

But soon, a look of surprise appeared on the face of the negotiator: “What? President Zhu, what do you mean? It’s already this point, you…”

Immediately afterwards, the other party’s roar seemed to be heard on the phone.

The vice president who came from the negotiation had no choice but to sigh, ended the call with a frustrated face, and returned to his seat.

But he didn’t sit down, but simply sorted out his own things, and even the golden pen he just put out and was going to be used to sign the contract was actually stuffed into his pocket.

This action really made Ethan and Maggie a little confused.

What is this for?

“Mr Chen, what are you…” Maggie hurriedly got up and asked, and she was already frowning at this moment, and an ominous premonition seemed to slowly envelope her.

The other party glanced at Maggie, her face looked extremely depressed.

He sighed and said, “Miss Maggie, I’m really sorry, I…I may not be able to sign today’s contract!”

The words of the other party were shocking. Ethan and Maggie both opened their mouths in shock.

“Not signed? Why?” Maggie asked in surprise, “Didn’t we just negotiated all the terms? And at your request, we also made a lot of concessions, and now you say no to sign. ?”

Maggie is almost furious, what she hates most is people who turn back.

Ethan also looked astonished. After all, the two sides had just negotiated, and it seemed that there was not much ups and downs in the process. How could they suddenly say no to sign?

“Is there a problem? If so, you can bring it up with me. You can sit down and study it carefully!” Ethanyu said earnestly, “Just not sign it, so… it doesn’t seem to be too good Okay?”

Ethan’s words were to warn the other party not to be too unrelenting in doing things. After all, they were amiable one second before, but the effort of answering the phone was turned upside down. It seems that you are doing things too unrelentingly.

But Ethan didn’t dare to say something too ugly. After all, for now, apart from the Ye family, the only engineering installation company in the entire province that can undertake the Xiachengnan project.

If there is another accident in this house, it will be a huge loss for the Chengnan project.

After all, without some high-end engineering equipment, many projects cannot be carried out, and in the end, the delay is due to the construction period.

And one day delay in the construction period means that he will spend his money in vain.

The only one who bears the loss is yourself.

And Ethan seemed to think that the other party was deliberately calculating himself.

After all, I talked very well before, and I suddenly said that I would not sign. How does it look like the other party wants to deliberately pinch himself, so as to raise his fortune, and search for more suspicion from him.

But now that’s the matter, instead of shutting down the project and suffering millions of losses every day, it is better to give the other party a little bit of sweetness, so that he can work for himself with peace of mind.

It’s just Ethan’s guess, which seems inaccurate.

Because after he said this, the other party’s negotiator just shook his head helplessly: “Young Master Ethan, no… it’s not a problem, to tell the truth, I just received a call from our boss, yes. What he said, we can’t sign this contract with you. As for the specific reason…hey, I don’t know anymore.”

This vice president has a sad look. After all, in his opinion, this is a big cake in front of him, with an investment of billions or even tens of billions of accounts. This loss is immeasurable.

The other party sighed heavily and apologized to Ethan and Maggie, “Actually, I don’t understand why this is the case.”

The other party’s words made Ethan a little confused.

He is a negotiator, the vice president of the company, doesn’t he even know why the negotiation was terminated? This is really unreasonable.

Maggie even smiled without writing, as if she had seen through the other party’s tricks, she said coldly: “Come on, don’t think I don’t know what medicine you sell in the gourd, but I can be very clear and understand. Tell you, if you unilaterally want to use this to blackmail us, and want to maliciously raise the price, I’m sorry, we won’t agree!”

In Maggie’s view, it seemed that the facts were already clear, and there would be no second possibility.

To be honest, this kind of situation, when it used to be by Eric Norman’s side, encountered more.

But as soon as she said this, the other party’s negotiator looked innocent and hurriedly said, “Miss Maggie, listen to me. It’s really not like this. Don’t worry. I’ll go back and ask our boss, what’s wrong. , I will reply to you as soon as possible, but I am sure that this matter is no longer what you think Miss Maggie is…”

The other party seemed to be very innocent. After all, the phone call from my boss was too sudden, not to mention Maggie and Ethan, even he was caught off guard, even overwhelmed.

But Maggie didn’t believe the other party’s intentions at all, she just said indifferently: “Okay, you can give me a reasonable explanation now, the talk is good, why didn’t you sign it? I seriously doubt your company’s reputation. I’ll check it out later. If it’s what I said, I’m sorry, I’ll use all the relationships I can to ban your company. I, Maggie, will do what I say!”

After speaking, Maggie did not give the other party a chance to explain, and said to Ethan: “Mr. Ethan, let’s go.”

Because Maggie knows very well that if she continues to stay here, there will be little effect, and it will only make the other party feel more and more that she can’t do without his company, but it will increase its arrogance.

As the vice president said, he doesn’t know anything, it’s almost impossible.

He is the vice president of the company. If he is not present in the company’s major decisions, then this decision is illegal in some respects.

Maggie has been with Eric Norman for so many years, she still knows the truth about this.

However, as soon as Maggie said this, the other party’s vice president of negotiation immediately became nervous, and quickly stepped forward to comfort him, saying: “Miss Maggie, Ethan Norman, don’t get angry, you two, don’t worry, I’ll give us Mr. Yiran again. Call and ask to be clear!”


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